No retirement plans for Kallis

2009-11-17 17:23

Johannesburg - South African cricket fans can relax - Jacques Kallis, has no intention of retiring just yet.

Kallis, generally accepted as the best all-rounder in the world, told journalists he was still enjoying all three formats, and had no intention of retiring from any of them in the immediate future.

"The day I wake up and it gets too much, I'm not really enjoying it, I'll stop," said the 34-year-old, who is currently ranked number one Test all-rounder and number four in one-day internationals.

"Certainly the Twenty20 format has been a new challenge for me, and something I've really enjoyed over the last two years. It's really helped me to develop my game - I've come a long way in the Twenty20 format. I think it will also help my Test cricket and my one-day cricket in terms of learning to improvise and other new things.

"As I sit here at the moment, I'm still fit enough to keep going and I enjoy all three formats."

He said it was sad that several other all-rounders had had to sacrifice one or two formats in order to continue playing.

"With the amount of cricket that is played around the world, it's tough.

"I've been fortunate in my career, I haven't been injured too often, but the life of an all-rounder is pretty tough," said Kallis. "It is tough on the body and that's probably why there are not so many top all-rounders still playing all three formats."

Kallis said he also wanted to continue bowling as well as batting.

"I enjoy both batting and bowling. Certainly in Test cricket, if I spend a day in the field without bowling, it feels like it's two days. Even in 50 over cricket, I feel long if I don't bowl.

"For me to give up bowling would be tough, and I'll only do that if my body tells me to."

Kallis reacted modestly when told that England's star batsman, South African-born Kevin Pietersen, had described him as the greatest cricketer that had ever lived.

"It's a great compliment, especially coming from a player like him" he said.

"But you've got to look at the stats - sure, the runs might be there and the wickets might be there, but we're playing a lot more cricket these days than the guys in yesteryears. I'm sure that if they'd played the amount of cricket that we play today, they would have achieved what modern-day cricketers achieve as well.

"If you play long enough, you're going to have a few runs and wickets behind your name," he laughed.

Kallis, who did not bowl in the Twenty20 match against England on Sunday, is expected to be able to bowl again in the one-day international at the Wanderers on Friday, after recovering from a side-strain.


  • Boris - 2009-11-17 17:40

    You keep going Jacques Kallis, and yes you are the best modern day player we have ever seen.

  • Freddy Lesoo - 2009-11-17 17:42

    I for one wouldn't really like to see Kallis retiring anytime soon. We pride ourselves with such a fine allrounder, that seeing him leaving our cricket fields will be unbereable. Moreso, that if he retired now, he wd be without World Cup honours. The guy is such an epitome of patience, pretty much a pillar of our test squad. His flexebility in all forms of the game is simply amazing. King Kallis has so much to offer. He must hand hold the Duminys of todayfirst.

  • sc1pio - 2009-11-17 18:23

    He's a fine batsmen, and a fine bowler but it seems Graeme Crampalot don't like using Kallis in his bowling attack? So why do we keep referring to him as an all rounder. He's a very slow batsmen capable of scoring a lot of runs with enough deliveries. I wouldn't select a guy like him in my one day squad or 20 overs squad. He simply aint up to par.

  • Lou - 2009-11-17 18:56

    Jacques Kallis is the best all round cricketer, maybe even of all time. Batting, bowling, fielding, slip catcher. It has been an absolute pleasure to have witnessed his career. He needs his double test century and I would like to see him be there when the Proteas take the world cup; we remain hopeful.

  • Dale - 2009-11-17 19:15

    @ sc1pio ... you are walking proof that even idiots can get computer literacy down pat, & even more proof that people who dont really know what they're talking about should rather shut up. Kallis is recovering from a side strain, so he's not bowling in less important games like T20 'hit & miss' cricket. Your maths is obviously rather poor too, or your reading ability ... since Kallis is doing a far better job in the side than all the new 'hot shots' that people like to rave about.

  • Frederik Cocquyt - 2009-11-17 19:41

    The day Kallis stops playing cricket it wil be a very very sad day. You still have a lot of records to break out there. Keep going and I'll keep supporting.

  • The Scorer - 2009-11-17 20:14

    Kallis truely is a king. Greatest South African player in recent memory, perhaps of all time, and perhaps even in the world. Watching him play is pure joy. Every shot is played with precision and grace. Long may he go on. I truly wish to see this giant of cricket score a double ton, and be there in 2011 when we raise that world cup.

  • Ginger - 2009-11-17 20:22

    @Dale. I must agree with you. It is unlikely that SC1pio has any understanding of the game.

  • Johan - 2009-11-17 20:22

    @scrpio. "Slow batsman". Batting at a rate of 121percent and average 35 runs per T20 is certainly not slow in my book.

  • sc1pio - 2009-11-17 20:23

    Dale take a look at his strike rate compared to the new guys. With kallis in you PRO20 game your almost assured of losing since he takes up all the deliveries so there aint even a chance of 50/50. And BTW PRO20 aint hit and miss. You must be another pathetic attempt of a cricket fan. They all brainless. Kallis must retire with Boucher and Gibbs. They all suck arse just like you dale :P i don't even follow cricket and i know more about it then you. You such a tool mate. Kallis always has a strain because he's fat like captain crampalot :D lmao

  • Mdeva - 2009-11-17 23:14

    @Lou. "Jacques Kallis is the best all round cricketer, maybe even of all time."..what are you smoking?..there is a guy by the name of Garfield Sobers..remember..HE IS THE GREATEST.

