Australia won by 7 wickets (with 44 balls remaining)
South Africa
Match played at Melbourne Cricket Ground, on 7 Nov 2014

As it happened: Australia v SA

2014-11-07 13:25

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07 Nov 13:27


Australian leg-spinner, Cameron Boyce, received the best player award for figures of 2/15 in four overs.

07 Nov 13:24

JP Duminy's batting (49 off 51 balls) and Wayne Parnell's bowling (2/17) were the only positives the South Africans can take from this game.

But it's all set up pretty nicely now for the third and final T20 to be played at Stadium Australia in Sydney on Sunday (10:35 SA time).

Be sure to join us then for more interactive commentary!

07 Nov 13:20

A comprehensive win by Australia as they level the series at 1-1.

They outplayed South Africa in all departments today and were full worth for the thrashing they dished out.

07 Nov 13:19
RESULT: Australia win by 7 wickets
07 Nov 13:19

White pulls Parnell to get the final winning run for Australia.

Australia finish on 102/3 after 12.4 overs.

07 Nov 13:17
Parnell to bowl what could likely be the final over of the match...
07 Nov 13:16

100 up for Australia, coming off 12 overs.

They require 2 more runs to win off 48 balls.

07 Nov 13:15
Cameron White is the new batsman in for Australia.
07 Nov 13:15

Rabada gets his first wicket in international cricket. He gets Maxwell for a duck after the batsman hits it straight up in the air. A good catch by Rilee Rossouw.

Australia 99/3 after 11.5 overs.

07 Nov 13:14
07 Nov 13:14
They require 3 runs to win off 50 balls.
07 Nov 13:14
Australia now on 99, with Rabada bowling the 12th over. It's almost over...
07 Nov 13:12
In case you're wondering about my earlier comment about Maxwell. He went to a very small primary school and was so good there that the coach forced him to bat left-handed so the other kids could compete against him!
07 Nov 13:11
The 11th over is a wicket maiden from Parnell!
07 Nov 13:10

Glenn Maxwell is the new batsman in for Australia.

If he bats left-handed - like he was forced to do by his primary school coach - Australia would still win this...

07 Nov 13:09

Watson drives, but is caught at mid-off by Abbott off the bowling of Parnell.

Australia 92/2 after 10.5 overs.

07 Nov 13:08
07 Nov 13:08
Four dot balls at the start of the 11th over from Parnell!
07 Nov 13:07


3.80 - that's for the Australian innings, in case your wondering...

07 Nov 13:05

OVERS 10: Australia 92/1

They require 10 runs to win off 60 balls.

07 Nov 13:04
A slower ball from Rabada is punished by Watson. It's one-bounce and four down to long-on...
07 Nov 13:02
Rabada back into the attack in the 10th over.
07 Nov 12:58

With Australia on 78/1 after 8 overs, Parnell is back on in place of McLaren.

Australia require 24 runs to win off 72 balls.

07 Nov 12:56
Finch sweeps Tahir and it goes for four, but thanks to some terrible fielding by Rabada on the boundary. He completely misses it! Things can't get any worse for South Africa today!
07 Nov 12:54

16 runs off the seventh over bowled by McLaren.

Australia 70/1 after 7 overs.

They require 32 more runs to win off 78 balls.

07 Nov 12:52
Short again from McLaren. Same result.
07 Nov 12:51
Another four! This time Watson is on the pull. Too short from McLarren...
07 Nov 12:51
Now Watson drives McLaren through extra cover for four. South Africa bleeding runs here...
07 Nov 12:50
Watson gets his first boundary when he cuts a short and wide delivery from McLaren.
07 Nov 12:49
An expensive first over from Tahir as he concedes 10.
07 Nov 12:48
Next ball, Finch pulls Tahir for another boundary. He is in a hurry to go out tonight...
07 Nov 12:47
Finch sweeps Tahir towards the fine leg boundary to bring up Australia's 50. It comes off 5.3 overs.
07 Nov 12:45
Leg-spinner Imran Tahir now into the attack in the sixth over.
07 Nov 12:44

OVERS 5: Australia 44/1

They require 58 more runs to win off 90 balls.

07 Nov 12:42
Shane Watson is the new batsman in for Australia.
07 Nov 12:42

Dunk is out for 23, caught at mid-on by Abbott off the bowling of Parnell.

Australia 43/1 after 4.4 overs.

07 Nov 12:41
07 Nov 12:40
Luckily for Parnell, the free hit is not punished for any runs.
07 Nov 12:40

Too wide from Parnell and Dunk cuts hard at it and it goes for four.

