Rudolph knocking on SA door

2011-07-12 17:45

Johannesburg - Jacques Rudolph not only impressed with his leadership skills but also knocked on the selectors' door for promotion to the Proteas during the South Africa 'A' side's triangular series against a Zimbabwe XI and Australia A during July.

Whether he did enough to kick the door down remains to be seen but his three scores of 90 plus made him far-and-away the leading runs scorer on any of the three sides and head coach Vincent Barnes praised him for his hunger and calmness under pressure.

"I personally had a good tour," remarked Rudolph. "I think my new leadership role has helped me to up my game but more importantly I am at a stage of my career where I know what I need to do when it comes to my cricket."

The South Africans won both their matches against what was very close to a full strength Zimbabwe side but lost all three against Australia.

The only bad loss was in the first match when they were brushing off the rust from an inactive period of several months.

The Australian side was also a strong one with three of the players - David Warner, Aaron Finch and John Hastings - being first choices for the Australian T20 team to take on Sri Lanka.

Rudolph apart (309 runs at 61.80 and a strike rate of 80.25), the best batting performances came from Rilee Rossouw (157 runs at 39.25 and a strike rate of (88.20) and Vaughn van Jaarsveld (132 runs at 44 and a strike rate of 89.18). Significantly both the latter players missed out on original selection and only got their chances through withdrawals.

The bowlers lacked consistency although Vernon Philander, Craig Alexander and Rusty Theron all had their moments. Between them they took 23 of the 35 wickets that fell to the South African attack.

Barnes said, "In all fairness the bowlers were coming from a three-month lay-off and improved really well in the 10 days that we were there. Ultimately it is up to them to take their opportunities when they arise. It was great to have Vinnie and Allan's input in the bowling department, and their wealth of international experience were invaluable."


  • Goddok - 2011-07-12 19:27

    A very good and capable cricketer, wasted by the Proteas for so long. My first choice as captain.

  • madaboutsports - 2011-07-12 22:44

    Dear Kirsten & Co... Replace Alviro Petersen with Rudolph in the Test team; Replace Smith with Rudolph in the ODI team...

      Gunner - 2011-07-13 07:21

      Alviro has done nothing wrong..I suggest him replacing Smith in the Test side. AB capt for all 3 formats....

      StaalBurgher - 2011-07-13 11:54

      You are right, Alviro has done nothing wrong, but he is a high 30s type of batsmen. He will score centuries etc but we have too many other good batsmen that could average mid-40s for him to stay in the side. It is not that he is not good but there are others that are better.

      Broombastic - 2011-07-13 15:46

      Alviro has done nothing wrong? He's not done a hell of a lot right to cement his place. If we want to find a place for Rudolph in the test team. Then him replacing Peterson is the only option. But, he's faced with the same problem he had in the beginning of his career. Quota's. If he replaces Peterson, we'll be short on quota players. Alviro hasn't really shown enough in first class cricket to be picked in the first place. My ideal team moving forward: 1. Smith 2. Rudolph 3. Amla 4. Kallis 5. AB 6. Duminy 7. Kuhn 8. Parnell (if he can regain form, otherwise Tsotsobe, although we really need a new up and coming quick soon) 9. Steyn 10. Morne Morkel 11. Tahir Pity that team only has three quota players...

      Gunner - 2011-07-14 12:50

      Boombastic: That was not his problem, he was simply not good enough earlier on in his career. Credit must however be given to Rudolf for improving his game.

  • Tana - 2011-07-13 12:13

    Alviro & Rudolph our opening batsmen in Tests

  • Sipho - 2011-07-13 14:27

    Smiths time is up. Alviro and Rudolph are match made in SA. Please drop that ponce of a captain, Biff. He is having a hard time with the bat and an even worse time mentally.

