South Africa
West Indies won by 4 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
West Indies
Match played at Newlands, Cape Town, on 9 Jan 2015

As it happpened: SA v Windies - 1st T20

2015-01-09 14:45
Last Updated at 15:22
09 Jan 21:30
Thanks for joining Sport24 this evening.  Be sure to join us again on Sunday for the second T20 International, South Africa v West Indies at the Wanderers.
09 Jan 21:27


No suprise... Chris Gayle.

09 Jan 21:22


Although the West Indies only struck the winning runs in the final over and with 6 wickets down, in reality they had destroyed South Africa after a Chris Gayle onslaught in the first six overs.

09 Jan 21:17


West Indies 168/6 after 19.2 overs

Gayle 77 (31)

Samuels 41 (32)

Tahir 3/28 in 4 overs

Parnell 2/39 in 4 overs

Wiese 1/20 in 2.2 overs

09 Jan 21:14

FOUR!  Pollard has ended it by pulling Wiese through midwicket for a boundary.  

09 Jan 21:13
Darren Sammy, the captain is the new man in for the West Indies.
09 Jan 21:12

WICKET!  Another top edge down to fine leg as Wiese drops it in short to Ramdin.  The catch was taken by Abbott.

D Ramdin c Abbott b Wiese 2 (7m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40.00

09 Jan 21:11

West Indies 164/5 after 19 overs

Run-rate: 8.63

Required Run-rate: 2.00

Wiese will bowl the last over of the match.

09 Jan 21:10
2 runs now needed the West Indies.
09 Jan 21:06

West Indies 161/5 after 18 overs

Run-rate: 8.94

Required Run-rate: 2.50

09 Jan 21:05
WICKET!  A steepler..... and Abbot takes the catch.  It was a short ball from Parnell and Russel only managed to hit it high in the air to fine leg.
09 Jan 21:02
6 needed off 15 balls needed by the West Indies...
09 Jan 21:02
FOUR!  Parnell back into the attack, he drags it down, Russell pulls it past mid on for a boundary.
09 Jan 21:01

West Indies 155/4 after 17 overs

Run-rate: 9.11

Required Run-rate: 3.66

Tahir 3/28 after 4 overs. 

09 Jan 21:00
Andre Russel is the new man in.  12 needed off 28 deliveries.
09 Jan 20:59

WICKET!  Tahir strikes again.  Samuels comes down the wicket to him, he manages to just bat/pads it to cover.

MN Samuels c Rossouw b Imran Tahir 41 (32b 5x4 1x6) SR: 128.12

09 Jan 20:56

West Indies 153/3 after 16 overs

Run-rate: 9.56

Required Run-rate: 3.25

09 Jan 20:56
FOUR!  A bottom edge from Samuels runs down the vacant fine leg area for a boundary.
09 Jan 20:52

WICKET!  Parnell has a wicket!  Bravo tries to play him on the onside, gets a leading edge and is caught at midwicket.

DJ Bravo c Hendricks b Parnell 8 (20m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 61.53

09 Jan 20:50

West Indies 147/2 after 15 overs

Run-rate: 9.80

Required Run-rate: 3.80

09 Jan 20:50
FOUR! Cut away past point for another boundary...  
09 Jan 20:49
DROPPED!  This time Samuels hits it up in the air, Tahir in from fine leg hesitates and doesn't take it.  He should have held that.
09 Jan 20:48
SIX!  Abbott is dispatched over midwicket for maximum.  He dropped it short and Samuels was waiting.
09 Jan 20:45

West Indies 132/2 after 14 overs

Run-rate: 9.42

Run-rate required: 5.66

09 Jan 20:44
FOUR! Wiese back into the attack, but he bowls to short and is paddled round to fine leg by Samuels for a boundary.
09 Jan 20:42

West Indies 125/2 after 13 overs

Run-rate: 9.61

Required Run-rate: 5.85

41 needed of 42

09 Jan 20:39
FOUR!  Behadien into the attack, Samuels opens the face and runs the ball past the wicket-keeper to the third man boundary.
09 Jan 20:38

Good slower ball by Rabada leads to a spectator catch.  That was 113 km/h.  

West Indies 117/2 after 12 overs

Run-rate: 9.75

Required Run-rate: 6.12

Rabada 0/38 in 4 overs. 

09 Jan 20:33

West Indies 115/2 after 11 overs

Run-rate: 10.45

Required Run-rate: 5.66

Tahir 2/26 in 3 overs. 

09 Jan 20:32
Dwane Bravo is the new batsman.
09 Jan 20:31

WICKET!  Gayle is gone... but what an innings.  He tries to reverse sweep Tahir but only can get a touch behind where Van Wyk takes a good catch.  It actually deflected up off his glove.