And to add insult to injury, it's a massive no-ball from Parnell.

That means FREE HIT!

07 Nov 12:39
With Australia 36/0 after 4 overs, Wayne Parnell is brought into the attack.
07 Nov 12:37

Finch moves into double figures as he launches a Duminy full toss over midwicket for four.

Next ball, he follows it up with another four, down the ground this time...

  • End Of Innings: Australia win by 7 wickets. - Australia's bowlers set things up for them and made life easy for the batsman, as they level the series.

  • Over 13 Aus 102/3 (Finch 44, White 1) - Parnell bowls his last over. They start with a quick single. White finishes it off with a single to square leg

  • Wicket: Over 12 Aus 100/3 (Finch 43, White 0) - Rabada concedes four first ball. It's short as Finch takes evasive action to a vacnt fine leg. Two more on the leg side for Finch. Wicket!! Maxwell skies one to Rossouw, who takes a good catch. Cameron White walks in.

  • Wicket: Over 11 Aus 92/2 (Finch 35, Maxwell 0) - Parnell continues. Parnell starts with four dot balls - rare!! Wicket!! as Watson is caught by Abbott at mid-off. Glenn Maxwell coming in to finish things off. A wicket maiden.

  • Over 10 Aus 92/1 (Finch 35, Watson 30) - Rabada back into the attack. Two singles start the over . Four, as Watson drives one back over the bowlers head. Duminy running out of plans and runs here.

  • Over 9 Aus 85/1 (Finch 34, Watson 24) - Parnell returns to the Attack after that McLaren over. Two runs for Watson to deep midwicket. It's all too easy for Australi as Watson gets another easy single. Finch gets two more with some good running. Parnell ends with a short wide delivery and concedes yet another single.

  • Over 8 Aus 78/1 (Finch 31, Watson 20) - Tahir starts with a short delivery and concedes a single over point. Watson drives one past Tahir for a single. A terrible piece of fielding by Rabada gives Watson four to backward square leg. Watson gets a single off the last ball.

  • Over 7 Aus 70/1 (Finch 25, Watson 18) - McLaren starts with a terrible short and wide delivery outside the off stump and is pushed over point, by Watson, for four. Four more as he drives over cover. Another short delivery is pulled over square for four more. Watson gets four more with another short delivery. Sixteen from that McLaren over.

  • Over 6 Aus 54/1 (Finch 25, Watson 2) - Tahir into the attack, replacing Duminy. Wide, as Watson attempts to pull one outside the leg stump. he pushes the next past the bowler for a single. Four, as Finch sweeps to fine leg. Four more as Tahir bowls a short long hop, and is pulled yet again by Finch. Good over for Australia.

  • Wicket: Over 5 Aus 44/1 (Finch 17, Watson 1) - Parnell into the attack now. No Ball, short and wide and it's clipped over slips for four. He gets away with a free hit, dot ball. A short one is pulled by Dunk for two runs. Wicket!! as Dunk is caught by Kyle Abbott at mid-on. Shane Watson is the new batsman. He gets off the mark with a gentle push past point.

  • Over 4 Aus 36/0 (Dunk 17, Finch 17) - Duminy into the attack. Dunk takes an easy single. Duminy bowls a full Toss and is dispatched by Finch, to deep midwicket. Four more over the bowlers head. A single ends a very ordinary over.

  • Over 3 Aus 27/0 (Dunk 16, Finch 9) - Dunk comes down the wicket, and plays it over the cover ring for three. Wide! Abbott bowls a short long hop to Finch, and is pulled over square leg for four. Four more to Finch.He follows it up with a single. One to Dunk down to third man ends the over.

  • Over 2 Aus 13/0 (Dunk 12, Finch 0) - Kagiso Rabada starts from the other end. Back to back boundaries for Dunk. One past point which was short and wide, the other past the bowler. He glides one to third man for a single. Wide, as he strays down leg. He ends with a bouncer to Finch.

  • Over 1 Aus 3/0 (Dunk 3, Finch 0) - Kyle Abbott starts to Ben Dunk. He starts with a line mainly outside the off stump. Dunk gets off the mark with three into the covers. Good start from Abbott.

  • End Of Innings: SA 101/7 - A really good bowling performance by Australia as they choked the Proteas here. SA will have to bowl really well to save this one at the G.

