Terminate ODI cricket - Swann

2011-11-26 14:24

London - England's star spinner Graeme Swann told the BBC he wants an end to one day international cricket.

The 32-year-old - who has slipped from the top of the bowler's rankings in that format of cricket to third - said it was not an enjoyable experience playing the 50 a side game.

He added that the recent postponement of the world Test series - England are presently ranked first in the world - by the sport's governing body the International Cricket Council (ICC) was a mistake.

"I think one-day cricket will have to give at some point, hopefully for everyone," said Swann, who has taken 90 wickets in 64 one-day internationals at an average of 25.43.

"I don't think that game should carry on for much longer.

"For me it's not as enjoyable to play in. I think Test cricket and Twenty20 are the way forward for cricket," added Swann, a member of two successive Ashes winning sides.

Swann, who had a miserable one day series against world champions India in October and was dropped for the final match, said that something had to give in the increasingly crowded international schedule.

"We do play too much cricket and if something had to give my choice would be 50-over cricket, or make it 40-over cricket or something," added Swann.

"But that's a purely personal choice. I don't think many people agree with me.

"I think I will finish (playing) before any changes take place so I will carry on playing whatever they put in front of me."

The ICC's decision to cave in to pressure from a television broadcaster and postpone the inaugural World Test Championship - due to be staged in England in 2013 - in favour of the more lucrative 50-over Champions Trophy was blasted by Swann.

"This is frustrating because being English we rate Test cricket above and beyond anything else, and certainly the Champions Trophy," said Swann.

"(Abandoning the Test Championship) is a bit disturbing and short-sighted in my view but I'm not the powers that be."

Swann is not the first to criticise the decline in importance by the authorities of Test cricket with many slamming the decision to make the recent South Africa v Australia series a two match head to head which ended up a thrilling spectacle and a 1-1 draw.


  • sean.looney - 2011-11-26 15:12

    he has a point.. i get no enjoyment out of watching one day cricket anymore and i cant remember the last time i sat through an entire ODI. saying that, if the ICC were to scrap ODI cricket i think real strides should be made to try and adapt test cricket to a day/night format. im sure such a step would bring increased spectator interest to the test game and also make it easier for the working masses to attend games.

  • don.ruffels - 2011-11-26 16:20

    Do not agree with Graeme Swann or with sean.looney. Swann need not play in ODI form of the game it is his choice, but I love the ODI matches and I am sure that there are others that are of the same thinking as I do. In fact I like all the forms of cricket they all have a place in the cricket sports arena.

  • Jason Seegers - 2011-11-26 18:02

    I am not really in agreement here. Yeah test cricket is the true form of cricket but it is a tad bit boring. ODI's always have an exciting start and an exciting end but some matches are subject to boring bits in the middle. This is sadly always going to happen in cricket as it is a game that takes a long time! It's not over in 2 hours like rugby or 3 hours like tennis. Be that as it may, the two formats serve different purposes and both should not be looked at in isolation. They both contribute to the game of cricket in their own way and I do enjoy both. I'm not a fan of T20 though as its just too short and isn't actually cricket. lol

  • sri.rishabh - 2011-11-26 18:46

    its a case of sour grapes for day cricket has been really good over the years....this year world cup gave us so many memorable matches . ODI world cup has a history to it..if he is not enjoying it, it doesn;t mean it needs to be scrapped

  • Caleb - 2011-11-28 08:25

    You on drugs swann, I would never terminate 50 over cricket...Terminate T20 rather!

  • Mike - 2011-11-28 12:37

    I do believe the ODI's have a place in the cricket format, the 50 over format is a something most of us have played at club and school level. But the ultimate must remain the 5 day test .... what a pity the last series against the Aussies was only 2 tests. Lets rather get rid of the T20 rubbish, having talented guys go out to the middle and basically have a swish at everything thrown at them is absolute cr#p, it just brings the game down to the level of schoolyard rounders ... as the saying goes "it's just not cricket!"

  • Barry - 2011-11-28 19:05

    The bookies run this game. No way the 50 over game is going anytime soon. A lot of betting takes place on this format.

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