Rice fears for KP's career

2010-08-01 15:47

Nottingham - Kevin Pietersen's attitude towards county cricket is threatening his international place, according to the man who helped kickstart the batsman's career in England.

Former South Africa all-rounder Clive Rice was a key figure in persuading the now 30-year-old Pietersen to join Nottinghamshire in 2001.

South Africa-born Pietersen quit the Midlands county in 2004 for south coast side Hampshire.

But in June the England star announced his intention to leave Hampshire at the end of this season for a team based nearer his London home.

Pietersen has not appeared in a first-class match for Hampshire since 2008 and the club refused a request from the England hierarchy to play him in a one-day match last weekend because he planned to be elsewhere next season.

Since becoming an England regular, Pietersen's lack of county cricket has rarely been an issue.

But he has now gone 21 innings in a row without a Test century after his dismissal for 22 in the second innings of the ongoing series opener against Pakistan at Nottinghamshire's Trent Bridge headquarters here on Saturday.

"You cannot play on the basis that you think you can just turn up at international level," Rice told Britain's Sunday Express newspaper.

"You have to do the work at first-class level to set yourself up and know that you're in form and confident," added Rice.

"Nothing can replace time in the middle, there's no substitute for it," added Rice, one of the word's leading all-rounders in the 1980s who captained both Nottinghamshire and South Africa's Transvaal to domestic honours.

Hampshire's decision to do without Pietersen last weekend meant he came into the first Test against Pakistan not having played since suffering a thigh injury during a one-day international against Australia at Lord's on July 3.

"By the time a Test comes around it's too late to find your form if you haven't been playing," said Rice.

"Everyone else in that side is playing regularly and if you're a selector you're picking guys that are in form today for tomorrow's game -- it's that simple.

"He has had a number of injuries in the last 18 months, which makes it even more important for him to prove his fitness in the county game."

England begin the defence of the Ashes in November and would dearly love Pietersen to have made a big score in the three remaining Tests against Pakistan before they board the plane for Australia.

But Rice warned Pietersen's England career could be in jeopardy even before the Ashes get underway.

"If he's not going to play county cricket then as a selector I just can't see how they can pick him in the team...If he doesn't sort this out then he could easily end up out on a limb."


  • Kaptein Poes - 2010-08-01 16:03

    ever since 2005, it's amaized they've been able to find a batting helmet to fit that head.

  • Chris - 2010-08-01 16:52

    Quality observations from Clive Rice. Interesting to see if KP can take advice.

  • Ricky - 2010-08-01 16:57

    It is common knowledge that KP has been out with injury for a long time and now has the distraction of his first born. He is a very gifted player with a very strong mind and will once again prove all his critics wrong.

  • BC - 2010-08-01 17:22

    KP's enormous ego is has and always will be his biggest problem.He hasn't had a decent innings for ages, I can't understand why he keeps getting picked for England. Somehow doubt he will ever reach his full potential.

  • twat - 2010-08-01 18:03

    England cricket or the MCC or the ECB whatever you wanna call it boycott's South African cricket from 1969 to 1992 because of the apartheid system,a goverment of which KP has partly 50% ancestry in his genes,and yet this very England allows KP on a invented ancestry law to now play for England.KP can't,won't,don't play for a country like SA where black people are running the country and law says affirmative action supersedes all other laws in sport,business,politics etc in which blacks are given an oppotunity first and yet his adoptive country,England, picks and chooses laws that suits them that allows KP to play for them.It was bad to play against apartheid South Africa for 23 years but it's not bad at all to allow a white half Afrikaner/half English KP who grew up in Racist South Africa to now play for them,England.Now the K@K hits the fan KP is batting K@K and Clive Rice fears for his career--my God what is world coming too.Just looking and listening at this idiot named KP each time he speaks with his uncouth Afrikaner accent on tv just boils my blood.

  • Guy - 2010-08-01 18:40

    Why is Clive so worried about "potatoe head" (very soft when overcooked).

  • Birdman - 2010-08-01 18:47

    @twat.Your name says it all - get a life or get out of our country! You must have a walnut for a brain!

  • Andrew - 2010-08-01 19:13

    Ricky has got it right. Not just the injury, but infection too, has delayed his return. I know we hate KP but his talent [he is a Seffrican really], will come through.The only maybe is that he is getting 'old'.

  • Gavin - 2010-08-01 19:23

    Who cares ,really? Clive Rice? really? KP? really? Don't care, didn't even read the article

  • Not KP only - 2010-08-01 20:02

    What Clive Rice is saying about time in the middle, etc. is absolutely correct. This applies to all sport [also Rugby] and to all teams where the "internationals" do not get enough match practice.

  • Red 1 - 2010-08-01 20:15

    @Twat. Are you stupid or do you just like people to think you are. I find it hard to believe that an educated adult could write the absolute trash you wrote. Please direct any further comments to a girlie magazine as your comments do not belong in a cricket column.

  • @Red 1 & Birdman - 2010-08-01 22:51

    You stupid!!! you girlie son of a b**ch all you do is blah,blah,blah absolutely nothing.There is no substance,coherence or counter argument to what Mr Twat said.If you gonna say something in favour of KP then f***ing do that if you gonna bash other people's comments then support that with counter arguments.Don't just vomit stuff out you mindless robot. @birdman and you have K@K for brains you aardvark.Can't even comment on the article in question shows you how daff you are.

  • @twat - 2010-08-02 02:54

    You certainly have chosen the correct name. In fact if they put your brain in a Budgie, it would fly backwards!!

  • Hansie - 2010-08-02 08:00

    @Twat- Hey shouldn't you be at the initiation school so that your sangoma uncle can screw up your circumcision again. Leave the sport comments for the intelligent few

  • Pavlov - 2010-08-02 09:13

    It is because of twats like Twat that all our sporting codes are declining and our young stars are seeking their fortunes abroad.

  • Pavlov - 2010-08-02 09:14

    It is because of twats like Twat that all our sporting codes are declining and our young stars are seeking their fortunes abroad.

  • Staalburgher - 2010-08-02 10:39

    Laughing at Twat. What a muppet. 2:54AM, very good, I am going to remember that one! Haha. This sort of attitude was also why KP got stick at junior levels and early senior levels in South Africa. When he left his performances didn't warrant selection but then he was passed over for Golam Bodi - that would get my panties in a twist as well!

  • Anyonehome - 2010-08-02 11:29

    We need to drop boucher for ab permanently.This gives us the option of a extra batsman or bowler depending on the wicket.The sooner we realize this the sooner we get ab into the mould of a batsman/wicketkeeper like andy flower was.If we want to be no 1 we need to drop the sell by date players and bouch has been good,but its time to sacrifice for the team.All the top teams wickeys are key batsman,bouch has been a so so for way too long now.Ab,stand up take the role and lead us to the top!

  • mack in the covers - 2010-08-02 11:54

    Kaptein ,although your comment is true ,why be so vulgar ?(8/1/2010@4:03)People like you fan the fire against anything and everything afrikaans....grow up.

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