Proteas seek next black pearl

2009-12-22 07:23

Centurion - South African cricket's celebration of Makhaya Ntini's 100th Test was tinged with concern about the shortage of obvious successors to take over as a black African standard bearer in the sport.

Gerald Majola, chief executive of Cricket South Africa, said unearthing and nurturing black African talent was a top priority, but what happens when Ntini is no longer a part of the side?

The fast bowler, at 32, is showing signs of diminishing pace and prowess and his landmark Test against England, which ended in a draw on Sunday, brought him only two wickets at a cost of 119 runs.

"Black Africans are the majority in South Africa so it is very important that they are represented in our national team," said Majola.

"There are a lot of youngsters coming through and we have put systems in place to identify and fast-track them."

Although there is always likely to be pressure, particularly from politicians, Majola said black Africans would not be rushed into the national side just to ensure representivity.

"We will never put any player in the national team unless they are ready," he said.

Ntini made his Test debut in 1997/98 and has been a regular member of the side since 2000, but he remains the only black African to hold down a regular place.

Fellow fast bowler Mfuneko Ngam played in three Tests in 2000/01 and looked the genuine article, a bowler of genuine pace with an action remarkably similar to that of the great Allan Donald.

But his career was cut short by a succession of injuries.

Although Ngam is no longer playing, he was recently appointed as head of a cricket academy based at Fort Hare University in the rural Eastern Cape, an area which has a strong cricket tradition.

Thami Tsolekile, a wicketkeeper, played in three Tests in 2004/05 but subsequently lost form, although this season he has performed well for the Gauteng Lions franchise.

Monde Zondeki, another fast bowler, played in six Tests spread over more than five years, the most recent last season. He too has suffered injury setbacks and on his current form for the Cape Cobras franchise is not a contender for another cap.

Four other black Africans - fast bowler Victor Mpitsang, off-spinner Thandi Tshabalala, batsman Lungile "Loots" Bosman and left-arm fast bowler Lonwabo Tsotsobe - have played in one-day internationals.

The most obvious successor to Ntini is the tall Tsotsobe, 25.

He toured Australia with the South African team last summer and took four for 50 on his one-day international debut in the final match in Perth.

He was a member of the squad for the home Tests against Australia but had to have knee surgery which put him out of action for the rest of the season.

In contrast to the situation early in Ntini's career when he was almost alone as a black African at top provincial level, 13 Africans have played in franchise cricket during the current season

Anton Ferreira, a former South African one-day player during the rebel tour era when South Africa were excluded from official international cricket because of apartheid, is excited about the amount of indigenous talent coming through.

Ferreira, in charge of the national cricket academy and a selector at Under-19 level, says old stereotypes no longer apply.

"A few years ago most of the talented black players were fast bowlers but now we are seeing batsmen, slow bowlers and wicketkeepers as well."

One player Ferreira believes could be playing international cricket within the next few years is Mangaliso Mosehle, a wicketkeeper and talented batsman who starred for the South African under-19 team against their English counterparts last season.

Some of the best African talent has been nurtured through bursaries at traditional cricket-playing schools.

Omphile Ramela, 21, was born in Soweto but educated at the private St John's College in Johannesburg and is currently studying at Stellenbosch University.

He captains the university team and also leads the Boland amateur side. He made his debut for the Cape Cobras against the Lions last month and made 87.

Majola said he expected even more talented Africans to emerge through the schools system, the Fort Hare academy, the national academy headed by Ferreira and a high performance programme and emerging players squad under the guidance of former South African fast bowler Corrie van Zyl.

"There is no such thing as the next Ntini. He is special," said Majola.

"But every young player coming through can learn from Makhaya. It doesn't come easy but he has shown that you can succeed if you are prepared to work hard.

"In the next few years I am confident there will be several black Africans in the national side."


  • Sir Thabo - 2009-12-22 08:05

    Yet again I will question Mr Majola. Why only now you want the next black pearl ? Makhaya has been at the helm for over 13 years. What happened to our succession plans. Have we earmarked our next coach to be black or maybe our convener of selectors to be black. Without black players been given a fair chance we might never see another “Makhaya Ntini”. We honestly need to have a look at the countries demographics and ask our selves one pivotal question “Is our team is truly representative of our young democracy”. I may be the prophet of doom but unless something drastic happens, I do not see any other ethnic black south Africans being part of CSA plans in the near future. I am deeply saddened by this, and please toe CSA do not come with the excuse of development, I have been part of that and honestly it’s not there to help young black south African it is just a front.

