Chilly reception for Woods

2010-06-16 10:24

Pebble Beach - It was chilly enough as Tiger Woods played his practice round on Tuesday. As he waited for two groups ahead of him on the 10th tee, it got even cooler.

The gallery parted, and Tom Watson stepped onto the tee.

Watson made small talk with some of the players, the gallery and commentator Roger Maltbie, but made no effort to speak to Woods, who was sitting on the bench. Woods never made eye contact with Watson or any attempt to speak to him.

Watson was critical of Woods earlier this year, saying that along with needing to show more humility after his downfall, he needed to clean up his language on the course.

Both are US Open champions at Pebble Beach and Stanford alumni.


  • LUMP OF COAL - 2010-06-16 10:56

    I'm with Tom ...... You need to realise that the game is bigger than the individual ..... bad language just shows lack of class no matter if it's on or off the course !!! Tiger is too good a golfer to need to curse and swear and spit etc etc ....... C'mon buddy, do it right for your Dads sake !!

  • Brian - 2010-06-17 13:29

    Tiger? Tiger who?

  • Mercia - 2010-06-17 15:49

    Goodness whom are we to forever judge Tiger? Give the man a break. None of you can say you perfect. we all have flaws. Come on now. Nobody complains about these socer players or other athletes that spit. why all of a sudden if Tiger does it. It becomes a proble?. He is not the first to use bad language and wont be the last.

  • James - 2010-06-17 19:16

    Brian I agree, Tiger who? look at all the young and exiting new golfers whe crave to play golf, listen to Lee Westwood after his victory the weekend, a man who understand what to be greatful for and who is humble, I am also a keen golfer who love the game and respect the game as we will never master it, not even Tiger or Phil or even Jack. Tom Watson at his age still show us what live and this game is about.

  • JohnFKennedy - 2010-06-18 09:21

    Give the guy a break - his life off the golof course is not a desirable one, but then again, ALOT of other people's in the world aren't either. When he gets on the course, let's support him and priase him for being the best golfer in the world. We are gonna miss a phenominal player becming a legend in the record books if we continue this attitude towards him. He is a professional golfer, let's jusge him on that.

  • Richard - 2010-06-18 12:01

    Tom should retire. It's embarrassing watching a 60 something year old with dyed hair (probably seeping into his brain) still out there at the majors as a distraction to the game and the golf. @ James: still waiting for an opportunity to post a comment re: your "Tiger is a has been/spent force" a couple of weeks ago. He is looking less and less like a spent force with every round he plays... engineered a plus 3 yesterday from what should have easily been a 78

  • Brian - 2010-06-19 08:31

    For starters, who is going to take most of you seriously. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious!!!! Tiger Woods is a disgrace. Tom Watson, for the record Richard, almost won the Open last year. Woods is just not in the same league as Watson, Nicklaus and Palmer. He is a classless, foul-mouthed, poor loser.

  • Paul - 2010-06-19 10:42

    Richard with the short memory: who was in the playoff last year in the Open? Tom Watson of course. One of the greatest golfers ever, still has a fantastic swing. Golf isn't only for the young and fit you know. As for Tiger..sure he is a great player.. probably will win again. But he is still not my idea of a role model. And that is what professional athletes in the public eye are, role models. You can not separate their off-course antics as if it does not matter.

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