Ritchie sorry for 'k-word' use

2012-11-15 10:10

Cape Town - Former Australian Test batsman Greg Ritchie has issued a public apology over the racism drama sparked by his comments at a luncheon during the Gabba Test last week.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald website, Ritchie used the derogatory term "kaffir" in an anecdote involving former South African batsman Kepler Wessels when they played together for Queensland against the menacing West Indies in 1980.

Having originally stood by his comments, Ritchie on Wednesday apologised in a statement.

"I have spoken at sporting functions for nearly 30 years. I have never intended offending anyone in those speeches, nor have I knowingly offended anyone," Ritchie said.

"If I offended anyone in my speeches at the Brisbane Convention Centre last week, or at my two speeches at the Gabba and the two subsequent very short phone calls with journalists, I am extremely sorry."

Cricket Australia admonished Ritchie once informed of the comments and indicated he would not be welcome as a guest speaker at any cricket venue for the rest of the summer.

The Gabba Test between Australia and South Africa ended in a draw. The second Test at the Adelaide Oval starts on November 22.


  • thunder.clap.587 - 2012-11-15 10:23

    Yes You sorry but...

  • ashraf.g.arendse - 2012-11-15 10:33

    We don't need ignorant racists in sport! Save it Ritchie!

  • charlene.patel.7 - 2012-11-15 11:10

    think before you speak - and we all know your apology is NOT sincere, just trying to save face now...too little too late I'm afraid.

  • piet.motsoeneng - 2012-11-15 11:13

    Ok, Ritchie, apology accepted, even though we know that an apology of a racist like you is not genuine.

  • roelfie - 2012-11-15 11:18

    Can we please stop worrying about this silly word?! The more people react to it, the more it will be used as a racist term! It is actually an arabic word used to describe people who are not muslim, or non-believers of the muslim faith. Greg Ritchie should actually be laughed at for being an idiot (and Australian) rather than a racist.

      smalefane - 2012-11-15 11:36

      Unfortunately you have never been called that. So it would be easier for you to just ignore its racist connotations.

      roelfie - 2012-11-15 11:45

      You are right. I have never been called that before. But he was referring to Kepler Wessels when he said it, a Caucasian man. The sooner you start ignoring it's racist connotations, like everyone should, the sooner you would heal from the hatred in your heart. Chin up old chap, let it go.

      PumaFred - 2012-11-15 12:09

      So we can call u a (unt because it does not really refer to you but rather to a part of a females anatomy

      smalefane - 2012-11-15 12:16

      I have no hatred in my heart. I am just being realistic. Healing does not come by ignoring things but through open debate. You can't expect the one party to accept your views without understanding where they come from. The wrong doer must also accept responsibility. And I have "let it go". Black people are very forgiving.

      evert.vanstaaden - 2012-11-15 12:33

      great argumetn smalefane, I hear about black people marching with pangas singing "kill the boer", how do you think that makes me as a white person feel? I'm not going to hide under my bed and cry about it, I'm going to live my life despite it. Don't look at the word, look at the context in which it's being used. In this case it was a harmless jibe, there was no malice in what he said whatsoever.

      MarkSchrade1980 - 2012-11-15 12:37

      Yup we all a bunch of Heathens

      smalefane - 2012-11-15 12:58

      Evert, context in which it's been used cannot in any way justify the use of the word. The are far more black people in SA murdered, raped, hijacked... by other black people than there are in the white population. Crime knows no racial lines. I'm afraid your argument does not hold any water.

      richard.barnes.3914 - 2012-11-15 17:43

      smalefane, let me ask you question. If Desmond Tutu gave an interview and his exact words at one point were: "During one protest which I attended in the 1980s, a senior police official confronted me and said "Go home, k*ff*r". Would you now say that Tutu is a racist? If not, why not? He used the K word, didn't he? Do you not draw a distinction between what someone says in their own words and what they say when they are quoting others? And sorry Roelfie, but I'm equally mystified at how you conclude that Ritchie was calling Kepler a k*ff*r. Ritchie was implying that Kepler called black players k*ff*rs back when they played together. That is different from Ritchie calling Kepler a k*ff*r. It is different from Ritchie calling black players k*ff*rs. How can people fail to see the distinction?! The mind simply boggles.