  • Balas - 2009-12-22 08:05

    Why can't we just look for good South African bowlers/batsmen to compete against the best.

  • Craig - 2009-12-22 08:09

    ...and we STILL have to push the race issue here. We have enough players of colour coming through, based on SKILL and not the colour of their skin!!!!! Let them develop. If you guys are looking for the next Black Pearl, what message are you sending to Parnell and Tsotsobe by dropping them for someone who hasn't really been part of the setup??? Get your minds right you fools, and get off the race card once-and-for-all! My kids will 1 day be hearing about the race issue as well if we don't, and they'll probably also pay! Idiots!

  • Trevor - 2009-12-22 08:16

    Typical, instead of selecting based on merit, we're going to select based on race. I think affirmative action has shown us how well that works.

  • Swift - 2009-12-22 08:20

    Tell me is it a crime for white kids to be tallented at sport these days,looking at what these sporting bosses are saying these days it seems so.

  • Jakes - 2009-12-22 08:23

    Ntini is special, I liked him. I did not really care that he is black, for me, he is a South African, first and foremost, and he is also a very good cricket player. He enjoys taking a wicket as much as any other bowler. Can't we now forget the black, coloured, white, whatever and move forward as a country? If a player is the best, then he must be in the team, regardless. Let us support our own athletes, and send back the Nigerians, Mozambiquans, Zimbabweans, and whatever.Makhaya, all the best for the future.

  • Brett Pretorius - 2009-12-22 08:23

    @ Sir Thabo: Yeah, I agree that development in cricket could be stronger, especially in "black" areas...The question I have for you is this, what are YOU doing to improve the situation? Are you coaching? Are you contributing in any way apart from your lip service? You can't point the finger at CSA exclusively. We are ALL responsible for the development of our communities, sport or otherwise. Do you ask if other teams in the world are representative of their countries Thabo? Me, I just ask if the team is representative of the TALENT in our country. Get the chip off your shoulder, get your butt off your chair and DO something about it. Just as there are many players of colour who deserve their places in our provincial/national rugby teams, so there will be many players of colour coming through the cricketing structures....if only some people would be inspired enough to help provide them with a platform.

  • Hawksnr - 2009-12-22 08:36

    Forget about the "Black Pearl" and choose players that are there for 100% cricket. Also make the right player selections. See what happened because you felt like..........."ag shame, it's his 100 game, lets play him he might get a wicket in the last over and it will mean so much to him....." or that kind of mentality.. To me it does'nt matter who plays..............but please select them all because they can play the game. The longer you make it a "Race" (what a kak word) issue, the longer ALL our sport will suffer.

  • Cricket SA at sit thabo - 2009-12-22 08:40

    from the sound of your comment it appears as if you are implying that because there are more blacks in the country there should be more blacks in the south african cricket team??? so let me get this right you are saying 100% that as long as there are 7 blacks in the team and 3 whites then you are happy? would you still be happy with this team if they slipped to number 20 in the world rankings???would you still feel good knowing that there are 5 white players out there better than 5 of your 7 black players....right now i can say wihout a doubt there are no other fit black players who should be in the squad and honestly neither should ntini be in the squad but luckily for you i believe parnell will be able to replace ntini pretty well.

  • ahmed - 2009-12-22 08:40

    kwa zulu natal has some speedy talent, maybe its time the selectors looked deeper within the a and b side of the dolphins intead of just b rushing through popular names

  • fuzzy - 2009-12-22 08:42

    @ Sir Thabo - If you read the articel you will see it metnions names of black players on the way up. most cricket lovers dont give a continental about the race of a player as long as he performs. to throw a 'promising but under prepared youngster in at the deep end would probaly ruin his career. Let time take its course and we will see many more ethnic black players i am sure. A lot can also be said for affirmative action creating a feeling of entitlement which is then followed by dissapointment and disillusion.

