New 9-hole scoring system

2011-01-10 10:51

Johannesburg - The South African Golf Association, Women’s Golf South Africa and Handicaps Network Africa are pleased to announce the introduction of nine hole scoring for handicap purposes. With affect from February 1, 2011 all nine hole scores will be eligible to be entered onto the SAGA National Handicap System.

The system will use the players’ actual score for nine holes and then add par for the second nine plus 50% of the players’ handicap rounded up and down. This percentage may be changed at a later date depending on statistical analysis.

Commenting on the planned introduction of nine hole scoring for handicaps SAGA president Colin Burger said, “We as an organisation represent all the golfers in South Africa and one of our key aims is to grow the number of people playing golf and to assist those that are already playing with a handicap system that meets their needs”.

Burger added: “We see the introduction of nine hole scoring as a key element in helping beginners, juniors and school children who are often only able to play after school to obtain an official handicap.”

WGSA president Erica Lefson added “We have many women golfers who do not have the time to play 18 holes regularly and we really believe that the handicap system should be representative of a players ability, the introduction of nine hole scores for handicapping purposes is something our golfers would like and we are really pleased that the new handicapping system will be able to accommodate this.”

The nine hole scoring system has been introduced in a number of European countries and it has shown to have little effect on players normal 18 hole calculated handicaps.

The SAGA handicap system is one of the most advanced in the world with every club in South Africa connected to the system so that no matter where a golfer plays he or she can capture their score and have it instantly recorded on the central system. Players are also able to enter and view their scores on the internet with their own unique log in code. This code can also be used to enter their scores on the club terminals if for any reason a golfer does not have his handicap card with him.

Nine hole scores entered on the system will be taken into account when calculating exceptional scores and will also result in a late score entry penalty if the score is entered more than 72 hours after the nine holes has been completed.


  • Q42 - 2011-01-10 11:47

    Every Club? I think not from experience. SAGA must stop blowing it's own trumpet! I will admit it sounds a good idea, and will encourage more people to attain an official handicap. But I do hope they implement the new system better than the last fiasco.

  • VAN HALEN - 2011-01-10 14:05

    I like the idea and think our hc systems is fair. I have changed my membership last month and was provided with login pin while waiting for my new card. I had no problems capturing scores this way. Well done SAGA!

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