  • claude - 2009-11-18 08:30

    Kallis is the greatest (all round) cricket player this planet has ever seen. I hope you idiots appreciate him. In the end, only stats will count, and stats will prove my case..

  • Animal - 2009-11-18 08:56

    my goodness guys , we sound like a bunch of girls b*tching bout our boyfriends , Kallis is a gr8 all rounder but if we want 2 c him play for 4 or 5 more years he needs to drop 1 of the games!!

  • StuartW - 2009-11-18 08:59

    @ sc1pio...shame....does your mommy not love you anymore? Your comments don't make any sense....Kallis is probably one of the fittest players on the field...just have a look at his strike rate in all forms of the game....maybe you should also not comment on the cricket blogs if you don't watch the game....

  • Aarish - 2009-11-18 09:00

    Before everyone starts bashing Kallis have a look at his standings. In tests he is 7th on the list of all-time run scorers and 650 short of passing Steve Waugh which he will surely get this season. He is on 31 hundreds and 5th on that list, "when" he gets another 3 more he ties with Gavaskar and Lara (pretty elite company). Even if he bats selfishly (as he is always and irritatingly blamed for doing) it will be a huge honour for him to pass Waugh, Gavaskar, Lara and Border (who was also a grit your teeth and bat kind of player) a South African to have a South African that high up in cricketing history will be a proud moment and feat. I don't know if anyone's been following the India vs Sri Lanka test at the moment because if ever there was an example that players like Kallis, Dravid and Jayawardene are still required in international cricket this match would be it. India were 32/4 when Dravid walked in and not only scored runs (177) but occupied the crease long enough for Dhoni (110) to find his feet and take charge. Jayawardene is doing the same for Sri Lanka now as I type. In the last season Kallis has changed his game and he is definitely more attack minded in all formats and I think we need to give him this season to get into the groove properly. Remember what he did to England in Kingsmead in particular? When he batted mostly with the tail and made 162. BTW: His strike rate in 20/20 is 121, AB de Villiers and JP Duminy is around 127/128 there's really not much in it.

  • babes - 2009-11-18 09:33

    I see an old age home awaiting Kallis. I think in Test Cricket we still need him at the slips chatting to his Boy Boucher but in ODI & T20 the OUPA has to retire. I mean after all stats or no stats the guy is about himself.

  • Just Cricket - 2009-11-18 09:36

    @sc1pio. For those who think Kallis don't perform for SA: In 64 test matches SA won and 31 drawn of a total of 131 played, Kallis averages 65.9 for SA of which 7907 runs was scored in wins of his total 10194 runs (78%). In 186 ODI's SA won of 284 played (excluding no results), Kallis averages 52.5 for SA of which 7088 runs was scored in wins of his total 10299 runs (69%). In 5 T20's SA won of 9 played, Kallis averages 44.5 for SA of which 178 was scored in wins of his total 281 runs (63%). So when Kallis plays well SA plays well and wins!!!! Kallis scored 1847 runs in test matches and 2001 runs in ODI's the last 3 seasons. The last time Boucher's average in ODI's was below 30 was 2004. In the last 4 seasons he has scored 1900 runs (42% of all his runs in 31% of his matches for SA) at an average of 36.5 and strike rate of 91.8 (in the last 12 months his strike rate is 106.8 and 33.4 average!!!). NOTHING wrong with that. Kallis scored 2625 runs in ODI's in the last 4 years: 47.7 ave, 75.7 strike rate (25% of all his runs in 25% of his matches for SA); last 12 months: 719 runs, 51.4 ave, 84.1 strike rate (46 ave against Australia!!!). Now WHY do you with no brain cells want them dropped again?

  • Just Cricket - 2009-11-18 09:41

    It is time "babes" retires from making comments as obviously it it's all about "babes" the buffoon making unintelligent comments. Just look at my comment earlier, when Kallis plays well in all 3 forms of the game for SA we win more than we lose. Get over it, he is here to stay to make YOU green with envy!!!

  • @Babes - 2009-11-18 15:13

    Typical retaliation from a "babe" that got overlooked by one of the greats!! Probably your attitude that got you rejected or else your lack of cricket knowledge and ability to make sensible comments.

  • babes - 2009-11-18 16:15


  • @Babes - 2009-11-18 16:30

    The only pain we feel is when we have to read your useless comments!!

  • Just Cricket - 2009-11-18 16:34

    @babes (Bombastic Arrogant Bigotry Explanation of Stupid ). Come up with a logical argument backed by statistics and we may take you serious. Until then, keep out of the big boys conversation, it's just universes above your head.

  • @Just Cricket - 2009-11-18 22:51

    SOunds like you have a man crush on Kallis, you probably dream of the two of you holding hands and strolling on the beach. Your obsession with Kallis' stats is beyond comprehension, in Pro20 Bosman showed how the game should be played, not pushing singles ala Kallis and scoring the odd boundary. Face the facts, Kallis is all about Kallis and like you is only interested in stats!

  • @ @just cricket - 2009-11-19 15:37

    amazing how people like babes and other limited knowledge cricket "fans" consistently want Kallis' head BUT the useless players like Albie Morkel and Gibbs get the nod!! When last has Albie played an innings of value? Aus - 1 year ago!!! Gibbs had the lowest strike rate amongst the SA batsmen for SA 'A' against Eng! (A game which we lost). Yet you have an obsession with Kallis. Some serious jealousy issues here!! Kallis can bowl SO get rid of Albie and open with Bosman!! Albie thinks he can bowl!!!

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