  • Ursa - 2009-12-22 08:45

    Check out Siya Simetu - spinner and middle/lower order batsman just finishing at Bishops this year. Player of the tournament at the interprovincial cricket week, took something like 20 wickets and hit 40 not out twice - once to save a match and once to win a match. And here's the rub - the guy can't get a scholarship to go to Fort Hare (of all places) - he probably had one for Bishops - we like to buy our talent! He should be going to one of the big universities where he would get the kind of development support and coaching a young spinner needs. Maybe CSA can have a look at their development pipeline - if they can't spot the likes of this guy (playing at one of the most prominent schools in the country) what hope for the guys playing in the sticks? I certainly hope CSA has him in their system.

  • Fanatic - 2009-12-22 08:47

    What a load of rubbish!! We have had 3 star-bowlers since 1992: AD, Polly and Makkie (and currently Steyntjie is bussy emulating these 3 greats!!) Why can CSA not spend their resources in rather trying to find another bowler of this quality than spending their time in trying to find Ntini nr.2?? What a tragedy it would be if CSA, in trying to find the next Black Pearl, miss out on the next White Lightning...

  • Pule - 2009-12-22 09:03

    @Thabo, the national team is the best the country can offer. If it is all white so what. Development needs to be dealt with seperately and not at national team level.

  • Sir Thabo - 2009-12-22 09:12

    @Brett I am doing something. I am in the process of setting up a cricket academy. But this will take time. You have CSA and other established organizations claming that they are doing cricket development and they not. Makhaya is the perfect foil to have done so in the past couple of years. These are the people with the money and the sponsors, and they have backing from corporate South Africa. Cricket development has been part of RSA since 1996 or so and who has it benefited. As a black young cricketer you have to enroll in a high profile private school to succeed in cricket. Where did Makhaya go to school and other black cricketers. Race and prejudice has divided our sports and the corporate world and that is a fact. Kallis, AB, Morne did not all have good starts to their international careers why are they still there because they are white and they have the backing of a white coach, white captain and a white selector. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Banana - 2009-12-22 09:17

    What an insult to all those young white, indian and coloured cricketers wanting to play for The Proteas....Is it any wonder why we have expats making up half of England's team?

  • Leo - 2009-12-22 09:30

    I thought we were looking for a good bowler to replace him; not sure why the article presumes he has to be a black man...???

  • sonnyg - 2009-12-22 09:33

    @Sir Thabo, to give a dam if the SA team is made up of Ethic Black, Whites or Coloureds is pathetic. Maybe you should ask yourself have I actually moved into the new SA or am I still stuck in the old regime where we are classified into different groups? Because in the new SA are we not all equal? Is that not what people gave there lives for? Equality and freedom!

  • Mundo - 2009-12-22 09:33

    There are a lot of black pearls in SA but they are not given a chance to prove their worth. Example Lungile Loots Bosman has performed very well in the two T20 and guess what??? Dropped like a hot potato. Why??? To reserve places of the so called better talented players who happens to be white(Kallis).. I agree with Sir Thabo, Mr Majola is the weakest link. In fact him as a ethnic black man said "There aint enough talented black batsmen". What message is that sending to Loots and them??

  • D - 2009-12-22 09:34

    Imagine this title read " Bafana Bafana seek next white pearl", There would be chaos, news 24 would be burnt with tyres. haha, Even the title slams the people with fairer skin. Come on guys, how can racism be demolished if articles like this keep getting published. It is adding fuel to the fire..

  • def NOT AYOBA - 2009-12-22 09:35

    I think you all need a gud holiday break. All your chatter aint gonna make a Brett so mentioned:"Get the chip off your shoulder, get your butt off your chair and DO something about it. ". Let the team be reflective of our TALENT and if your not happi, well then...put up your hand and inspire, motivate and encourage those TALENTED players YOU do know...the rest is up to them. The saying goes..."You can't keep a gud man down...for too long", his light will shine too bright 4 HATERS to continue their ignorance!!

  • Tieho - 2009-12-22 09:37

    Majola you talk rubbish, you do not believe in your own words...sad that we still have black and white cricketers and not just PROTEAS. There are some ridiculously talented cricketers, "white" and "Black" but the next one to get the nod should have earned it, no fuss, Garnet Kruger was the obvious choice to succeed Ntini, on bothe marit and skill and colour-if you want to continue with this race thing in cricket-should Fridel not have played, should there have no Ntini, and Steyn was fit, who is the best thing...simply Fridel-i can name a lot of players "black" who should this succession thing have been genuine and could have natured-not at the expense of "white" kids but for the sake skill upgrading. cut with this race thing, at times its obvioulsy needed others not...we a winning team, keep it that way, Fridel well played my man! And please there is no Black african, lets stop kissing ass, there is blacks (africans) and white south africans if you wish Euro-Africans, there is no white african.

