Smith wants Test Champs

2010-06-24 17:09

Cape Town - South Africa captain Graeme Smith wants the International Cricket Council (ICC) to introduce a new "Test Championship" at next week's annual general meeting in Singapore.

Smith, whose team will take a 1-0 lead into Saturday's third and final Test against West Indies in Barbados, is concerned about the future of the five-day game with most series increasingly struggling to attract a significant audience.

"All our senior players support a formal Test Championship," he told Reuters by email from Bridgetown.

"Such a championship would give context and value to every Test match and would stimulate interest in the five-day game worldwide."

The opening batsman offered a comparison with English Premier League soccer.

"It is important all Test matches should have equal value and that is what a championship would do," said Smith.

"If you look at the Premiership in England, for example, Manchester United pick up three points for a win whether it is against (champions) Chelsea or one of the relegation strugglers.

"I believe a Test Championship is a matter of urgency to stimulate the five-day game."

The ICC's member nations have previously rejected several suggested Test Championship formats but the latest, a watered-down compromise, could be adopted.

If it is introduced, the top-four ranked Test teams would play semi-finals and a final every four years over 18 days to decide the winners.


  • Dhiren - 2010-06-24 17:17

    Smith - striving for new competitions that his team under perform in!!!

  • Jack - 2010-06-24 17:21

    Great idea! But would probably have to be played home and away over at least 2 years. 9 test nations would mean 16 tests per competition.

  • shaneprawn - 2010-06-24 17:31

    It is not likely that I shall say anything new here. If I do, it will be of only minor significance. Nevertheless, the cricket police should lock Smith up and throw away the key

  • JP - 2010-06-24 17:35

    What's the point, it'll be just another championship that Smith can't win. I suppose he wants to prove that it's not only the limited over that he sucks in, he also want to show that he's usless in tests. Seriously, who's interested in S.A cricket at the moment. The boks and Bafana did us proud.

  • Frederik - 2010-06-24 17:57

    I'm not a fan of Smith but I'm a big cricket fan and just love Test cricket its a mind game as well as a physical game. Hope this will pull trough.

  • Gideon - 2010-06-24 18:18

    They will never get a big audience in test cricket because it is the most boring waste of 5 days in anyone's life. Smith should go and find a real job.

  • Jakes - 2010-06-24 18:31

    For what, so they can choke on another tournament.

  • Colin - 2010-06-24 19:12

    Most folk above seem to have not taken the time to stand back to try and figure out what has been happening in SA Cricket. Moreover, it is clear you just do not appreciate a great Captain when you have got one - Graeme Smith has had to battle against extremely poor selections and selection policies, and then a lot of internal politicking in SA Cricket. NONE of the other Captains WORLDWIDE have to battle against the NON-CRICKET odds as much as he has. He is fighting for REAL CRICKET - not the Bubblegum Brigade.....but it takes a few corpuscles to understand TEST why bother....:-)

  • Larry - 2010-06-24 20:06

    Smithy being a Tosser again?

  • Anni - 2010-06-25 00:40

    But SA will then become minnows in test cricket. Face it Smith, on the world stage you're nothing.

  • Bob - 2010-06-25 06:43

    It's an interesting idea actually, though in reality one could only do it as one-off tests if one wanted to play many different opposition teams in the same calendar year. One would also want a strength-vs-strength system so that one isn't in the position where SA ends up only playing the lesser cricketing nations for 15 months just to get through the schedule. So perhaps split it into divisions of 6 or 8 teams, promotion-relegation system and run it like the Tri-Nations for a month or two [5 days on, 10 days off, home and away single tests]. The key is single tests - you've got one shot at the 3 points.

  • Not suprised - 2010-06-25 08:18

    LOL same losers, different day! Blame Smith for everything, a +50 batting average in cricket is shit, get rid of people are so lame. Thank god sport selections ARE NOT made by the everyday person because reading some peoples comments on various stories you soon start to see that not many people truly understand sport BUT instead they take out their frustrations of their pathetic lives out on these forums. Grow up! I can remember many many of these same whining people demanding that Jake White be fired during 2006....

  • Arthur - 2010-06-25 10:56

    Ah a new article the same whiney negative jerk offs who have no clue. Some things just stay the same

  • Just Cricket - 2010-06-25 11:24

    For the idiots that know NOTHING about cricket. SA has a win/loss ratio of 1.84 since 1992 (overall 1.00 if you include before 1970), and that rivals Australia who has an overall win/loss ratio of 1.82 as well. Since 1992 the only team that has a better win/loss ratio is Australia with an amazing 3.25. India is third on 1.36. It just shows that SA has been second best to Australia for the last 18 years. You can only really compare Smith (77 matches as captain) to Cronje (53 matches as captain). Smith has won 47% and drawn 23% of his matches and Cronje 51% and 28%. And people complain about Smith? At least with Smith as captain we get more results and less drawn games. I think Smith has a point, why would you want to award less points when you win against a weaker opposition? In S14 and the 3N there is no such nonsense. Not even in world cups.

  • @Dhiren - 2010-06-25 14:02

    Test cricket is actually the form where we are performing. Ranked nr 2 after India which we will beat later this year when they come over to our bouncy wickets. Beaten Aus in Aus 2 - 1 ( last test one over left - Smith batted with broken hand). Beaten Eng in Eng. Drew to England in SA after 2 tests we only needed 1 wicket to win. Drew to India 1 1 in India (last test we needed to hold on for 1 more over to win series)

  • @JP - 2010-06-25 14:05

    If you are not interested in cricket why do you read the article and waste your time commenting ?

  • 5 day IS cricket - 2010-06-25 14:15

    Same boring comments by idiots who never played any cricket themselves. Just likes to lie on their couches and criticise. Just because the Proteas didn't win the stupid baseball tournament doesn't give people reason to be so negative. The only reason most idiots commenting are so negative is because the only time they watch cricket is when we are playing in big tournaments. The rest of the season they don't even know when SA is playing. And then they rank the status of SA's cricket on one single stupid tournament neverless of how we are improving overrall. And then Smith is the one that gets the blame for everything. When SA lost to Eng in the ICC tournament last year Smith was the man making the big century (remember the runner issue with Strauss)

  • @all the negative cricket idiots - 2010-06-25 14:18

    The article is about a possible Test Championship and everyone can't wait to post stupid comments about Smith. What if it was Amla in the article and not Smith ? Then everyone would have loved the idea !

  • @Anni - 2010-06-25 14:22

    What a stupid comment. At the world stage he averages 50 plus. What are you at the world stage Anni ?

  • @ Negative losers - 2010-06-25 14:42

    It is a shame to see how unintelligent and uninformed SA cricket followers (can't call them supporters) are. Maybe all you should read up a bit on the game and into statistics more. O sorry but you only watch when SA plays in tournaments and base your stupid comments on that. Would you rather want to follow a team who wins 1 tournament in 2 years but loses all the rest of the games in a season or a team winning most of their games and losing out in big tournaments. Look where SA were 10 years ago and where they are now !! I remember SA losing 5 - 1 to Aus in consecutive tests. And guess who was the new arrival in the last test which we actually won ? Graeme Smith.

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