Proteas face bumper season

2010-06-14 12:50

Johannesburg - Cricket South Africa on Monday announced a bumper international programme of matches in all three formats of the game against Zimbabwe, Pakistan and India for the 2010/11 summer season.

In spite of the tight schedule the Proteas will have adequate time to prepare for the ICC World Cup to be held on the Asian sub-continent in February and March.

The season consists of three Test matches against India, five home ODIs against India and a further three against Zimbabwe plus a five-match ODI series against Pakistan at the neutral venue of the United Arab Emirates.

There will also be three home International Pro20 matches against Zimbabwe and India plus an away match against Pakistan. The last of these against India will break new ground by being played at Durban’s magnificent new Moses Mabhida Stadium, a new venue for international cricket.

This match, which will also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Indians in South Africa and will see the inaugural contest for the Krish Mackerdhuj Trophy, will attract the biggest crowd ever to watch a cricket match in this country.

The Test series against India also offers the Proteas' Test squad the chance to challenge India for the No 1 rating on the ICC Reliance Mobile Test rankings.

Gerald Majola, CSA CEO, commented: “The upcoming international season will bring bumper fare for the Proteas and their fans.

“The Proteas will be going all-out to regain their status as the world’s top ranked team in both tests and ODIs and the fans will get the chance to spur them to the number one spot again.

“The visit by India will be a truly iconic tour featuring all three forms of the game, and will draw a massive world-wide audience.

“The Standard Bank International Pro20 match at the Fifa World CUP 2010 venue, the Moses Mabhida Stadium, will take on a very special significance as it will be one of the main events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Indians in South Africa.

“India and the Proteas will be playing for the Krish Mackerdhuj Trophy, named after the former CSA President and a pioneer of the first South African cricket tour to India in 1991.

“Adding further sub-continental spice to this international mixture will be the encounters against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

“The limited overs home series against Zimbabwe will be no push over either as the visitors have twice beaten Australia recently in the shortest version of the game. They also beat India twice and Sri Lanka in their home recent triangular ODI series and did exceptionally well to reach the final.

“All this action against varied opposition will give the Proteas just the kind of preparation they will need for the 2011 ICC World Cup.”

Proteas’ captain Graeme Smith commented: “This promises to be a very exciting season for all South African stake-holders. We only have 13 ODIs left to prepare for the ICC World Cup and we must make the maximum use of all of them.

“The No 1 Test match ranking is also a massive honour in our great game. We have had a very good run in this format over the past two years with away series wins in England and Australia and two drawn series in India.

“We can reward all the hard work put in by the playing and support staff by winning the Test series. This is one of our priority targets for the summer.

“We also owe our supporters some good Pro20 results after the disappointment of the ICC World Twenty20,” added Smith.

National coach Corrie van Zyl said he had been heartened by the improvement of the Proteas over the last six months.

“There have been a lot of encouraging signs about our away performances in India and West Indies although there is still plenty of room for improvement.

“The upcoming series against Zimbabwe, Pakistan and India form an important part in developing an upward curve because a winning run is the best way to build confidence, and confidence is the key to ultimate success.

“That ultimate goal for this season is the ICC World Cup in February.”

Majola added: “CSA would like to thank sponsors Castle, Standard Bank and MTN for making it this feast of cricket possible and for giving the Proteas the opportunity to perform at the highest levels.

‘We also thank the myriads of fans out there who have given the Proteas so much support through thick and thin. CSA looks forwards to this support getting even bigger over the next international season.”


  • Hannetjie - 2010-06-14 13:10

    Good to see our Cricket is alive and well!!!!! Looking forward to all the games and we hope the Proteas can really shine !!!!!

  • Pieman - 2010-06-14 13:24

    Whoohooo Biffy's Bumper Season. Pies, cokes koeksusters anybody? Good to see CSA saying that the Proteas will have ample time to prepare for the WC - Biff will have to find another 'choking' excuse this WC.

  • Burgiesburnin - 2010-06-14 13:24

    "giving the Proteas the opportunity of performing at the highest level" but they always have this, its just that they don't. It looks like Smith will get even more opportunites and there is no sign of him falling on his sword as any other captain would. Maybe its time to give him yet another chance with the ICC 2011 World Cup at the end of it. If he messes that up then surely he will go, won't he?

  • Smokin Joe - 2010-06-14 13:35

    @ Hannetjie .. Huh - it's alive and well?????? Where can I get some of that stuff you are smokin?

  • @ detractors - 2010-06-14 13:53

    You insignificant couch potato commentators. Its easy to throw insults but less so to come up with solutions. Our cricket is alot stronger than its ever been and yet a$$holes like you keep up with your pathetic comments. Thank g0d your opinions count for nothing, probably pretty much like your insignificant lives. Get rid of the negativity.

