Golf rocked by Tiger taunt

2011-11-05 07:02

Shanghai - The golfing world was left reeling on Saturday after caddie Steve Williams made a racist remark about his former boss Tiger Woods at an awards dinner.

New Zealander Williams called Woods a "black arsehole" during the annual caddies' awards at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai.

He made the extraordinary outburst when asked about his controversial celebrations following a victory by his new employer, Australian Adam Scott, at the Bridgestone Invitational in August.

Williams, who was sacked by Woods in July after being at the former world No 1's side for 13 of his 14 major championship titles, described Scott's victory as the "best win of my career".

Addressing the room after being handed a tongue-in cheek "celebration of the year" gong, Williams, 47, shocked players, fellow caddies and sponsors by saying: "It was my aim to shove it right up that black arsehole."

Williams later issued an apology on his website.

"I apologise for comments I made last night," he said in the statement.

"I now realise how my comments could be construed as racist. However I assure you that was not my intent. I sincerely apologise to Tiger and anyone else I have offended."

Nevertheless there were calls in the British media for Williams to be sacked by world number eight Scott and thrown out of the game.

Scott was among a clutch of top 10 players including Rory McIlroy among the 100-strong audience listening to Williams' comments in the banqueting hall.

Scott, 31, teed off on Saturday with Williams at his side as the storm around his caddy's comments gathered strength, and moved up to joint first with Swede Freddie Jacobson on 12-under during the first nine of the third round.

Officials at the WGC-HSBC Champions, Asia's flagship event sanctioned by the PGA and European tours, were said to be embarrassed by Williams's slur but were keeping silent on the scandal.

"It was a private function and we will not be making any further comment," said a press officer from HSBC, the tournament sponsor.

The sanctioning tours refused to make an official comment.

But a source from one of the tours said: "It's going to be difficult for Adam Scott if sponsors think he has a racist carrying his bag."

Williams is known for his outspokenness and gruff personality.

Previously, at another private function, he called Phil Mickelson a "right prick", and he has made a series of backbiting remarks about Woods since their split.

He made an estimated $3 million during his career with Woods and remained loyal during the legend's notorious sex scandal.


  • Jay - 2011-11-05 07:47

    Steve Williams may have just quoted what Tiger Wood's ex wife has been saying for so long.........

      Thouca - 2011-11-05 08:46

      but tiger is white?

      Van - 2011-11-05 10:40

      These non-whites are sensitive people. :)

      Jason - 2011-11-05 11:36

      But he is black! I don't see the problem!

  • Dirk - 2011-11-05 07:55

    Sorry, I may be a bit slow, but what is racist about what he said. I think it is generally accepted that Tiger has a black behind- it would be very strange if he did not.

      Jeff - 2011-11-05 10:36

      These guys are hyper sensitive.

  • Carl - 2011-11-05 08:08

    If he had been talking about a white man and had said "white a$$hole" would that be racist too?

      theuns.cordier - 2011-11-05 14:08

      VDN..just checking you talking about slavery that ended over 100 years ago???

      Bigrp - 2011-11-05 18:03

      Hi shame vdncube; we are so sorry that we were the first to have the brains, means and innovative thinking to be able to colonise the world and spread civilisation! Do you see Afrikaans people still hating the English for the concentration camps in the Second Anglo Boer move on!

      Jean - 2011-11-07 11:11

      so vdncube are you a victim?

  • steve.dupreez - 2011-11-05 08:11

    Shows you, loyalty only last until the final pay cheque. It's as true for me and you as it is for celebrity golfers' caddies :)

  • HennieduPles - 2011-11-05 08:18

    Sure he is not Stephanus Willemse from Bloemfontein, South Africa ? Why can only white people be racists ? If Woods referred to his white ass, would there be any mention of it in any news column ? Doubt it very much. Come on let's acknowledge our differences without being nasty !!

  • Theprodigy - 2011-11-05 08:23

    & you'll thought that Kiwis were such nice, benign people, times have changed.

  • RGregRowley - 2011-11-05 09:26

    Steve has been only a gentleman in the past frustrating 2 years while Steve's wife and children watch the Tiger escapades of 15 or more mistresses unfold on TV. @Steve, many folks around the world including me support your morality and courage. You were not racists when speaking at a comedy function and even if you were walking on a normal sidewalk, your remarks were not racist.

      Brian - 2011-11-05 13:26

      Anyone who has ever watched a Martin Lawrence film will have often heard him say eg "Nigger, I'm gonna whip ya black ass!" Like with any often repeated phrases popularised through films, it eventually becomes a way of speaking amongst ordinary people. So, it is quite understandable that Steve may have used the phrase "black ass" just like many others would have - just as a way of speaking without any racialist intent.

