'Dad would be sad at Tiger'

2010-10-04 14:26

Florida - Tiger Woods's half brother has said that the golfer's late father, Earl Woods, would be 'disappointed' by the sex scandal that engulfed him.

The player's personal and professional life imploded nearly a year ago after a string of women, including porn stars, came forward alleging affairs with him.

According to the Telegraph's website, in a candid interview Earl Woods jnr, 55, told KSAZ Fox 10 in Phoenix: "I think my Dad would be very disappointed with him.

"He would probably want to know how he's going to fix it - you're grown enough to get into this mess, how are you going to repair it?"

Earl jnr said his father, who died in 2006, had regarded daughter-in-law Elin Nordegren, who has now divorced Tiger, as "family."

He said: "She was family. My dad and her really connected. It cost him (Tiger) a family. He'll never have the same relationship with his kids.

Earl jnr said that, growing up, his famous half brother had been "kind of a nerd" and was a bookworm and computer geek, but "wasn't obnoxious". He said the world number one golfer, currently playing in the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor, would return to being the player he was.


  • William - 2010-10-04 14:41

    Ah as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You loose some, you win some. He lost his family but he also gained as he had cardinal knowledge with many, a rich experience...LOL

  • jeremy - 2010-10-04 15:13

    What utter crap, not to mention hypocrisy! It sounds as though Tiger's half brother is just jealous. It sounds too as though young, nerdy, bookish Tiger finally found his mojo, unfortunately AFTER he got married, not before. Let's face it. he's young, good-looking and has more money than God! Can you blame him for taking advantage of those factors and bonking a few good-looking women? At the risk of sounding sexist, most women can't appreciate the fact that a guy is more likely than a woman to separate sex from love. The tragedy is that he probably loved his wife - but just enjoyed having sex with a number of different women!

  • Sad - 2010-10-04 15:27

    Yes, and the two really do compare very well. I am sure that he would prefer the family if he could choose again.

  • GO HOME - 2010-10-04 15:31

    his half brother has never done anything wrong get alife you are a sory bit of human go home

  • @jeremy - 2010-10-04 15:42

    jou simpel engelsman. hy is 'n manho&r

  • Me2 - 2010-10-04 15:43

    Utter nonsense...if his father had not keep him on such a tight reign and allowed him some freedom as a young man, the sex scandal may never have happened. All work (professional) sport and no "play", that was the problem.

  • Chris van der Merwe - 2010-10-04 15:47

    Jeremy. Can we then assume that you have no problem with married men sleeping around? You have a problem Mate. Like an animal...bonking anything that is willing to stand for it. Eish...primitive...

  • Sam - 2010-10-04 15:55

    @Jeremy: If you read the latest book about Tiger you will know that even though Tiger was a late bloomer he had this kind of behaviour even before he was married - he did not discover his mojo after he got married. In his prenuptual agreement he stated that if they stay married for 10 years Elin will get a 20 mil dollar bonus. Well she got more than that I suppose...

  • ME - 2010-10-04 15:56

    Jeremy- U are spot-on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nelis - 2010-10-04 15:58

    William do tell about Tiger's cardinal knowledge.

  • pietdut - 2010-10-04 16:45

    Well maybe not - it was after all Tiger's dad who gave him this advice: "Concentrate on your golf and f@#$k everything else!"

  • Snakebite - 2010-10-04 17:04

    I am not a pshycologist or any of those "oher specialist" behaviour analyst's but Tiger is a "broken" man as far as golf is concerned. He will never beter or equal Jack Nicklaus record - which everybody said was just a matter of time. The exposure of his shortcomings "off the golf course" broke his confidence / arrogance and the "loss of face" in the eyes of his adoring fans is too much for him to bare / overcome. He sure looks like a nice guy but as far as friends go - he does not have any. He is a loner and people only felt attracted to him because of his golf fame (and thus his fortune) The "wife" was just "another trophy" in the cupboard and the only person that could have helped him overcome this "low" in his life was his father....alas not there for him now. His own mother was his fathers "war trophy" and would thus not be able to assist him in his "down-time"...their cultures are far to diffirent .......Tiger will thus shoulder this burden alone without someone close to him and that will be the end of his Golfing Greatness. I feel very sorry for all involved but that is how things pan out for people of greatness .. the fly HIGH but they also fall very HARD.

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