Majola takes leave of absence

2012-03-14 14:04

Cape Town - Cricket South Africa CEO Gerald Majola is preparing himself for the biggest innings of his life.

Majola will ask his employers on Wednesday, March 14 for a three-month leave of absence so that he can prepare himself to defend his integrity, reputation and career.

CSA’s management committee will meet on Wednesday at which meeting Majola’s request will be tabled.

Majola was severely criticised by Judge Chris Nicholson in his report released last week. The Judge conducted a four-month investigation into CSA, as well as Majola’s receipt of a R1.7 million bonus following the Indian Premier League tournament and Champions Trophy competition held in South Africa in 2009. 

Majola repaid the bonus, but the CSA Board returned it to him after an investigation.

Since the publication of the Nicholson report, Majola has kept out of the media spotlight. He is studying the report and will only comment after discussions with his lawyers and advisors. 

His legal advisor has already picked some inconsistencies in the report and he is concerned about the credibility of Judge Nicholson’s findings.

Majola is also concerned about Judge Nicholson’s impartiality and was suspicious that he was a victim of a hatchet job.


  • evdwesthuizen1 - 2012-03-14 14:18

    And with full pay i bet!

      Gunner - 2012-03-14 14:56

      Fikile needs to investigate Bacher as well....R5 million for hosting WC in 2003???

      Piet - 2012-03-14 15:10

      jip, on retirement with full pay!

      Dhirshan - 2012-03-14 15:49

      gerald is having a (ma) jol (a)!

      Bokfan - 2012-03-14 17:25

      Just call him Majuju

      Erich - 2012-03-15 07:44

      Three months is totally inadequate to prepare him. He should ask for 300 years or apply for indefinate leave.

  • Kyle - 2012-03-14 14:36

    3 months leave?????

      Theuns - 2012-03-14 16:05

      Please CSA, I stole a cricket ball at a game. Please, please give me 6 months paid leave @ R150k/month to consult with my lawyers. I am desperate to come clean on this. PS: Do you know of a good travel agency? I want to do a world trip to relieve my stress, for the next six months.

  • hector.cowen - 2012-03-14 14:39

    Of course full pay. How do you expect the poor crook to live on a mere R1.7 million?

  • dhopwood3 - 2012-03-14 14:44

    'Defend his integrity and reputation"? Yeah? In a mere 3 months?

  • bluzulu - 2012-03-14 14:45

    Just fall on your sword crim,

  • Chippas - 2012-03-14 14:56


  • Danny - 2012-03-14 14:59

    "to defend his integrity" - hahaha, he'll need a lot longer than 3 months to do that!!!

      Nicholas - 2012-03-14 15:24


  • Rob - 2012-03-14 15:00

    Resign Gerald......You know it's the right thing to do.

  • Anthony - 2012-03-14 15:01

    Hi, that can only be the best thing for South African cricket, but they will most likely replace him with another corrupt idiot.

  • Herman - 2012-03-14 15:01

    Majola should take permanant leave and let honset people with a passion for cricket, not money, run the show!

  • jaco.duplessis2 - 2012-03-14 15:13

    If you need 3 months to prepare, you are in trouble!

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-03-14 15:15

    Not even 3years of prep would help him. As they say "there is not enough water in the oceans to wash him clean"

  • Lalitha - 2012-03-14 15:16

    Is this guy a fool - when will he realise that his time is up - why all the wasted time, money and energy to keep on fighting when each iteration comes to the same answer & conclusion. Just leave gracefully !!!

      John - 2012-03-15 05:33

      Wait for it Lalitha, CSA will end up paying for his legal fees too. I say get rid of the lot and start again with persons who love the game not the money!!

  • Juanita - 2012-03-14 15:20

    Bulldust... He was given notice to either "take Leave" or be suspended.... DUH.... Sack him!!!

  • Rudi - 2012-03-14 15:35

    OMG Thats Lawrence Fishburne!!!!!

  • chiepner - 2012-03-14 15:41

    Majola - now I can say for sure that YOU dont have the best for cricket in mind. Never did as things seemed to have dragged on to long. Just like many parastatals CEO's that have been found with hands in cookie jars it seems you are intend to try and bargain a "golden handshake" out of this enitre little senario - problem this time you cant hide it and you cant give your self a golden handshake as you so evidently did in the past.

  • Roy - 2012-03-14 15:51

    Give him a permanent "leave of absence" because he has NO integrity and his only reputation is one of being a crook. He had a "career" and that was being a very dishonest CEO who was out to make money for his own pocket. Hope that after his "leave" he does the right thing for cricket and pays back all the money he did not earn and then fades away. Hope he does not get paid while spending his ill gotten bonuses.

      Winston - 2012-03-14 18:44

      Roy as much as I appreciate your sentiments, I think you will need to keep hoping and hoping but something tells me it aint gonna work

  • Stephen - 2012-03-14 15:52

    If this idiot had any intergrity, he would have made a duck a long time ago. The damage he has caused cricket will take years to heal and while he is around, no sponsor with any integrity will touch the sport with a barge pole. The third umpire has checked and found that you did nick the bonus, so start walking son.

  • Trevor - 2012-03-14 15:53

    Cheers out you go!!!

  • Poen - 2012-03-14 16:08

    I have heard evverything now...! South African cricket has suffered enough while this has dragged on far too long already. Why not make a clean sweep and overhaul CSA completely. Maybe more supporters - and possible sponsors - will return then.

  • afmarais - 2012-03-14 16:16

    Oh, how I wish Hansie Cronje was still here today to see this...

  • ndabaq - 2012-03-14 16:26

    Gerald Majola has nothing to prove. Broer, take your jackets and go relax. You have served the CSA with high aploom. It's time for you to take a bow, broer. Nothing you do now will change those minds that think otherwise of you.

  • Raymond - 2012-03-14 17:00

    Funny that Majola decides to return R1.7m and then CSA give it back to him after an investigation. What is going on here? The whole lot need to be put into an outer space rocket on a one way ticket. Catchet and you deserve a hatchet!

  • Andrew - 2012-03-14 17:53

    Just typical of the ANC scum!!!!

  • Herman - 2012-03-14 17:58

    Come on Gerry Baby! It is someone else's turn to loot the cookie jar. VIVA Crooked South Africa , VIVA!!!

  • Vic - 2012-03-14 18:03

    Majola must do the honorable thing and bugger off into the wilderness! How dare he question Judge Nicholson's verdict, when all evidence was there. Another protracted suspension with pay looming.

  • Winston - 2012-03-14 18:41

    I really dont see what the fuss is all about. Just have one whisky and all the solutions come to you as clear as crystal. The most effectrive solution, which is not difficult at all in fact is easy as pie. just stop the advertises money. What on earth is so difficult about that. Come on, get on with it, really !!!

  • mick.lines - 2012-03-14 18:53

    It wasn't his fault,,,, it was the Apartheit Government,,,,, he really didn't want the money.... bless Him...

  • Terry-Lee Heuer - 2012-03-14 22:22

    Well his boss has resigned so who is he going to ask for leave of absence and I ask why 3 months with pay by the way??? Gosh just resign like Khan did but pay the money back first before you do!!!

  • John - 2012-03-15 06:39

    And the guys are ripping into the NZ's today, probably because they know he's on "leave of absence"

  • Carry - 2012-03-15 08:04

    Just like juju - he will not resign on his own accord. Where is he going to get a salary like this ........ AND decide his own bonus. Only in the anc government - and here there are also no vacancies because they too are also hanging on taking as much as they can.

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