Twelve-year-old smashes 439

2009-11-05 13:17

New Delhi - A 12-year-old has scored 439 runs in a school cricket tournament in Mumbai that was used as a launch pad for the career of current Indian superstar Sachin Tendulkar, local media reported on Thursday.

Sarfaraz Khan faced 421 balls and hit 12 sixes and 56 boundaries for his Springfield Rizvi school against a hapless Indian Education Society in a three-day Harris Shield match on Wednesday, the Times of India reported.

It was in this tournament in 1988 when Tendulkar, then a prodigal 15-year-old, made 329 during a 664-run partnership with childhood friend Vinod Kambli, who also went on to play international cricket.

Tendulkar made his Test debut a year later and became the most successful batsman in history with a world record 12 773 runs and 42 hundreds in Tests and 16 993 runs and 44 centuries in one-dayers.

As television cameras and reporters surrounded the young Khan after his mammoth knock, he joked that it was easier scoring 400 than posing for the media.

"I swear I will never hit another 400 in my life," the newspaper quoted Khan as saying. "Slogging on the field is way easier than posing."

The only time Khan took his eye off the ball was when his coach Raju Pathak signalled from the pavilion on the next target he needed to achieve, the paper said.

"I am a complete target person," said a confident Khan. "You tell me you want this and I'll give it to you.

"Once I touched my triple century, word came in about Sachin Tendulkar's mark of 358. That conquered, I managed 400. I was thrilled to bits."

Khan said the only time he had seen Tendulkar from up close was during the Indian Premier League last year when the master was giving batting tips to Mohammad Ashraful, a former captain of Bangladesh.

"I heard him tell Ashraful to watch the ball till the last moment before it left the bowler's hand, so that he'll have more time to adjust his shot," said Khan.

"I have followed that advice and it has got me a lot of runs."


  • Nigel - 2009-11-05 14:19

    This oak is my new hero. Sarfaraz Khan is the man!

  • Cammie - 2009-11-05 14:51

    @ the rest of the international cricketing fraternity - be afraid, be very afraid!!

  • the real cj - 2009-11-05 14:57

    The writers choices of words "tendulkar.... and became the most succesful batsmen of all time....." are absolute rubbish. Neither his average, strike rate, 100's per innings, highest score, victories are the best in cricket history. Sure he's a talented guy who has scored the most test runs but to be classified as the most succesful you have to have at least won a few more games.. have a higher average...

  • al - 2009-11-05 15:34

    Congrats kid. My highest score at the age of 12 was 47. Go kid, go!!

  • Pieter - 2009-11-05 15:44

    @ the real cj... when you have managed to accumulate and maintain an average of 50 in a career of 440+ matches, how can you not be one of the greatest there ever were...? I think you need to go and look through the history books again because your comments are absolutely stupid!

  • the real mcoy - 2009-11-05 15:48

    @the real cj: If success is measured by the total no. of runs scored, then the writer is on the ball. The parameters you mention are important, however no single batsmen in the world is the most successful at each and every aspect of performance analysis. If you are so passionately against Tendulkar, name the most succesful batsman in your opinion and state why. BTW I am not a Tendulkar fan.

  • wortel - 2009-11-05 15:49

    @cj your entire statement contradicts its self! according to you, if i win 75% of my games, but score 10 runs at a 100% strike rate, i will be the best? there is no single cricketer that has achieved the no1 spot in all your categories -> average, strike rate, 100's per innings, highest score, victories... so in your words, up until some one is no1 in all of these, there is no "best of all time" tendulkar is the best player that has so far played the game, period!

  • @ the real cj - 2009-11-05 16:05

    Ummm... actually the choice of words are correct. Scoring the most runs do make you the most successful batsman. The writer did not say he was the best batsman (which is open to debate). Since cricket is a team sport I really do not know how you can argue that he should have won more games. He is not playing on his own. @Cammie... I will not lose too much sleep. The young Khan is most probably right!

  • Hmmm - 2009-11-05 16:08

    I have to agree with cj, the only reason why Tendulkar has scored the most runs and is so "succesful" is becuase he's been playing cricket longer than any other cricketer in the history of the game. That's why they invented averages you know. Look at he's average and see where he ranks in terms of greatest ever.

  • Lily White - 2009-11-05 16:26

    @ the real - Not sure, but I think Tendulkar holds the record for most career runs in both ODI and Test cricket. Hence the 'most successful batsman of all time...'

  • DK - 2009-11-05 17:03

    Another Sachin Tendulkar on the rise. Well done kid... When I was 12 my highest score was 12 off 36 balls.

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