  • 100: Over 20 SA 101/7 (Parnell 2, Abbott 2 ) - Cummins bowls the last over. A single to Abbott off an inside edge. Parnell gets a bouncer first up. He follows it up with another. Parnell gets a single to extra cover. They take a quick single to bring up the 100. A single ends a rather mediocre performance by the Proteas.

  • Wicket: Over 19 SA 97/7 (Parnell 0, Abbott 0 ) - Faulkner continues. Two to each of the batsman and then Wicket!! The captain goes, caught by Finch at long-off. SA not good enough here at the death.

  • Wicket: Over 18 SA 93/6 ( Duminy 45, Parnell 0 ) - Cummins continues with his shortish line . Two singles to start. Wicket!! McLaren swings and skies to to thirdman, where Faulkner takes a good catch. A single off the last over as Duminy retains the strike. Two overs to go here. South Africa needs boundaries here and quickly!!

  • Wicket: Over 17 SA 90/5 ( Duminy 43 ) - Faulkner back into the attack. Duminy gets one to deep midwicket. Miller adds one to fine leg. Six! as Duminy says, enough is enough. He swings one over deep square leg. Another to long-on. Miller gets four as he plays it up to backward point. Wicket!! as Miller is caught by Cummins on the leg side.

  • Over 16 SA 77/4 ( Duminy 35, Miller 6 ) - Sean Abbott returns. He strays down leg and gets an edge. It drops short of the keeper. Nicely played by Duminy for four to third man. One more to third man. Australia grinding South Africa here.

  • Over 15 SA 71/4 ( Duminy 30, Miller 5) - Miller starts the new over with a single square of the wicket. Duminy flicks one to the leg side and good running earns them 2 runs. Two more for Duminy over extra cover. Boyce ends a good spell with 2/15.

  • Over 14 SA 66/4 ( Duminy 26, Miller 4) - Spin from both ends as Maxwell returns. Miller reverse sweeps and gets a single to third man. Duminy drives for one to long-on. One more to Miller. Only three from it.

  • Wicket: Over 13 SA 63/4 ( Duminy 25, Miller 2) - Wicket as Boyce strikes again. Behardien is stumped and it's a repeat of the Hendricks dismissal. It's Miller time! Miller gets off the mark with a single. They add two more. Good over Boyce!!

  • Wicket: Over 13 SA 60/4 ( Duminy 25, Miller 2) - Wicket as Boyce strikes again. Behardien is stumped and it's a repeat of the Hendricks dismissal. It's Miller time! Miller gets off the mark with a single. They add two more. Good over Boyce!!

  • Over 12 SA 59/3 ( Duminy 23, Behardien 5) - Bollinger is back now to Duminy. A couple to start as it's pulled to square leg. He is beginning to get bounce here . Three more singles added in the over.

  • Over 11 SA 51/3 ( Duminy 19, Behardien 4) - Boyce continues to apply the pressure here. His mixing his deliveries up nicely. Only three singles off the over.

  • 50: Over 10 SA 51/3 ( Duminy 17, Behardien 3) - Cummins continues. Good rotation of the swtrike as they take singles off the first four balls. Fifty up for SA in the tenth over. Not very good. Australia is on top here.

  • Wicket: Over 9 SA 47/3 ( Duminy 15, Behardien 1) - Cameron Boyce into the attack. Two singles to start. Wicket!! Reeza is stumped as he chases one outside the off stump. Behardien walks in. They take a quick single as a run out chance goes begging. He was miles out. Good over.

  • Over 8 SA 44/2 (Hendricks 17, Duminy 14) - Pat Cummins replaces Bollinger. He starts with a good maiden.

  • Over 7 SA 44/2 (Hendricks 17, Duminy 14) - Australia introduces spin as Maxwell comes into the attack. Four to third man as Hendricks gets away with an inside edge past the keeper. They get two single and then takes a couple off the last ball. That last one could have been a run out too. Tight!!

  • Over 6 SA 36/2 (Hendricks 10, Duminy 13) - Doug Bollinger switches ends. Hendricks pulls a shorter ball for a single, as it drops just short of the fielder at deep square leg. A delicate shot past the bowler off the last ball, earns JP four more runs.

  • Over 5 SA 29/2 (Hendricks 8, Duminy 8) - Sean Abbott comes into the attack. Short and wide as JP takes four. He gets another single to square leg. Four, as Hendricks pushes one to the deep midwicket boundary. A single ends the over.

  • Over 4 SA 19/2 (Hendricks 3, Duminy 3) - Faulkner gets Duminy to outside edge, and it drops just short of the slips. Duminy gets a quick single as a result. Reeza steals a quick dangerous single. A direct-hit could have meant a run out. Duminy adds one more. Good over by Faulkner.

