New maiden for Smith

2009-08-24 08:56

Johannesburg - After months of being single, Proteas captain Graeme Smith has got a girlfriend.

According to The Times' Lauren Cohen, the left-handed batsman has been spotted in Cape Town with 25-year-old teacher Brigitte Sarembock, whose aunt, Margaret Gardiner, was Miss Universe in 1978.

At a breakfast in Durban in March, Smith told reporters that he had moved on from his break-up with model Minki van der Westhuizen - who is now married to businessman Constant Visser - and was happily single, with no time for a girlfriend.

“What’s the point of dating a girl and then waiting eight weeks until the next one? I am on the go and travelling the world most of the year,” he reportedly said.

But it seems Sarembock, a special-needs teacher at Tafelberg High School in Sea Point, Cape Town, has found a way into his heart.

Friends of the couple, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the pair were holidaying on the Garden Route this weekend.

Sarembock updated her Facebook status on Friday, saying: “Brigitte Sarembock is going away for the weekend.”

When called on her cellphone on Sunday, she immediately passed it over to Smith.

“I don’t really want to comment about this. I try to keep my personal life quiet,” he said.

“I don’t ever talk about that.

“Sorry to be rude, but there is nothing to comment on,” he said.

Smith has been spotted in recent weeks at Headquarters Restaurant in Cape Town or the city’s Bat or Jade Lounge nightclub, partying with team-mates Jacques Kallis, Mark Boucher and AB de Villiers.

Sarembock, who drives a Mini Cooper with the licence plate “Byte Me WP”, appears to have high hopes for the relationship. She said on Facebook last week that she didn’t know “when I was last this happy”.


  • GeePMB - 2009-08-24 09:19

    And this is of any interest to the public how exactly? Smith's private life is of no consequence to us.

  • Camel Man - 2009-08-24 09:29

    Now whatch his game go to the dogs.

  • GC - 2009-08-24 09:31

    What a load of drible, this "bottom of the barrel" journalism is best left for magazines like Heat or even Die son where journalists that can only count to twenty if they have sandals on, are welcomed. The mans' private life is HIS private life.

  • Camel too - 2009-08-24 10:58

    I agree with you Camel Man. My game went to the dogs when "involvement" occurred.(and I don't even play cricket) Seriously though I believe you may have a point.We have seen it before.

  • chez - 2009-08-24 12:23

    One of the many better things about this country is that we do not hound our celebrities. I am a huge fan of Smiths' but believe that his private life has nothing to do with me. lets keep our self respect and not succumb to the paparazzi like the western world has. as long as he plays well, i don't care who he does or doesn't date - he could be gay for all it matters.

  • RR2 - 2009-08-24 13:26

    smiff was at one time the only international captian who held onto his position because of his tossing. His batting was bad, his captaincy infantile and the only place he really looked good was at the toss. Talk about a specialist 'tosser'

  • HI IQ - 2009-08-24 14:50

    this is a garbage article, and I think it seriously infringes on the privacy of not only Graeme, but especially his new lady. giving away details of her registration plate, FB, and whereabouts!! This is not a sports story. Find something better to write about

  • HI IQ - 2009-08-24 15:18

    This is not a sports story. Find something better to write about. This is not only invading Graeme's privacy but certainly the girl involved. Giving away her car registration details?!!! Shameful!

  • Jazz - 2010-01-16 20:03

    Graeme is probably the best captain that S.A has ever had. His peformance on the field is the only thing that matters. His private life should be kept private. Wasn't the whole minki relationship public enough?

  • Barbara - 2010-05-29 19:50

    It amazes me that South Africans are the WORST supporters of their teams ON THIS EARTH. They will say in public that they hate the 'nay-sayers' about SA but in sport they will not hesitate to bring captains down. Has it occurred to them that SUPPORT is without any doubt the biggest factor in the success of any teams. Just look at the team in the country which is the most successful. It is the Blue Bulls. Why ? Answer that yourselves if you have the brains to do so. But then I have long thought there are not many of those around. If you can't offer an alternative keep your gobs shut. Support Graeme Smith and see the results. He is the most successful cricket captain we have ever had in the new era. Thank goodness he is man enough to realise that there are so many numbskulls in this country they do not warrant his concern. Keep going Graeme - some people appreciate you !!

  • kay - 2010-07-23 16:33

    Good for him, smith should move on and he is the best captain the proteas ever had.

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