Prior vows to respond to KP

2014-10-06 13:02

London - England wicketkeeper Matt Prior on Monday pledged to respond to former international team-mate Kevin Pietersen's claims that he was "back-stabbing" and a "bad influence" on the team.

Pietersen made the accusations in an explosive interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph published on Monday, ahead of the release of his autobiography on Thursday.

The South Africa-born batsman, axed by England earlier this year, claimed there had been a "bullying" culture under former head coach Andy Flower, but saved his most stinging criticism for Prior.

Responding on Twitter, Prior wrote: "Obvs (obviously) sad to see the accusations against me this am (morning) and I WILL have my right of reply! However today is not the day and Twitter is not the place for it!

"Now back to my Achilles rehab and learning to walk again! have a great day everyone."

He also joked: "After this morning, I'm looking forward to reading the full kp book. Might bully my kids into getting it for me for Xmas!!"

Pietersen claimed that Prior was the ringleader of a group including senior bowlers Graeme Swann, now retired, Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson, who would lay into their team-mates for dropping catches.

"The double standard for me was the bigger thing. If one of them messed up - if Jimmy messed up, or Swanny - nothing was ever said. Prior left them alone," Pietersen told the Telegraph.

"He never left alone (Nick) Compton or Ravi (Bopara) or Trotty (Jonathan Trott).

"I went after Prior and said Prior shouldn't be in that side because he's a bad influence, a negative influence - he picks on players. He's back-stabbing, he's horrendous, he's bad for the environment."

Meanwhile, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said it was "impossible" for it to comment on Pietersen's claims prior to the publication of his book.

"We have not had an opportunity to see the book yet as the publishers have declined to provide us with a copy before the official release date," the ECB added.


  • Skrap Nel - 2014-10-06 15:38

    Goodness gracious! How old are these people? Sounds like between 11 and 13 yrs old.

  • J Bean Bean - 2014-10-06 20:05

    Prior is a d..s

  • Brent - 2014-10-07 10:01

    it sad. he thought that he was escaping prejudice in south africa only to be discriminated against by english players. must hurt.

      Richard Barnes - 2014-10-07 10:58

      Where did KP say he was being discriminated against? He said the bowling clique was harsh on everybody in the team, not just him specifically. His worst problems were with Andy Flower and Matt Prior, neither of whom is English. I don't read this as a "Poms v the Saffie" situation at all. If the bowling clique didn't want outsiders in, Prior would have been one of their major targets. As would Gary Ballance be now. Yet there have been no reports of bad relations between him and the rest of the team. This appears to be a simple clash of personalities, with land of origin not being a major factor. If it was as you say, it would surely have been Cook, Anderson, Broad, Swann v Flower, Prior, KP, Trott.

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