  • - 2010-06-14 14:19

    I think the headlines should be "bumper season from the sale of tickets for CSA"... Frankly I give a damn abt SA cricket anymore. I think the only ppl who does is the the people who makes money from it, ticket sales , media coverage , etc....We are just plain tired of being all hyped up and then deflated over and over and over..(pun intended)

  • @ @detractors - 2010-06-14 14:19

    Well said, but nothing will change sad people like Burgiesburnin (England bowled out for 51 in the West Indies) and Pieman. Every article they will come oin whine as usual

  • Realist - 2010-06-14 14:33

    @Detractors - don't confuse negativity with realism. here is a solution for you - Drop Smith.

  • KK - 2010-06-14 14:35

    Its time for Biff and co to eat some more humble pie,

  • - 2010-06-14 14:36

    I think the headlines should be "bumper season from the sale of tickets for CSA"... Frankly I give a damn abt SA cricket anymore. I think the only ppl who does is the the people who makes money from it, ticket sales , media coverage , etc....We are just plain tired of being all hyped up and then deflated over and over and over..(pun intended)

  • KK - 2010-06-14 14:37

    Its time for Biff and co to eat some more humble pie mad in Zim....

  • James - 2010-06-14 15:17

    Why all the anti Smith sentiment? We have done no worse than any other country. In fact in Tests we are ranked 2nd after India and ahead of Australia and ODI's 2nd after Australia and ahead of India. Do you recall where we were before he became captain? No ofcourse not, thats not a couch potatos's job, hurling insults is alot easier. As an individual he is 8th in Tests and 11th in ODI. Not bad for an opener and captain. Cricket is a team sport, where 11 individuals make up the team, not selected or coached by the captain. I do believe the proteas have been unprofessional in certain ways and lack BMT but to lay the blame entirely on the Smiths shoulders is unfair.

  • Pete S - 2010-06-14 15:21

    Who do you bright sparks believe should be captain? How about a nice guy ala. Pollock. Guess where we ended up on the rankings over his period as captain? Love or hate him, he has brought us up the ranking. Yes we have not won any major tournaments but neither have the All Blacks in rugby, does that make them a cr@p team.

  • For Pete's sake - 2010-06-14 15:59

    @ Pete - King Kallis for captain - he understands and can read a game. No denying Smith's ability as batsman - but a big question over his leadership ability. The fact is that we would have done a lot better under a good captain. Why not strive for the best we can be?? - change is not a bad thing. One thing that irritates the hell out of me with Smith, Steyn and co... they are famous for opening their traps about how good they are, and then they choke. Will they ever learn?? As Smith is playing now (last innings excluded) I don;t think he even warrants a place in the team at all. Drop him from the Squad, and let him go and get back into form and work on his mouth skills and then bring him back to bat later if he regains form. You cannot compare Polly's era with today's team - and on paper we should be in the Aussie leauge - not the Windies league. The Proteas have actually not looked at all impressive in the T20 Cup or the Windies tour - certainly not looking like a top side. So we should not read much into the results of the tour, especially since a lot of the results could easily have gone the other way.

  • Pete S - 2010-06-14 16:23

    I disagree, what Windies league? we have blown them out the water, hardly Windies league. What fact that another captain coould have done better. How do you know that? What do you want them to say, we are useless and hope to win or are you saying we must not come across positive. Thats the press's fault not the player. What not read into the results, results are what count. 2nd on both ODI and test logs, okay we have not won tournaments, which is a problem, probably psychological. Team tactics are just that dictated by the team and coach not one individual. Fact is as a nation we find fault in our continual drive for excellence, nothing wrong with that, but tend to think that removing Smith wont improve the team's performance.

  • DC - 2010-06-14 16:24

    Are the bowlers in form or did the pitch preparation backfire for the Windies... so we winning tests so what..who cares.. its ODI fever round the corner and 2011 world cup will be the next big affair... all the biff lovers must enjoy test match , and the slowwwww dragging five day affair... for the fans that see choking and SA's adaptation to the the faster format of the was a nightmare... that is why no one has really gotten over it and Biff's performance particularily... we will see what preparation takes place for the faster pace of the game... lets not fool ourselves with stats and ratings ... its all crap... we want a winning team cos we know we got what it takes to win one... just need an overhaul and a new start ... and its coming....

