Mamba caught at Lost City

2012-11-06 10:51

Sun City - The biggest hazard the Sunshine Tour’s professionals faced in the first round of the Nedbank Affinity Cup was not the bunkers or water hazards at the Lost City Golf Club, or even the famed crocodile pit alongside the 13th green. It was snakes.

A professional snake handler was called in to deal with a baby cobra and a 1.3m black mamba spotted within an hour near the clubhouse.

The cobra had disappeared by the time he arrived, but the mamba briefly held up play as several professionals decided they’d rather not walk under the trees it was in on their way to the 10th tee.

Snake handler Eddy Molema caught the mamba, his fifth this year.

“I heard the monkeys screaming and saw it crossing the path. When I tried to catch it, it headed into the trees. But I eventually got a hold of it.”

It’s a job Molema has been doing for about 13 years.

“I respect snakes tremendously and don’t take any chances.”

Snake handler Eddy Molema (File)


  • magomarele - 2012-11-06 11:49

    Mamba is Africa's most dangerous snake I know. It has tormented both medieval and Morden African people to such extent that its name is engraved in many folklore stories and its exploits are the stuff of legends.

  • hanno.vanhelsdingen - 2012-11-06 12:06

    Brave man! most fearsome snake in the world!

  • patrick.mbense - 2012-11-06 13:50

    Love Africa!!

  • Jacques - 2012-11-07 13:37

    Give that man a bells! Jeepers, if you give me two of those stick-things to handle a mamba with, you'll be able to trace the path I used to run away by looking for the brown spots I'll leave behind!!

  • The.whiz.777 - 2012-11-07 18:02

    Not for sissies!

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