  • Houston - 2009-12-22 10:02

    @Mundo, Loots is a fine player, but he is no Kallis, not as consistant at batting as Kallis and he cannot bowl - so who would you rather have in your team, a good black player or a great white player - clearly your answer is obvious, shame...

  • Tito - 2009-12-22 10:04

    Surely this debate is premature if no obvious replacement has been found. Makhaya just like Boucher, Kallis and Co. needs to be given time to rediscover his wicket taking form at test level and that only happens when he plays like Kallis, Boucher and Co. Tsotsobe has been on the fringes for a while now but has not been selected, why? Friedel De Wet was put in the immediately based on form, but when a black player(Zondeki) was in form all sorts of excuses were given to exclude them from the team until they had no choice, why? The one black bowler who takes wickets is excluded from the test squad, because he happens to be an impressive allrounder too Parnell, are they protecting precious Kallis until he can score 200 in a test? Whites are getting favours because black administrators are too scared and want to be politically correct, whilst worthy black players are seen as Quota players when they are selected for the team. Robin Peterson was never given a decent chance by Smith when he played, yet Vd Merwe got into the team and was given ample of time and overs to entrench himself in the team. Black adminstrators in SA must stop selling out, transformation needs to be legislated or else we will continue to have this conversation 10 years from now.

  • I wonder who employ all of this idiots - 2009-12-22 10:06

    @ Sir Thabo common my brother read the article properly before you comment. Your questions are way of.@ all other idiots that is questioning the CSA strategy in developing black talent, yes they have to invest resources in finding the next lack pearl. It is very important for nation building. thats a diplomatic way of looking at it. But what some of you backwards whites don’t seem to get is that your talented children has a better chance of reaching his full potential because of the development system which has been put in place by the boere government. You definitely did not complain when they spent all that money on developing your white children and gave us the scraps. just take a moment and you’ll realise that your children get to go to the best schools where the best coaches are. from primary school to varsity. now look at non white kids they have to be extremely talented just to get a bursary to attend your privileged white schools. Stop thinking with your head in the sand the sooner we all try and understand the next persons situation the better it will be for everybody.

  • crciket SA - 2009-12-22 10:09

    thabo sir you go on about kallis and ab but why? these two players are the best we have these 2 players are always going to get you runs not to mention AB being our best fielder? kallis just scored 100+ runs would you honestly drop kallis and AB. i tell you what why dont you get you best 10 black cricketers and i'll get my 10 best white cricketers with kallis, AB, smith, steyn, etc and we have a match i can tell you now it will be like playing zimbabwe in a test match hahahahaha TRUTH IS YOU NEED THE WHITE PLAYERS THEY JUST ARE THAT GOOD AND THERE IS NOTHING NO ONE CAN DO ABOUT THAT IF YOU GOOD YOU GOOD YOUNG CHAP

  • Form Gugs - 2009-12-22 10:18

    Would you be suprised if I told you that a lot of township folks support the Bokke more than these clowns? There`s reasons for that, and it`s got nothing to do with race (we are also as sick and tired of this race thing!!) - Inconsistent biased selection (not race based please) is one of them. I could list dozens more incompetencies.

  • Sir Thabo - 2009-12-22 10:26

    Hi all let me paint you a picture of what u may know or may not know. A lot happens behind the scenes of cricket in South Africa. Black players and white players are told different things when they go and play. e.g AB, Morne , Fiedel will be told “go and enjoy yourself have fun bowl as u bowl and bat as you bat we trust in u and you will have a long run to prove yourself”. And the black players will be told “make it count cause it is your last chance”. What I am asking for is all players treated the same despite their color and all be given a fair opportunity and long run. Invest in all races equally so then I will be the happiest south African cricket supporter.

  • EtAL - 2009-12-22 10:26

    Look, you NEED to come to the realization, and make peace with the FACT that WE ARE GOING TO REDRESS the imbalances of the PAST. Please get over yourselves, it is not going to change. And we are tired of trying to explain to you this matter because you clearly don't want to understand. You guys are going to go crazy trying to fight this... We are going to make sure South Africa is represented by the majority of the people that make up South Africa, finish and klaar.