      roelfie - 2012-11-15 18:28

      Richard, read my comments properly please. I said he was referring to Kepler Wessels. I never said he called Kepler a k*ff*r... And I meant Ritchie was an idiot for bringing it up in the first place at an event. The mind simply boggles...

      richard.barnes.3914 - 2012-11-15 20:25

      Roelfie, sorry for the misunderstanding but the intent of your statement was as clear as mud. What, for example, does Kepler being "a Caucasian man" have to do with the discussion? Does it make it more offensive or less offensive when he calls black players k*ff*rs? Does it make Ritchie's allegation against him more serious or less serious, more likely to be true or less likely to be true? Judging by the comments that followed your post, I wasn't the only one to misinterpret your meaning. Which suggests that poor wording, rather than poor reading comprehension, might be the main issue here. - 2012-11-16 12:58

      @Roelfie "ignorance is bliss" You have no idea do you.

  • jonas.mokatane - 2012-11-15 11:21

    Let him go and suck himself.

  • evert.vanstaaden - 2012-11-15 12:09

    This is stupid, why should he apologise, I hear south africans hurl the "N" word at each other almost daily, nobody bats an eye. I'm sure greg did not have anything to do with apartheid, and he was not using the word in a derogatory way. Stop being so sensitive!

      ruddy.busher - 2012-11-15 13:11

      I agree, be a bloke and crack a joke back. Tell him that you bet he aint gonna call us sheep shaggers. haha, I'm sure he'll laugh it off. But in South Africa sounds like a bunch of bitter old hags angry for name calling. way too sensitive. The guy isn't even black, cmon.. I call my mates names all the time, even my kiwi mates don't get like this when i rag the crap out of them

      ruddy.busher - 2012-11-15 13:13

      poor guy now has to undergo punishment like a school boy... rugby is gona turn into a girls sport. No more men anymore, we chasing them away. I'm better off watching roller durby... you must hear what those chicks call each other.

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-11-15 18:48

      Didn't Skinstad get himself into deepsh@t for the coconut comment? This should go all the way the kiwi press milked it for and then some. P.S: similar situation in the uk with the whole pietersen saga, are we using the press as the 12th man?

      richard.barnes.3914 - 2012-11-15 20:26

      dono, that depends. To what extent will the Aus team rely on Greg Ritchie's batting in this series? That should give you your answer.

      adriaan.olivier.589 - 2012-11-15 23:33

      I hate the "N" word, "No" seems to go against everything I believe in, I'm more of a "Yes" man, it's more sexy and adventurous.... oops I apologise to anyone I might have offended... I meant "The Y word"

      donavan.boshoff - 2012-11-16 10:48

      thanks rich i didn't realize i had to teach you how to read, what i meant was by using the media to upset the applecart and draw attention away from a very ordinary game of cricket and take the heat off us as it were. P.S how often does the 12th man actually bat? dickhead

  • siyabonga.zondi.73 - 2012-11-15 12:09

    Yeah like dats gonna help the aussies!!! This is probably another stunt

  • darren.peach - 2012-11-15 12:37

    Good for you Dude. It takes a big man to acknowledge and apologize for his mistakes.

      adriaan.olivier.589 - 2012-11-15 23:34

      "a big man"....pun intended 8-/

  • Hansie.Crook - 2012-11-15 13:01

    Looks like he was pressured into this apology. I dont buy his apology its not sincere, he is just looking after his bread as more personal sponsors are likely to pull out.

      adriaan.olivier.589 - 2012-11-15 23:35

      Yes you can see he loves his bread dearly, probably keeps one eye on it straight through the night....

  • thabo.malose.31 - 2012-11-15 14:37

    This is not an apology. U cant put ifs, in apologies he's not sorry at all.

  • michael.kleber.376 - 2012-11-16 07:17

    take your flea infested ....... is that offensive ?

  • William Mohlolo - 2012-11-16 09:21

    Mxm keep your sorry to yourself Mr. We know you are not sorry. Once a racist always a racist!!!

  • - 2012-11-16 12:56

    He is sorry but he didn't knowingly offend anyone. Luckily Richie had sport because he would have tipping dustbins otherwise .. ]

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