CH Gayle c †van Wyk b Imran Tahir 77 (31b 5x4 8x6) SR: 248.38

09 Jan 20:30
SIX! This time he sweeps Tahir for maximum.  
09 Jan 20:29
SIX! Gayle goes long again, high in the air, but it sails far enough and clears Miller at long off.
09 Jan 20:28


West Indies 102/1 after 10 overs

Run-rate: 10.20

Required Run-rate: 6.40

Gayle 65* (26)

Samuels 11* (14)

09 Jan 20:27
FOUR!  Short and wide from Rabada and Samuels cuts him over point for a boundary.
09 Jan 20:25
Gayle having a friendly chat with Rababa, team mates at the Lions earlier this year.
09 Jan 20:24
Rabada back into the attack.
09 Jan 20:24

West Indies 95/1 after 9 overs

Run-rate: 10.55

Required Run-rate: 6.45

09 Jan 20:23
SIX! Gayle has seen enough of Tahir and goes long down the ground, over long off for maximum!
09 Jan 20:21
Dot ball by Tahir to Gayle... as rare as hen's teeth!
09 Jan 20:20

Better over by Parnell with four coming off it.

West Indies 85/1 after 8 overs

Run-rate: 10.62

Required Run-rate: 6.75

09 Jan 20:15

Great over by Tahir!  Only 3 off it.

West indies 81/1 after 7 overs

Run-rate: 11.57

Required Run-rate: 6.53

09 Jan 20:13
Marlon Samuels is the new man in.
09 Jan 20:12
WICKET! Some respite for South Africa as Tahir, fresh into attack gets Smith LBW as he tries to reverse sweep.
09 Jan 20:12

West Indies 78/0 after 6 overs.

Run-rate: 13.00

Require run-rate: 6.28

  • End Of Match - A bit of a stutter at the end but seemed quite comfortable at the end, thanks to a whirlwind innings from Gayle and was well supported by Samuels. Tahir was the star performer with the ball for South Africa. All in all, an entertaining game. Join us on Sunday for the 2nd t20. Cheers.

  • 20

    Wiese to bowl the final over. WICKET! Strikes first ball! It was short and Ramdin went for the pull but got a top edge instead and Abbott at long-leg takes it once again. Ramdin goes for 2 off 5 balls. Samy walks in but Pollard is facing as the batsmen had crossed. Pollard smacks the second ball to the midwicket rope for 4 to finish the game!

  • 19

    Abbott to bowl his final over. He just concedes 3 singles. Good over. Just 2 needed off the final over.

  • 18

    Parnell to bowl his final over. Starts with a dot ball. Russell hammers the next ball past mid-on for 4! A single, dot ball and single follow. WICKET! Short ball and Russell goes for the pull. He gets height but not distance and its taken by Abbott at long-leg. He goes for 6 off 6 balls.

  • 17

    Tahir to bowl out. Starts with a dot ball, followed by a single and another dot ball. WICKET! Goes down the wicket and it comes off the bat onto the pad, which has looped up to Russouw at point. He goes for 41. Ends with a single and a dot ball.

  • 16

    Parnell is back. WICKET! First ball back and he strikes! Gets the edge from Bravo and midwicket pouches it! Bravo goes for 8 off 13 balls. There are 2 dots and 2 singles that follow. Last ball is short and there's a thick edge that goes to the fine leg fence.

  • 15

    Abbott comes back. Concedes 3 singles off the first 3 balls. Next ball is short and pulled over midwicket for 6 by Samuels! 2 runs off the next ball. Lat ball is driled wide of cover for 4!

  • 14

    Wiese is back. Starts with a dot ball, a single and a dot ball. Fourth ball is shorter and guided deep backward square for 4! 2 singles follow to end the over.

  • 13

    Behardien into the attack and the first ball,Samuels gets an outside edge and the ball goes to the third man boundary. A dot ball and a single follow. 3 singles follow.

  • 12

    Rabada to bowl his final over. Single off the first ball. Dot ball follows. Single off the third ball. 3 dot balls follow.

  • 11

    Tahir into his third over. Starts with a dot ball. Second ball is smashed straight down the ground for 6! Miller had a chance to catch it but it was just over the boundary. Next ball is slog swept flat over midwicket for another 6! A dot ball follows. WICKET! This delivery is leg-sidish and it takes his glove and van Wyk takes the catch. Gayle goes for an astinishing innings of 77 off just 31 balls with 5 boundaries and 8 sixes. Bravo comes in and gets a single off the last ball of the over.

  • 10

    Rabada is back. Starts with a dot ball and a single. Samuels gets a single off the next ball. Gayle gets another single. Fifth ball is carved over point by Smith for 4! 100 for West Indies comes up. Dot ball to end the over.