  • CRICKET SA - 2009-12-22 10:59

    thabo jnr sir all i can say is your theory with what happens behind the scenes is k*k man and you reek of clearly dont know what you talking about.I THINK YOU NEED TO ASK YOURSELF WHATS THE PROBLEM WITH BAFANA BAFANA BUD

  • THE GENERAL - 2009-12-22 11:02

    no no no etal, the best of the best will always prevail just like good will always prevail over evil no matter how long it takes. The best players will always get the job and this you need to understand etal you bloody useless rubbish

  • Chris - 2009-12-22 11:05

    Wake up Majola, but I expect nothing sensible coming out of your mouth. Maybe if Ntini was not even picked for the England test, we could have won it.He is the best one dimesional bowler there Wet should have bowled the last over against Eng.Fast and straight, not the nonsense Ntini dished up.

  • D - 2009-12-22 11:20

    @ Etal - Then I am supporting England, Kallis and AB, go there, same with Steyn cause judging from this article, there are too many whites in the team, so you will have to take the hit, You only the best in the world but Im sure we can find a black pearl who can bowl to fill your place. Oh, and good luck for the rest of your career in England

  • Mundo - 2009-12-22 11:42

    @ Houston, Kallis is not great.. He is the most overrated selfish player I have ever seen.. Always playing for himself and his average and not for the team.. I have great respect for great players like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Pointing, The Waugh brothers, Flintoff, Viv Richards etc. Those are great players of the game my friend.. If Kallis was so great then why could he not win a world cup or any major cup competition for SA???? Just goes to show he aint great and will retire having not won jack....

  • Big Cheese - 2009-12-22 11:48

    To all the squealers who want demographics and not talent to count , ask yourself this question . Why after15 years have passed since democracy are there no Blacks waiting in the wings to take over . They have had ALL the opportunities - from Affirmative Action to BEE to quotas to targets to Development programmes - the whole lot . Perhaps , just perhaps , they prefer the good life and bling to hard work , dedication and sacrifices which are required to make it to the top and to compete internationally . There is no place for tokenism - wake up !

  • Blacks - 2009-12-22 12:11

    Majola and his ilk should retire or be fired. They have failed the African players, for over a decade there has been a systematic exclusion of talented African players who are either ignored or given limited runs to prove themselves while white players are given ample chances even when they are clearly off form. Kallis being a prime example, the SA squad has failed on timeless occasions to lift valued cups when our team has been deemed to have frozen, they are clearly not the best we’ve got nor are they the best in the world.

  • Peter - 2009-12-22 12:16

    The problem seems to be that no longer is it satisfactory that players of colour come through amla, prince, duminy all the best in their positions but in fact that they now need to be black african players... Unfortunately there isn't anyone granted players like Zondeki and Tshabalala are great provincial players but it has to be questioned whether they have what it takes to step up where your margins for error are so much smaller... Majola goes on to say that black players will be identified and fast tracked there is the main problem in south african sport in stead of putting the correct structures in places 15years ago to ensure that there would be loads of talen coming through now for the national selectors to chose from, the guys at the top continue to fast track players and thats why they never make it and instead have one or two tests caps to their name! (the same has happened in rugby)

  • @general bokdrol - 2009-12-22 12:19

    You are so right, good will always prevail over evil. Like with apartied. As a general you would understand that by overcoming the apartied regime was only battle war against injustice, and now in order to win the war we need to rectify the imbalances caused by the evil doers. LMFAO

  • Sir Thabo - 2009-12-22 12:26

    @ Cricket SA and big cheese. I know some the politrixs of RSA cricket dressing room. Listen to your white commentators no white player can do wrong and any wrong done by a player of color is glorified and put on the news. AB dropped Makhaya’s catch and took a stunner for Fidel mmmhhhhhh that looks like prejudice. How many catches has Kallis and then Darryl Cullinun have dropped off Makhaya. You tell me which other black player has been given a fair chance. Look into the history books. Let me educate you. Mfuneko Ngam had an injury and his province had rehabilitate himself. Morne Morkel had an injury and he was rehabilitated by South African cricket. U ask your self what happened to Victor Mpitsang the younget player to date to have represented South Africa in an ODI match, the same thing he got injured while in the RSA ranks during the Hansie era and he had to go and rehabilitate himself and it took him well over 4yrs to come right. Monde Zondeki need I say more he got a sniff and he was left in the cold. He was our SS series to wicket taker last season and did he get a chance. Please toe the stories are endless. Ashwell Price our best no 5 batsman for 3 season averaging close to 55 or 60 what happened to him to come and open the batting. He got injured and now he is not good enough. And he has been made to open the batting so he can fail and be dropped. Please mention all players of color that got a fair chance.

