Trott homesick ... for UK

2012-07-07 12:04

Cape Town - Jonathan Trott insists he is so completely British he gets homesick for Birmingham when he returns to Cape Town.

Trott was born in Cape Town and knows some may doubt his patriotism with South Africa’s arrival on Friday for a three-Test series - which will decide the world’s No 1 team.

But, according to The Sun website, Trott said: “I feel completely British.

“I went back to South Africa for my brother’s wedding last year and didn’t enjoy it at all.

“Every time I’ve been back to Cape Town - for weddings, a holiday or whatever - I’ve always moved my flight so I can come home earlier.”

He added; “It’s nothing to do with crime or political reasons. I just didn’t enjoy being away from home. And home is Birmingham.

“Let me tell you - when the sun shines, there’s no better country in the world than England.

“You can have the mountains and the oceans but May and June in England are perfect. There’s nowhere better.”

The Proteas open their tour of England with an ODI on July 19.



  • John - 2012-07-07 12:18

    So who is this news.....?

      CapeChappy - 2012-07-07 12:37

      Methinks the lady doth protest too much..... Birmingham is a hole.

      Squeegee - 2012-07-07 13:21

      Let me see... Cape Town? Birminghole? Hahahah. No brainer CT wins every time!

      butter.nut.37 - 2012-07-07 13:40

      why does't' this fox Trott tell about the other 10 months of the year in England when everybody just becomes couch potatoes .........

      jack.bleck - 2012-07-08 14:59

      ag - the poor oke went to Rondebosch Boys - he probably got to remove the carrot from his backside in Birmingham - and doesn't enjoy putting it back in when he visits...

      Patrick - 2012-07-10 15:18

      With May and June gone, he now has the other ten k*k months to look forward to. Completely agree with Capechappy.

  • stephen.axtell.7 - 2012-07-07 12:38

    I am so glad Trott left. And Birmingham that is a hole of note.

  • skinfaxi.mordor - 2012-07-07 12:38

    When the sun shines in England there's no better country. And when it's raining on the moon there's no better planet. Wonder how he's enjoying the wettest summer for over 100 years.

      james.phillips.54922169 - 2012-07-07 12:51

      When does the sun shine in England? I lived there for a year, and I don't recall seeing it. Birmingham? Sh£thole.

      Skinfaxi - 2012-07-07 14:01

      James if you have lived in England then you will know that even if you play for the English cricket team, the English will never accept you as one of their own. I think that is why Trott says things like that - to try to gain acceptance. If he said that he missed SA the English press would have a field day.

  • CapeChappy - 2012-07-07 12:41

    "I went back to South Africa for my brothers wedding last year and didn't enjoy it at all"  I'm sure your brother would be devastated to know that.....

      keith.staniford - 2012-07-07 20:24

      Have you ever been off the flats?

  • AllanLouiseOelschig - 2012-07-07 13:32

    Arsehole, stay away, how can you say things like this!! Birminghole of all places, NA, I'd rather be in CT!!!!

  • nigel.vanysendyk - 2012-07-07 13:32

    Bye ashole, we won't miss you

  • Rory Neil Price - 2012-07-07 14:44

    Love the SA sense of humour, home sick for Birmingham !!!!!

  • jacques.duplessis.3785 - 2012-07-07 17:29

    Ups to u trotts!see you in 13 days and counting!!keep that pommy beer on ice;)!

  • Siyabonga Mkhwanazi - 2012-07-07 18:08


  • franklyn.davies.1 - 2012-07-07 19:19

    like hell mate,some folks just cant admit when its just for the bucks ! Birmingham better than Cape Town,wth is there to do in Birmingham besides earning pounds ?

  • thamsanqag - 2012-07-08 00:47

    Lol! I can't wait for the boys to breath on his neck with fierce sledging whenever he comes in 2 bat. I think every S.African will be jumping 4 joy whenever this guy goes back 2 da pavilion. If he doesn't score anything valuable, he must rest assured that he'll be crucified by us the fans.

  • michael.oriley.52 - 2012-07-08 09:36

    Trotts OK, not a bad guy and Brum isn't bad either. Good enough for me, good enough for Alan Donald - its like JHB without the crime and dirt and litter and beggars. He's not good enough to play for SA so joined England - cant blame him - Trott or Kallis . mmmmm let me think. Also he didn't say he wants to be away from CT , he meant cant wait to be away from KP (who is a world class chop).

  • ibbetsonkennedy - 2012-07-10 18:28

    Him and Peterson who says he "only works in England" should do us all a favour and just stay in England what a pair of "wankers" these 2 are. How is he enjoying "Brummie" now with the worst weather for the last 3 months since records began What a A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avu.sibinda - 2012-08-03 10:08

    Trotty c'mon now!! “Let me tell you - when the sun shines, there’s no better country in the world than England" ,dude are you for real? during our winter (which is your summer) your country men & woman always come to CT to enjoy our winter rather than your so called summer , why is that? by the way i was in eng for summer & only had 3 days of clear sky. Cape Town is the best & deep down you know it

  • shandre.scholtz.39 - 2012-09-18 16:42

    Poor bastard... prefers the cold to South Africa! Shame!

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