PCB acts on Arthur 'fix' claims

2010-11-05 18:48

Karachi - The Pakistan Cricket Board has asked former South Africa coach Mickey Arthur to back up reported comments that he suspected a one-day international against Pakistan in 2007 was fixed.

Arthur, in an interview last week, said there were "strong suspicions" of match-fixing when Pakistan collapsed dramatically to lose the fifth and decisive ODI against South Africa in Lahore three years ago.

"There was a strong suspicion of match-fixing and it took some of the gloss off the series win," Arthur said.

The PCB said in a statement on Friday that it had "served a legal notice on Mickey Arthur asking him to share with PCB any evidence in this regard."

"If the evidence is not provided PCB and Pakistani players reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings against Micky Arthur including but not limited to seeking unqualified apology, retraction and damages," the statement said.

Former captain Shoaib Malik, who led Pakistan in the 2007 series, said Arthur's claims were ridiculous.

"I don't know why this has come up after all these years, what is he trying to achieve by this. He has made a ridiculous claim," Malik told reporters.


  • Vic J - 2010-11-05 19:12

    O se die bok. Go Mickey, you have given Gibbs gas. Please explain to all.

  • Seriously - 2010-11-05 19:24

    Mickey Arthur is a joke. The worst coach SA has had since readmission. I, for one, am glad that he's out. We're a more cohesive unit and promising team without him. These comments just prove his incompetence...

  • hiedie - 2010-11-05 20:14

    Always said Mickey is a wors !!! ..any proof ? Then shut up !!

  • smith is kak - 2010-11-05 21:14

    mickey and smith are bigger match fixers than al the pakistan players together just look at the bowling opstions tonight. He selected the worst performers to bowl the last overs. Now i know why minki did not want 2 cunts

  • Ano Nymous - 2010-11-05 21:15

    Well, tonights ODI sported Steyn and Parnell. Little playtime the last few months and an possible series seal. So I placed my money on Pakistan. And, no surprise, Pakistan won. Betting on this cricket farse is such easy money.

  • Jaco - 2010-11-05 21:38

    Truly stupid, Mickey, to make statements in print about things that are only "suspicions". At the same time, Arthur didn't say it *was* fixed, he only said there were "strong suspicions". This is not worthy of a court case - he just make himself look silly.

  • pierre - 2010-11-06 09:29

    Mickey did well with the proteas, fine he dnt win the world cup but he got the teast and one day sides to number one in the world so he cant possibly be the worst coach since readmission.. as far as the match fixing issue is concerned i think he has every right to say he thought something was going on when you suddenly win a game that you would normally lose 98% of the time.. Pakistan seem to be oversensitive regarding all this match fixing stuff.. its was Arthurs opinion, what proof does he need to give? The Pakistan test and one day captain Salman Butt gets a salary of US 2 500 a month. Of course they are vulnerable to bribes of up to US 150 000 to bowl a no ball or two..

  • sean - 2010-11-07 17:01

    Did anyone watch the 6's competition final today? There was no way Pakistan could lose at the start of the final over, yet they lost with a ball to spare! There was a few smiles from captain Shoaib Malik as his last bowler sent down wides, and no-balls. Unfortunately every time Pakistan lose you wonder if it's thrown. Interesting though that the same man was captain again...

  • Cricket fan - 2010-11-08 07:30

    Go PCB....take this Mickey mouse to the cleaners....

  • Staalburgher - 2010-11-08 18:36

    lol, the PCB want to act as innocent lambs now. "Our honour has been despoiled!", they cry. Please spare us.

  • JImbo - 2010-11-09 17:27

    doesn't anybody vet these comments ? Who allows this 'smith is kak' toss to vent his idiotic and disgusting comments on a 'decent' site ?

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