Oz face ball tampering claims

2012-12-18 07:17

Hobart - ICC match referee Chris Broad said on Tuesday he had received no official complaint from Sri Lanka despite reports about alleged ball tampering by Australia in the first Hobart Test match.

Sri Lanka's team management has expressed concerns over footage it believes shows paceman Peter Siddle tampering with the ball during the first innings.

The tourists' team manager Charith Senanayake said he had spoken with the International Cricket Council officials about the matter.

"All that happened is we have had informal chats with the match referee about what happened about what we saw on TV -- everybody saw it -- and we just asked what action are you going to do about it, that's all," Senanayake told The Australian newspaper.

"It's unofficial, but it's on video and the whole world has seen it so let's see what action they will take."

The ICC issued a statement acknowledging that Broad was aware of Sri Lanka's reported concerns.

"ICC match referee Chris Broad is aware of the media reports coming out of Sri Lanka on the ball issue," the statement said.

"The Sri Lanka team has made no official complaint about the ball."

A still picture of the alleged incident has since surfaced on social media.

"Management believes broadcast cameras may have captured Siddle using his fingernails to raise the seam of the ball in the 88th over of Sri Lanka's innings," the Cricinfo website said.

Sri Lanka's Daily News carried a report on Monday that "two prominent (unidentified) Australians" were noticed allegedly tampering with the ball.

"Now this is a serious matter and we understand that the Sri Lankan management had brought this ugly side of the game to the notice of the match referee," the newspaper's correspondent at the match reported.

"The players were seen trying to up the seam using their fingers so as to give undue advantage to their bowlers."


  • gunner.zn.5 - 2012-12-18 07:23

    ICC will brush this aside as usual..

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-18 07:44

      And so they should. Pathetic accusation with no evidence.

      johnvkaraoke - 2012-12-18 20:45

      well look who is in charge of the icc for this offence chris broad who's son was also caught doing the same thing on tv but nothing happened. if it was a lankan indian paki or south african they would of been banned for life

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 00:15

      Really Caravan? Muppet?? Is that supposed to be an insult? Am I now Kermit the frog? Not so sure if you're in high school yet. If you're going to insult me, at least grow a pair and do it properly ok? Mr Poopy pants! P.S. Anyone got a box of tissues for johnvkaraoke?

  • jaco.fourie.330 - 2012-12-18 07:43

    Its not that bad Siddle missed b-fast that morning saw a bit of grass under the seam and seeing that he's now a vegetarian he just thought that it just must do and keep him going till lunch.

      manuel.p.quintino - 2012-12-18 23:17

      Haha! Nice one

  • boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-18 07:44

    What a load of rubbish. Siddle was merely cleaning the seam as he is allowed to. There was a lot of rain and mud around in the outfield because of this. The so called evidence shows absolutely nothing and by the way his nails are so short he wouldn't be able to grab the seem. Sri Lanka should probably focus on playing and stop with baseless accusations.

      thando.gqabaza - 2012-12-18 12:13

      Even if you're right , its still nice to see the Aussies sweat a bit

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-18 22:57

      Tampering with the ball and still only just manages to beat the 6th best test team in the world. Also helped by a few pathetic decisions by the on-field umpires. This is the first time this season Aus manages to take 20 wickets in a test. Without seeing any evidence, that alone will be enough suspicion for ball tampering.

  • squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-18 07:52

    Desperate people do desperate things... Aussies in cricketing turmoil following their home defeat by the Proteas...

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-12-18 08:11

    Would not be surprised if this true. One would expect this from this bunch of convicts who try to unsettle their opponents by using dirty tactics on field.

  • alan.verwey.9 - 2012-12-18 08:16

    Aussies have always been a bunch of cheats!

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 01:52

      Maybe now is a good time to remind you that your top Cricket official was fired because of corruption. Your soccer officials are currently under investigation for match-fixing. You have a pro-cyclist that admits to doping and an olympic swimmer that admits to using illegal tactics. Let's not even bring up Hansie and you have the gall to call us a bunch of cheats.

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 01:53

      Difference is, these issues are dealt with in SA. In Aus they just get swept under the carpet. Remember Shane Warne and Mark Waugh and the match fixing scandal that was quietly swept under the carpet while SA dealt firmly with Hansie?