  • @James - 2010-06-14 16:29

    You do have a point about the BMT problem with the Proteas. and I have no clue how they will ever get past that. ZRregarding Smith - he does need to take quite a share of the blame - he has a LOT to say about the team selection, and has caused a lot of trouble with coaches for it. (Jennings left because Smith doent like being told anything, and beyond the Press conference and CSA/Arthur press agreement, there is a lot of talk about the Smith/Arthur rift. Also - when Smith is in bad form (like since the IPL) - he should step down. He is not such a wonderful captain as some make him out to be - quite ordinary in fact, and downright poor when the Proteas are under pressure. And then like you say - the unprofessionalism at times - like being 'underprepared fot the t20', and the lethargy on the field. I really think that Smith is a big part of the problem, and I do not think all is well in SA cricket. This series is no guage.

  • jh - 2010-06-14 17:14

    I hope every pitch they make against India is lively. We need to show what actual bowling is, not the mediocre flat wicket tripe they're used to. Steyn demolished them in first test on a docile pitch, imagine what he'll do in a green JoBurg pitch.

  • @DC - 2010-06-14 17:22

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, yawn. You lame anti-Smith a-holes, the only thing you always go back on is these tournaments. To be fair on Smith he has only had one crack at the only decent tourney and reached the semi's

  • sazi - 2010-06-15 03:48

    have u see the dutch, spanish, and other big european teams that have not won the cup, get their support from their fans at the world cup. Frankly its just a game, how do u expect ur team to win when u have sooooooooo maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy problems in ur country. the team is not all that different from what the country represents. try to find unity in diversity, it can be done india, USA all of them have done it. if u cant believe ur guys are good enough to win, then just wait for everybody to make fun of u like the Aussies make fun of u every time. "it is never what the country can do 4 u, it is what u can do 4 the country"JFK

  • Umpire, - 2010-06-15 08:10

    Pretty much agree with you DC. Stats are rubbish,and in Smith's case - he is badly out of form as a batsman, (yeah yeah all - I know about his last innings), and those Stats built up over a long period of time tell nothing of his form today! I agree too that we need a complete shake-up - like a blogger said - change is not a bad thing. We have ample talent, so why do we persist with the chokers? Lets rebuild now, and get guys in with a PASSION FOR THE GAME. Smith inspires o passion in the team, and he looks like he does not want to even be there himself. Agree with other blogs too - the series against the Windies is no yardstick, and has not been nearly as convincing as the stats may say. I say - new team and rebuild. We need a team of motivated champs, not overpaid chokers.

  • Lovin' it - 2010-06-15 08:28

    Graheme has to much say! I think most of the cricketers wish he could leave the team! Johan Botha as cappy! 4sho!!!

  • Anni - 2010-06-15 10:35

    Looking forward to a bumper season (Zim aside) but it would be even better if some fresh blood was introduced and Smith was gagged. Who cares about his 90?- he's a pressure flop.

  • @anni - 2010-06-15 12:22

    Agree anni, I think some bloggers have gone over the top saying we are world beaters because we are beating the west indies, even the minnow teams have beaten the west indies at home, even if we do get the whitewash I would not get to excited, afterall same thing happened in 2005 tour, team played oz couple of months later and got totally humilated, also I do think 90 against such a team is not such a big deal and it is the only score smith has goten all tour, after all they prob knew they were to far ahead to be caught and the w indies had prob given up on the game, let's face it anyboby would have scored runs in such a lost match with the opposition knowing the game was lost, smith had to enforce the follow on to get an innings, shows how desperate his form has become, So I am not gonna get excited and think we are back cause we beat minnows, it's obvious it is all we are capable of these days.

  • Maggie - 2010-06-15 13:53

    I think Smith made the right decision in not enforcing the follow-on. The bowlers were tiring and Windies made 293 when the bowlers were fresh. He put the game beyond danger by batting again. He's not a pressure flop. Look at some of the great innings he's made under duress, some winning the game for the Proteas.

  • @ @anni - 2010-06-15 14:41

    Good grief how thick are you, Proteas have only LOST ONE SERIES IN FOUR YEARS (the real cricket) and they have played everybody away (the cowardly Indians and Sri Lankans are to scared to play us at home, they cant play anything that bounces above there knees). So if they hardly lose how can you say those things.

  • DC ..@@@anni - 2010-06-15 17:26

    You sound like someone who hides behind a skirt... or something... like a phantom bully ... who would reluctantly switch from Loftus to Orlando... SA's playing the Indians this year mate on home soil... read sport24 more than spending your time here..cos you still wet behind your ears...its right , everyone is getting too excited about this win, Windies are in the same shoes as us, re-building a side, we still doing damage control with players poor performance.

  • @DC - 2010-06-15 17:56

    You seem like the person who always whines on the composition of a national team. Well then every cricket nation is rebuilding if they cant beat these poor Proteas

  • Hey Mister - 2010-06-17 13:17

    Captain Joker and his Chokers

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