  • Cricket fan - 2009-12-22 12:34

    @Sir Thabo 09:12 & 10:26...Well said boet. Agree 100%. Don't even try to explain to these clowns on what is really happening in SA's a waste of time. No matter what the situation is ...they always feel a white cricketer is better than a cricketer of colour. Not enough credit as well as opportunities are given to players of colour in the national squad. I can guarantee you many of these clowns will justify that Mckenzie , Rudolf & Dippenaaar should replace Amla, Prince & Duminy.

  • Sir Thabo - 2009-12-22 12:41

    @Blacks Now for me that is the statement of the year. In my language we would say "O opile kgomo lonaka" and in translation "U have hit the nail on the head"

  • johan - 2009-12-22 13:00

    I am sick of people like Mundo who keeps critisising a legend like Kallis, who is arguably one of the world`s 5 greatest players ever. Go and play snakes and ladders or something you understand....

  • johan - 2009-12-22 13:02

    I am sick of people like Mundo who keeps critisising a legend like Kallis, who is arguably one of the world`s 5 greatest players ever. Go and play snakes and ladders or something you understand....

  • the general @general bokdrol - 2009-12-22 13:09

    true the appartheid evil was eliminated by a 70% majority of whites if you know your history ofcourse. now we face a new evil with the anc scrap and its rubbush leaders like malema, juma,blade, vavi etc..and believe you me this new anc evil and its quota nonsense will be beaten.... you know what they say you can't keep a good man down.

  • Blacks - 2009-12-22 13:12

    @SirThabo; Is it like hitting one for Six?

  • Houston - 2009-12-22 13:39

    @Mundo, your ignorance makes your point even harder to prove, as well as Sir Thabo - you ask why Kallis never won the world cup, well I didnt think one player did win it, but Gibbs certainly could stand out as a player who lost it by dropping Steve Waugh, or maybe between Donald and Klusener they could have worked out how to run a single - doesnt matter, Kallis has a record that stands at the top of the pile. You guys are so quick to blame whites for everything in your life, given your way BEE would be part of your daily life, yet all it does is highlight how poor your attitude is and how easy it is to blame others for your own shortcomings.. poor you..

  • Get real - 2009-12-22 14:05

    Why not just a great bowler? This race cr-p must come to an end. Look at the SA school's team at how many black and coloured players thier are ! What good are all the black players in the SA soccer side ?

  • cricket lover - 2009-12-22 14:06

    please guys stop the bickering bout race and stats and so on cant we jsut support the team that is out ther, I am proudly S.African and will always support my cricket team......................... Be proud S.Africans and support the proteas and rem one cannot replace experience with a new "talent", if we going on bout race howcome ther are hardly any or rather 1 or 2 non Black Players in the Bafoona Bafoona soccer side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im not a white guy im indian proud to be and more proud to be South African, if the pple wana start a debate then we gota look at the whole sports trust in SA, cummon fellow S.Africans be proud to be what and who we are and support which ever national team is playing no matter who or what color player is representing us.........................................

  • Kolkas - 2009-12-22 14:08

    I don't care who the next "Black Pearl" is, as long as it is someone who deserves to be there. How far are Lopsy and Parnell from being test ready? They are the closest at the moment, also, Mondi Zondeki is there and there abouts. PS, Lopsy had a way better debut in ODI than Mkaya, so hopefully that is a good Omen. Please please please can we get someone who can understand the importance of not bowliing No Balls, and is willing to sacrifice just 3 to 6 inches from where the rest of the SA Bowlers plant the foot when they deliver a ball. Come on guys, this is basic stuff. Watch Englands bowlers. They can do it. So do the Aussies etc

  • Stmuli50 - 2009-12-22 14:33

    MUNDO ure an idiot dude.. do u even watch cricket ? Kallis is a legend. he has over ten thousand runs, how many batsmen can say they have achieved that ,,, not many pal !!!! go find the facts before u talk cr#p !!!!