  • Over 3 SA 16/2 (Hendricks 2, Duminy 1) - Bollinger continues. Another single to Reeza Hendricks, down to fine leg. A good over from Bollinger as Duminy gets off the mark with an edge to backward point.

  • Wicket: Over 2 SA 14/2 (Hendricks 1, Duminy 0) - James Faulkner opens from the other end. Reeza gets his first runs in T20 cricket to fine leg. Four to Rossouw over deep midwicket. Wicket!! as Rilee is beaten by a slower ball down leg. He tries to connect and gets an edge, as Faulkner takes an easy catch off his own bowling.

  • Cloudy: Over 1 SA 9/1 (Hendricks 0, Rossouw 8) - Doug Bollinger opens the bowling to Quinton de Kock. A wide down the leg side to start. Wicket!! as de Kock is beaten for bounce, gets and edge and is taken by Ben Dunk behind the stumps. Rilee Rossouw is the new batsman. Rossouw hooks and misses a shorter one. Four to Rossouw past point. That was in the air and just went past the fielder. Four more straight down the ground.

  • Australia Team news - Sean Abbott replaces Kane Richardson and Glenn Maxwell is in place of Ben Cutting. Their team: Ben Dunk, Aaron Finch(c), Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, Cameron White, Nathan Reardon, James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Sean Abbott, Cameron Boyce, Doug Bollinger

  • Australia team news - Sean Abbott replaces Kane Richardson and Glenn Maxwell in place of Ben Cutting. Their team: Ben Dunk, Aaron Finch(c), Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, Cameron White, Nathan Reardon, James Faulkner, Pat Cummins, Sean Abbott, Cameron Boyce, Doug Bollinger

  • SA Team news - South Africa is unchanged: Reeza Hendricks, Quinton de Kock, Rilee Rossouw, Jean-Paul Duminy(c), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Ryan McLaren, Wayne Parnell, Kyle Abbott, Imran Tahir, Kagiso Rabada

  • Team news - South Africa is unchanged: Reeza Hendricks, Quinton de Kock, Rilee Rossouw, Jean-Paul Duminy(c), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Ryan McLaren, Wayne Parnell, Kyle Abbott, Imran Tahir, Kagiso Rabada

  • Toss: South Africa have won the toss - South Africa have won the toss and will bat first.

  • Greetings - Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the second Twenty20 International - in the three-match series, which the tourists lead one-nil - between Australia and South Africa at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Match Info
  • 102/3
    - TBC
    South Africa won the toss and elected to bat
    Simon Fry, Mick Martell
    John Ward
    Javagal Srinath
  • Batting
    • R
    • B
    • 4s
    • 6s
    Quinton de Kock
    c Dunk b Bollinger
    Reeza Hendricks
    st Dunk b Boyce
    Rilee Rossouw
    c and b Faulkner
    Jean-Paul Duminy
    c Finch b Faulkner
    Farhaan Behardien
    st Dunk b Boyce
    David Miller
    c Cummins b Faulkner
    Ryan McLaren
    c Faulkner b Cummins
    Wayne Parnell
    not out
    Kyle Abbott
    not out
    • 0
    • 2
    • 0
    • 0
    • 18
    • 22
    • 2
    • 0
    • 12
    • 8
    • 3
    • 0
    • 49
    • 51
    • 3
    • 1
    • 5
    • 10
    • 0
    • 0
    • 11
    • 15
    • 1
    • 0
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 0
    • 2
    • 6
    • 0
    • 0
    • 2
    • 2
    • 0
    • 0
    (w 1)
    (7 wickets; 20 overs)
  • Bowling
    • O
    • M
    • R
    • W
    Doug Bollinger
    James Faulkner
    Sean Abbott
    Glenn Maxwell
    Pat Cummins
    Cameron Boyce
    • 4
    • 0
    • 23
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 25
    • 3
    • 2
    • 0
    • 16
    • 0
    • 2
    • 0
    • 11
    • 0
    • 4
    • 1
    • 11
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 15
    • 2
  • Fall of Wickets
    • 1/1 - de Kock (0.2 ov)
    • 14/2 - Rossouw (1.6 ov)
    • 46/3 - Hendricks (8.4 ov)
    • 60/4 - Behardien (12.2 ov)
    • 90/5 - Miller (16.6 ov)
    • 92/6 - McLaren (17.5 ov)
    • 97/7 - Duminy (18.4 ov)

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