Mali: Nyoka not a team player

2011-12-02 18:18

Pretoria - Former Cricket SA president Ray Mali told a ministerial inquiry into cricket on Friday that fellow former CSA boss Mtutuzeli Nyoka was not a team player.

"If things do not go his (Nyoka's) way he just decides he's not going to be part of this," Mali said in Pretoria.

"He throws his toys out of the cot, to put it bluntly.

"A typical example, on September 8, 2010, we had a meeting in Sandton - a board meeting where he opened that meeting, and after eight minutes he walked out because there were issues in the agenda relating to him.

"We asked him to stay so that we could ask him questions on these issues. He said his lawyer asked him not to entertain any questions from us.

"That is the type of attitude that worries us as leaders."

Nyoka was ousted by the CSA board for the second time in October, after calling repeatedly for an investigation into CSA's finances and bonuses paid to CSA staff and executives.

Mali said the decision to give Nyoka a vote of no confidence was not taken lightly.

"This was not a knee jerk reaction. We all err and make mistakes and talk about them and move forward," Mali said.

"It was a process and it was not because of the bonus issue that we had to ask him to stand down. It was simply because he couldn’t get on well with the board.

"The game is about partnerships. You can’t play an innings without a partner and you can't have anything going without the others - it has to be a collective effort and team work."

Mali said former CSA remuneration committee chairman Paul Harris, who had also called for an independent audit, should shoulder the blame for bonus payments not being declared.

The R4.7 million paid to CSA staff for hosting the 2009 Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament was well earned, Mali said.

"Knowing the bonuses right from 2003, the processes, I do not know much about that, but I believe those people, the money, they got it fair and square.

"I blame the chairman of Remco for this, Paul Harris. We are not there on the board as policemen, we are on the board to apply corrective measures.

"Once you are head of a committee you are not the chief of police, you are there to educate people about the process, how it is done.

"I fault Paul Harris as the man who should have explained to everybody."

Mali said CSA staff should have been paid even more than the bonuses they received for their work on the IPL.

"Those bonuses, they are reasonable. In fact, they deserve more because of the success of the IPL, brought to us with a month’s notice."


  • Madulla - 2011-12-02 21:42

    What Mali is actually saying about Nyoka not being "a team player", is that Nyoka did not agree to the underhand bonus payment system. Nyoka should just have accepted that the open thievery is part and parcel of the duties of board members. Do I understand you correctly, Mr Raymond Mali? Nyoka was kicked out of the board, not once, but twice, because he didn't play ball. He should just have allowed Gerald Majola, who "lives for cricket", to take the millions and run. Do I understand you correctly, Mr Mali? Mali says, "they deserve more because of the success of the IPL". So in other words, it wasn't the world-class players that attracted the spectators. Nor was it the "world class players" that attracted the sponsors and TV deals. It was in fact because of the "HARD work" of Gerald that made the IPL such a success. We, in South Africa, owe a major debt to Gerald and The CBSA. The spectators, the players and the sponsors, count for nothing. No I understand your point Mr Mali. They must patent Majola's expertise and sell it to the rest of the world. Never mind the fact that he hasn't a clue about the ethics on running a company.

      Peter - 2011-12-02 22:24

      You talk about corruption the IPL is nearly as corrupt as the ANC government, its all in the family. A typical african thing no morals or ethics anywhere.

  • Peter - 2011-12-02 22:19

    Mr Mali the board of directors of a company is not there to apply corrective measures! Where did you learn that balderdash? The board of directors is there to give direction through policies and procedures. Thats why they are known as DIRECTORS! Or else they would be called the board of lets see what happens and how to cover it up!

  • Peter - 2011-12-02 22:21

    Just look at ray mali you can see how slimey he is, he is just like the rest of these worthless turds dragging the great country down

  • Atholl - 2011-12-02 23:17

    he (Nyoka) just decides he's not going to be part of this," Mali said well if the inquiry leads to the . exposure of fraud and . contravention of the Companies act and this leads to the . criminal prosecution of the "team of Directors" then WHY would anyone want to b 'part of this' ? that's a bad 'partnership' whether you are the 'chief of police' or not ... of course there could still be a 'Nicholsonic intervention' ... whereby the 'whistle-blowers' are arrested by the chief of police and the Majola's are promoted to become president. a crook of a friend is not a friend.

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