Van Jaarsveld leaves Lions

2010-11-04 17:00

Johannesburg - Vaughn van Jaarsveld's contract with the Highveld Lions has come to an immediate end and he will join the Dolphins, it was announced on Wednesday.

He was to have signed with the Dolphins at the start of the new season, but the Lions and Dolphins reached an agreement allowing Van Jaarsveld to transfer immediately. No reasons for this were given.

"It is important for us that Vaughn plays cricket and is available to play for South Africa, if selected," said Lions acting CEO Jacques Faul.

"We, however, have to provide opportunities to many talented players and thus it makes more sense to release him immediately."

Van Jaarsveld thanked the Highveld Lions board for always being good to him as a player.


  • rey - 2010-11-04 19:56

    A great addition to the Dolphins.

  • Uday - 2010-11-04 21:01

    Vaughny has the habit of moving around.Just two seasons ago he expressed his desire to become a Kolpak player(and thus become elegible to represent England).He then had to give(and grovel)a heartfelt apology to Alan Kourie(then CEO of the Lions).The Lions franchise have stood by Vaughn through thick and thin, and now he's off to the Doplhins!All the best to him,he is currently scoring rather well in the SuperSport Series competion.btw isnt this the 3rd player that the Dolphins have stolen from the Lions?:)

  • Christo - 2010-11-05 07:27

    Ek het nie meer simpatie met die Lions nie. Hulle kom flippen nêrens en dan jaag hulle nog hulle beter spelers weg. Sien maar julle gatte verder Lions. Ek kyk nie weer julle games nie...nie op die kassie nie en ook nie weer op Wanderers nie. Julle flippen versleg by die dag. Watse kak besluit is dit nou van julle. Flippen dom man....

  • Zeus - 2010-11-05 08:01

    Ja typical, just like the rugby. The Lions give the young guys a chance and then they move so Durban or Cape Town can have them. They should scrap the whole 'provincial' cricket thing. It's purely franchise now! If I was to support the rugby team with the most Gauteng born players, I would be supporting WP or the Sharks. Cheers Vaughan, all the best, hope we see see you in the green and gold soon!

  • @ Uday - 2010-11-05 08:19

    Yes, it may be the 3rd player they have signed from the Lions but it's amazing how quickly you forget where the likes of Jonothan Vandiar and Robbie Frylink came from. It's a proffesional sport.

  • Lion Fan - 2010-11-05 10:14

    Frylinck was'nt stolen, he was'nt offered an contract by the Dolphins. Vandiar on the other hand was offered a much more lucrative package in Gauteng. Vaughn is a great player, hope he gets recall to the Proteas ODI and T20 sides.

  • Sean Perry - 2010-11-05 12:25

    Dolphins say they are going to "bread their own local players"...SURE THING! They have signed/stolen Tahir, Shamzi/Van Jaarsveld, Conway, Bopara, Pietersen, just this season - then add Bosman and Friend???...where is the "local"? Uday is spot on re VanJaarsveld re and his coming and going with contract issues - he will do the same to the Dolphins in time. Sure a good player and a big loss for Lions - but another door just opened for a new young player in the Professional game! GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @christo - 2010-11-05 12:37

    Christo jou neut ....waar le die leeus op die Super sport series log .. um 2de ... hoeveel van die 2 games in die MTN 40 het hulel al gewen .. 2 uit 2 .. en dit was sonder van jaarsveld .... ek dink jy moet bietjie by kom in die lewe asb ...

  • Christo - 2010-11-05 12:55

    Luister dude, ek het baie meer insae as jy...glo my. Ek hoef niks verder te sê nie, want ek weet wat aangaan....

  • @Zeus and Christo - 2010-11-05 13:11

    Get the facts first.van Jaarsveld signed a contract behind the Lions back to play for the Dolphins next season, as this was a conflict of interest he was shown the door

      clarerobertakey - 2010-11-10 15:50

      hi guys to set the record straight Vaughn told the Lions that he was going to fulfil his Lions contract til the end of the season and only join up with the Dolphins in the new season after his contract with the Lions expires. But however, the Lions could not accept him deciding not to renew his contract so they suspended him from playing cricket. Thanks.

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