  • 9

    Tahir continues and there's a single off the first ball. A dot ball and a single follow. Single off the fourth ball. Next ball is smashed flat over long-off for 6! Single off the last ball.

  • - Wlcome back. We are about to get started with Kyle Abbott.

  • Greetings - Welcome to the first t20 between South Africa and West Indies. SA have won the toss and decided to bat first.

  • 8

    Parnell continues and concedes 3 singles. 2 dot balls follow. Last ball is guided to third man by Samuels for a single.

  • 7

    Tahir into the attack and strikes first ball! WICKET! Smith tries to reverse-sweep a ball on off-stump! He goes for 20 off 20. Smith is unlucky as it seems it came off the glove onto the pads. Samuels walks in. A dot ball and a wide follows. 2 runs off the next ball, follwed by 3 dot balls.

  • 6

    Parnell into the attack and Smith gets an inside edge off the first ball and runs fine for 4! Single off the next ball. Third ball is pulled over mid-on for 4! Next ball is a length ball and it is whacked straight for 6! This is brutal stuff! Fifth ball is pulled behind square for 4! Last ball is driven over point for 4! Gayle gets to 50 off 17 balls! Five 4's and five sixes! Fastest fifty ever by a West Indian.

  • 5

    David Wiese into the attack. Starts with a dot ball. Next ball is blasted past mid-off for 4 by Smith! 50 up for West Indies! Dot ball follows. Next ball is short and smashed over midwicket for 4! Ends the over with a single.

  • 4

    Rabada continues and starts with a dot ball. Leg-bye off the second ball. Thick outside edge flies past backward point for 4! Next ball is blasted over long-off for a maximum. Gayle is on fire! Fifth ball is smashed past mid-on for 4! 2 off the final ball.

  • 3

    Abbott continues and cncedes 2 off the first ball. 2 dot balls follow. A single off the fourth ball. WHOA! Gayle lays into this and it flies over long-off for a maximum! A dot ball ends the over.

  • 2

    Rabada to open at the other end. Concedes a single first up. 2 dot balls follow. 4 byes as a bumper goes through everyone and ends up at the boundary. Fifth ball is murdered over long-leg for 6 by Gayle! Next ball is even better! Gayle really got stuck into this as it is smashed over midwicket for another 6!

  • 1

    Abbott concedes a single first up. Followed by another single off the second ball. A dot ball and a single follow. Ends with 2 dot balls.

  • Innings Break - Good total put up by the South Africans. Some drop catches didn't help the windies but its pretty even now. Next up we have the experienced windies batting vs the inexperienced SA attack. Join us in 5 min for the second innings.

  • 20

    Cottrell to bow the final over. First ball is a high full toss but not called a no ball. Russouw gets a single anyway and goes to 50! It has come off 39 balls. Two singles and a 2 follow. A dot ball and 2 end the over!

  • 19

    Russell to bowl the pen-ultimate over. Starts with a dot ball. 2 singles follow. 150 comes up! Fourth ball is a beautiful slower ball and beats Behardien all ends up. 2 off the fifth ball. Last ball is smashed over deep extra cover all the way for 6 by Behardien!

  • 18

    Bravo comes back for his third over. Starts with 2 singles and a 2. Another single follows. Fifth ball is drilled down the ground for 4! 2 off the ast ball.

  • 17

    Cottrell starts with a wide. Single off the next ball. WICKET! Full length and Miller tries to hit it over extra-cover but finds Bravo on the boundary. He goes for 24 off 21 balls. Behardien walks in. Next delivery is a yorker and the batsman gets a bottom edge on it and it goes past the keeper for 4! They take 2 off the fourth ball, followed by a dot ball. Last ball is spanked wide of long-on for 4!

  • 16

    Russell bowling his third over. Starts with a dot ball. Two conceded off the second ball. Two singles follow. Two singles end the over.

  • 15

    Sammy continues and concedes 2 off the first ball. Next ball is short and Miller hits it over deep midwicket for 4! There's a dot ball, a single and a dot ball. Two runs off the last ball.

  • 14

    Bravo continues and first ball is played through the covers for 4 by Russouw! 4 more singles and a 2 off the rest of the over.

  • 13

    Sammy into the attack. Single off the first ball. 3 more singles and 2 off the fifth and sixth balls. South African 100 comes up.

  • 12

    Bravo into the attack. Single off the first ball and a dot ball follows. Two runs off the third ball. A single off the fourth ball. Over ends with a single and a dot ball.

