WADA give ICC deadline

2010-05-26 15:23

New Delhi - The World Anti-Doping Agency gave the International Cricket Council and its member countries a November 2011 deadline to comply with out-of-competition drug testing on Wednesday.

"If the ICC fails to convince its member boards to comply with the code by November 2011, we will declare them non-compliant in our report to the International Olympic Committee," said WADA director general David Howman, who added that it would then be up to the IOC to take any action.

Howman said the ICC had done a lot in the past three years but "now they just need to give the final push."

India's cricketers have reservations about the WADA rule that requires players to give details of their location three months in advance, claiming their security could be jeopardised.

But Howman said cricket's busy international schedule means players' whereabouts are already known for most of the year.

"If I were living in this country, I would know where these players were, probably, for 250 days a year," Howman said.

"So if it's going to be a security issue for 250 days of the year, I know how to breach that security because I know where they are. So if this information is pertaining to the other 115 days (of the year), where's the breach?"

Cricket will make its debut at the Asian Games later this year, but India's participation could be in doubt if the issue over the whereabouts rule is not resolved.

Howman said former India Test captain Anil Kumble was among 13 000 worldwide athletes to have agreed to the rule. The director general said the Indian cricket board (BCCI) needs to play a role in fighting doping in its country.

"We will ask BCCI to liaise with the National Anti-Doping Agency to form an anti-doping program fit for India," Howman said.