Daly 'didn't snub SA Open'

2011-11-24 20:25

Johannesburg - South African Open organisers say controversial golfer John Daly did not "snub" their tournament, he was just unable to travel to Johannesburg in time.

Promoter Mbali Ngqula dismissed reports Daly had refused to play the European Tour event after his fiery exit from the recent Australian Open, where he hit a string of shots into a lake and then quit saying he had run out of balls.

Ngqula said on Thursday "it is wrong to suggest that John snubbed our invitation, he did no such thing."

Ngqula said Daly was "very willing" to play the South African Open but had been unable to make it in time.

The promoter added the two-time major winner, known as "The Wild Thing," had indicated he wanted to play in the Africa Open in South Africa early next year.


  • Arthur - 2011-11-25 08:10

    He didn't get paid one cent after his nonsense in Australia, so maybe he didn't have the airplane fare to get here...maybe he will be stuck in Australia forever, but maybe also we can do a deal with the Australians to swap him for least we can get a few laughs out of watching John Daly...whereas all we get from Malema is bulldust

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