  • 11

    Nurse continues and starts with a dot ball. Second ball is a single, followed by a leg-bye the next ball. Fourth ball Russouw goes down to reverse-sweep the ball but it takes a fine edge and goes between the keepers legs for 4! Two singles complete the over!

  • 10

    Russell is back. 2 off the first ball. Next ball is a wide, followed by a single. Next ball is driven down the ground and goes through Holder's hand and it goes for 6! Next ball is pulled wide of midwicket for 4! WICKET! Faf gets a leading edge to a full toss and goes straight up and is taken by Sammy at mid-on. He goes for 38 off 20 balls. Miller walks in and the over ends with a dot ball.

  • 9

    Nurse into his second over. Starts with a dot ball, followed by a single. Next ball is lifted down the ground for 4! Next ball is short and Faf pulls it over midwicket for 6! Over ends with 2 singles.

  • 8

    Hlder bowling his final over. Single off the first ball. Next ball is hit by Faf over mid-on for 4! Third ball is a dot ball. Fourth ball is short and Faf pulls this wide of long-on for another 4! Fifth ball is another dot ball. Last ball is full and driven past mid-off for 4! 50 up for South Africa!

  • 7

    Ashley Nurse comes on. Starts with 2 dot balls, followed by 2 singles. Over ends with 2 more singles.

  • 6

    Holder is back. WICKET! Strikes first ball. van Wyk tries to guide the ball to third man but gets a thick outside edge and is taken by Gayle! van Wyk goes for 17 off 15 balls. Rossouw walks in. Two dot balls follow. Single off the fourth ball. Over ends with a single and a dot ball. West Indies coming back well.

  • 5

    Cottrell back in and Hendricks gets a thick bottom edge over the keeper for 4! WICKET! Full and hits him on the pads and is given! West Indies strike and Cottrell celebrates with his customary salute! Hendricks goes for 12 off 12 balls. Faf walks in and faces a dot ball. Next ball is a wide. Two runs off the fourth ball, followed by a dot ball.

  • 4

    Holder continues and starts with 2 dot balls. Leg bye off the third ball. Single off the fourth ball. Two more singles to end the over.

  • 3

    Andre Russell comes on. Starts with a dot ball. Second ball is pulled backward of square fr 4 by van Wyk! Single off the next ball, and 3 off the fourth ball. Fifth ball is short and wide and van Wyk cuts well over cover for 4! Single off the last ball.

  • 2

    Jason Holder opens at the other end. Starts with a dot ball, followed by 2 off the next ball. Ends the over with 4 dot balls.

  • 1

    Cottrell to start us off. Starts with a single and followed by a dot ball. Third ball is smashed over deep backward square leg for 6 by van Wyk! Ends the over with three dot balls.

  • South Africa - MN van Wyk(wk), RR Hendricks, RR Rossouw, F du Plessis(c), DA Miller, F Behardien, D Wiese, WD Parnell, KJ Abbott, K Rabada, Imran Tahir

  • West Indies - CH Gayle, DR Smith, MN Samuels, DJ Bravo, KA Pollard, D Ramdin(wk), DJG Sammy(c), AD Russell, JO Holder, AR Nurse, SS Cottrell

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Match Info
  • 165/4
    - TBC
    South Africa won the toss and elected to bat
    Johan Cloete, Shaun George
    Adrian Holdstock
    Ranjan Madugalle
  • Batting
    • R
    • B
    • 4s
    • 6s
    Reeza Hendricks
    lbw Cottrell
    Morne van Wyk
    c Gayle b Holder
    Faf du Plessis
    c Sammy b Russell
    Rilee Rossouw
    not out
    David Miller
    c Bravo b Cottrell
    Farhaan Behardien
    not out
    • 12
    • 12
    • 1
    • 0
    • 17
    • 15
    • 2
    • 1
    • 38
    • 20
    • 5
    • 2
    • 51
    • 40
    • 5
    • 0
    • 24
    • 21
    • 1
    • 0
    • 18
    • 12
    • 0
    • 1
    (lb 2, w 3)
    (4 wickets; 20 overs)
  • Bowling
    • O
    • M
    • R
    • W
    Sheldon Cottrell
    Jason Holder
    Andre Russell
    Ashley Nurse
    Dwayne Bravo
    Darren Sammy
    • 4
    • 0
    • 33
    • 2
    • 4
    • 0
    • 20
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 43
    • 1
    • 3
    • 0
    • 24
    • 0
    • 3
    • 0
    • 26
    • 0
    • 2
    • 0
    • 17
    • 0
  • Fall of Wickets
    • 30/1 - Hendricks (4.2 ov)
    • 33/2 - van Wyk (5.1 ov)
    • 79/3 - du Plessis (9.5 ov)
    • 127/4 - Miller (16.2 ov)

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