      StaalBurgher - 2011-07-13 17:54

      This phrase "time is up" is the most retarded statement going around sporting pages and plenty of guys are making their name gat with its use. A player's time is only up when he is physically unable to continue his career or if another, better player forces him out. Smith has averaged 50 over his last 12 test matches while Petersen averages 33 in 9 - thus Smith's short term form in Test matches is superior and he is a year younger. Smith 1st class average is 51 over 129 and Petersen's is 38 over 107 matches - so his long term form is FAR superior. Not to mention that the bulk of Smith's 1st class matches are Test matches and not 4-day matches. The stats are right there, go to Cricinfo and see for yourself. No matter how much you people want reality to be different facts are facts. 38 average over 107 1st class matches? Is that the best South Africa has to offer? I realise his last 2-3 seasons were much better but as far as future planning goes it is much better to be playing a youngster such as Rilee Rossouw that averages 40+ in the 4-day competition. Thankfully we have a real coach who will be picking Smith instead of relying on emotion and BEE agendas. Rossouw probably won't make it because he is not an opener I think so in this particular case Rudolph is the better option. Quotas are alive and well, people. - 2011-07-14 16:13

      Ou Staalburger - the question is does a youngster like Rilee have the brass ones to cut it at test level. Does he have it in him to lets say , score a 100 on test debut in India? How long did it take a guy like Kallis to cut his teeth in tests? Alviro did it chop chop. If you are looking for a player to drop. Look no further than Mark Boucher and Graeme Smith.

  • tass - 2011-07-14 11:57

    i feel sorry for Rudolph he plays so well in sa yet he wont be selected, even he plays county cricket still also cant be selected to play for England, whereas Trott KP got their chance to play for england, Wish Rudolph all th best he is a quality player that should not be ignored

  • - 2011-07-14 15:56

    Oh please. We saw this coming a long time ago. The guy is rubbish. Look at his test and ODI stats please. He had way too many chances and still averages in the mid 30's. If ashwell had his stats, he'd be fired.

  • Broombastic - 2011-07-14 16:17

    Gunner, he got dropped cos he wasn't good enough. But his introduction to the team was delayed because of quota's. He was chosen to play, but then left out at the last minute because there were not enough "players of color" in the team so Ontong played. Interestingly, Alviro has scored two first ball ducks in the four day game he's currently playing in. - 2011-07-14 16:26

      Get your facts straight. Ashwell Prince played. And it was against Australia in Australia. Ashwell scored 49 on debut against the great Warne and Mcgrath. As we say down here in Cape Town "Hou liewer jou bek!!!!" Ssssssssek!

      sannahan - 2011-07-14 17:24

      Eish, ou Spike. In 2001-2002 Percy Sonn vetoed the inclusion of Rudolph against the Aussies down under on the basis of racial discrimination - a few hours before the game! Justin Ontong then took his place.

  • Tana - 2011-07-15 07:19

    I dont think we should stare ourselves blind in the fact that Alviro just scored two first ballers in this game. What we should be looking at, is the fact that he is a prolific run scorer throughout his season with Glamorgan. Also, he is leading them to their best log position in many years. His double century earlier in the season, was absolutely fantastic and faultless..(except for getting out). By looking at Alviro`s record for the last couple of seasons, especially after leaving the Titans, he matured enough to compete with the best best bowlers in world cricket. His maiden test century against India was exceptional and something all South Africans can be proud of. Also, Alviro is a very modest person and only believes in what is the best for the team he plays for. He never get carried away when scoring big runs. I still believe our Test opening spots should belong to Alviro & Rudolph, with Amla at 3, Kallis at 4 and AB at 5. Imagine the opposition looking up at the scoreboard and see this line-up Petersen Rudolph Amla Kallis de Villiers - 2011-07-15 11:56

      Maybe Prince at 5 and AB down at 6 with the gloves.

  • Doc - 2011-07-15 10:45

    "The only bad loss was in the first match when they were brushing off the rust from an inactive period of several months." So now we have "bad losses" and "good losses" ... I don't get it. Why heap praise on a losing team? And what's this about "The South Africans won both their matches against what was very close to a full strength Zimbabwe side" .. jeez man .. there should be no honour in that .. any SA Team should be able to whip the Zimbabwe side anytime !! (Sorry Zim - but it's the truth) Accepting losing is the problem in SA Cricket.

      ozwald - 2011-07-15 11:38

      well when you have quota's in your system you need every answer to justify their selections, SA cricket is in serious trouble and it shows when we get to the big stage. Sadly we have stuffed a whole generation of sportsmen with these quota systems and in doing so have stuffed up the hopes of winning major trophies and becoming the no. 1 team in the world.

  • - 2011-07-15 11:51

    Tests avg. 36.21. Take away his runs scored against Bangladesh and Zim and his avg drops to well below 30. Rubbish batsman. I'd honestly rather play Nicky Boje! Much better cricketer.

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