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 04:39

      Nothing was swept under the carpet. Your "facts" are again warped by your biased thinking. There is a massive difference between match-fixing and providing information on the weather and pitch conditions

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 07:42

      Sweep, sweep, sweep......

  • - 2012-12-18 08:29

    Chasing leather starring Peter Siddle.

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-18 22:59

      And on the fourth day, the sequel: Running out of steam(-ed vegetables). Again starring Peter Siddle.

  • akhona.mashaya - 2012-12-18 08:39

    Had this been Pakistan or any other Asian or African country(apart from SA) the ICC would have had a fanny wobble. #JustSaying

      jonathan.adams.14019 - 2012-12-18 11:12

      Couldn't agree with you more Akhona! Double standards! It will be blown over just as the Shane Warne feeding bookies with info scandal was swept under the carpet.

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 00:06

      Stop being a sook. Sounds like your talking out of a fanny. Just saying.

      wimpie.grobler.7 - 2012-12-20 09:01

      fanny wobble !!!!

  • manuel.p.quintino - 2012-12-18 22:30

    Advance australia fair. Their anthem has a subliminal message to it. Aussies took the gentleman aspect out of cricket! Merv Hughes had to be the most ill mannered cricketer in the history of the game. I'm no fan of theirs!

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 00:23

      That's ok Manny. Think they have quite enough fans. BTW at least our anthem doesn't go on forever, is in one language and everyone can sing it. We don't have to humm to some parts and we actually know the meaning of it. Is that gentleman-ly enough for you?

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 02:56

      boereroo, seriously??? How many Australians do you know that knows all the words to the anthem AND understand what it means? I'm struggling to find them. And you had more than a 100 years to get used to it. At least a third of the SA anthem is new to any South African since 1994. Then considering the length that you are moaning about, all the verses of the SA anthem are being sung, while only the first verse of the Aus anthem gets sung. Do you know the words to the second verse? Do you know that there is a second verse (actually there are four verses to Advance Australia Fair as it was composed originally, but only two made it into the official anthem). And finally: "our home is girt by sea"??? Honestly, who still talks like that?

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 04:48

      Exactly that's why for ceremonial purposes we only use the 1st verse and don't delay a start to an international match for ages waiting till everyone is asleep from all the singing. Do you honestly suggest we change the anthem every time there is a new style of speaking. Its tradition and we know what it means. You still sing about your "ewige gebergtes". As you said, who still talks like that?

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 07:49

      Do you know what "ewige gebergtes" mean? Then you will know that those two words and even those two words put together are as recent and relevant as can be. Even the Australian politicians don't like the "girt" phrase in the anthem. Back to the length though. You suggest the SA anthem gets shortened to just one verse. Then where is the Afrikaans part? Where is the English part. Or do we cut the parts in Xhosa, Zulu or Sesotho? Which part of the population do you want to p!$$ off and take SA back to 1980? Tell me, when is Australia going to add a verse to Advance Australia Fair, sung in one of the aboriginal languages?

      manuel.p.quintino - 2012-12-19 12:56

      Sour grapes because the SA anthem has historical significance to it

  • chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-18 22:49

    What do they expect. How else do they think Aus will win a test? The vegetarian runs out of steam(-ed vegetables) by the forth day.

  • kgotlaetsile.mophuti - 2012-12-18 23:54

    So the aussies dont wanna get their pants dirty?

  • boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 00:20

    Wha ha ha. Sri Lanka ends up being double losers (much to the dismay of the Saffas). Match referee agree that the allegation is rubbish and they get hammered thanks to Siddle and Starc. Maybe the Lankans should get their own house in order so that we don't have to pick up boat loads full of their asylum seekers drifting in the oceans every week. Go you good thing!

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 02:57

      boereroo, do you also want to comment on the way Australia treats these asylum seekers? Or do you think we should rather stop the discussion there with your stupid remark?

      boereroo.jackman - 2012-12-19 04:35

      Let me tell you how we treat them. Firstly we save their lives from a usually rusty half-sinking vessel. We take them to a secure location where they are medically assessed, fed and clothed. Then they are processed and those with legitimate claims are being housed in government housing. Afterwards they still receive grants whilst employment is sought for them. If you're really in Oz as your name suggest you should know this. Did I miss anything?

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2012-12-19 07:59

      You missed this: But we're not here to debate the boat people issue. Australia is a great country. Just a pity it is full of Australians.

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