  • Winifred - 2011-11-05 09:53

    Its funny how everybody worships Tiger Woods. Yes I agree he was extremely good golfer but put yourself in Steve Williams shoes. You have worked for somebody for 12 years you have been very loyal to that person and all he does is send you a sms to tell you, you are sacked. I am also not a fan of Williams but put yourself in his shoes. Come on, I also would have disrespect for my former boss. Tiger Woods is not even in form but he gets picked ahead of players who are up there winning for the Presidents Cup and he still believes its his right to be there...goes to show he is does"nt care that he is shutting somebody else out who is more deserving. Until he comes back and wins he does"nt deserve to be there. Why put pressure on Adam Scott to fire his caddy. Why cant people live and let live. What Steve Williams said was"nt appropriate at the time, he was man enough to apologise and leave it at that and get on with golf.

  • Dean - 2011-11-05 10:33

    I wish more people would say it like they see it - like Steve! I don't see anything racist in his comment! Tiger is in deed black and an ars...le!

  • Kevin - 2011-11-05 10:38

    Nothing racist about the comment . Why would he want to caddy for a player who is not even in the top 50 despite his 11 holes in one.

  • Peter - 2011-11-05 10:40

    Everyone one hates you when you speak the truth, where is the freedom of speech, only good for some ??????

  • Nic - 2011-11-05 10:52

    If it was a SA caddie he would be fired, fined, banned for life and called a discrace! Funny how the world looks at you and were you from, makes a difference. Steve Williams thinks he is so good. Cant wait for the wheel to turn and a few scellotons to jump out his closet!

  • jean.rossouwsa - 2011-11-05 11:05

    Why do the kids of a mixed race always label themselves as black? OBAMA, WOODS .......ext.. Don't get it!!

      robin.bowler - 2011-11-05 11:44

      Thats kind of hypocritical, if Tiger woods or Obama were nobodies and you witnessed them commit a crime, you would be the first to describe them as black.

      cosmos.ndebele - 2011-11-05 11:57

      @Robin you are honest and a star in my eyes.....Mixed black & white race people are always referred to as black in Europe and US and this fool @Jean.rossouwsa must know better

  • comurray - 2011-11-05 11:25

    A black can call a white whatever he chooses, however let a white call a black something he deems to be offensive, there is all hell to pay. Under these circumstances we will never have a unified nation here in RSA.

  • cosmos.ndebele - 2011-11-05 11:38

    South African people will always defend racist elements!!! I know the reason why....

      Siotine - 2011-11-05 12:14

      @ Cosmo You guys look for anything that has a slight undertone with the words black in them!! drives me nuts! I hope you do not perceive this as a racist comment. If you do...I do not give a damn!

      Lukas - 2011-11-05 12:24

      Don't worry ... we also know why .............

  • Wayne - 2011-11-05 11:46

    Nothing wrong with that comment!If the shoe fits...!

  • Peter - 2011-11-05 12:24

    @vdncube. You made a few good points there, which I had never thought of. Thanks.

  • Neville - 2011-11-05 13:09

    A big ugly RACIST not good for sport, he is only a caddy living from other people success

      Garth - 2011-11-05 15:01

      You equate him with every anc politician there is: ugly, racist and living from other people's success; big - only their egos and waistlines; not good for sport - probably true: too fat, too lazy, too useless to make good game.

  • Kevin - 2011-11-05 13:22

    Since when is it a racist comment ??? Black people should get over their inferior complexes as they don't seem to bother too much when directing derogatory terms at their white counterparts!!! OH I FORGOT ONLY WHITIES ARE RACIST.....

  • Raeez - 2011-11-05 15:09

    It IS racist.

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2011-11-05 15:23

    Eddie Murphy was very racist when he said "you can kiss my blind black ass" in a movie some time ago. (I think it was Eddie?) In all fairness, not very wise of the oke - we know how sensitive the black ouens are - they let off steam by singing "Kill the Boer". Shame.

  • colin.dovey - 2011-11-05 16:04

    Must have been teed off?

  • Bill - 2011-11-05 16:27

    Hey moderator that deleted my post! You are P A T H E T I C..............!

  • Phil - 2011-11-06 10:49

    I dont care if it is racist or not. It was nasty and derogatory and although some are trying to hose it down by saying it was a private function , it clearly was not. Steve Williams has apologised ...and thats cool ...but the damage is done and the sponsors have every right to drop him if they see fit.

  • Winifred - 2011-11-06 14:38

    having read most of the smutty comments you have all lost the plot. Grow up we are in the year 2011. Williams erred he apologised ....woods is not jesus so the world does not have to rock now lets gets this done and dusted and back to entertaining golf.

  • Paul - 2011-11-07 14:12

    Not NEARLY as racist as not being allowed to apply for a job that you are best qualified for... Not NEARLY as racist as not making a professional sports team on merit because you're not black... Not NEARLY as racist as protecting a majority with cock-eyed legislation... Some of us have our definitions all screwed up.

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