KP slams team-mate's book

2011-12-19 16:50

London - Kevin Pietersen has labelled Graeme Swann's recent autobiography as "not a clever book" after his England team-mate went into print to criticise him as "not a natural leader".

Pietersen, in an interview with the BBC on Monday, insisted he had a good relationship with Swann and that the fall-out from the off-spinner's book would have no bearing on England's team spirit ahead of their upcoming series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates.

"Things are absolutely fine," said Pietersen. "It was Swanny, Swanny likes to talk. It's not a clever book in the middle of your career, but it's not affecting anything that's going on in the team for sure.

"The team spirit we've got at the moment... a book won't change anything like that," Pietersen added.

"When we go to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in a couple of weeks time, the team will be as united as ever and that's not going to change for one second because of a book," star batsman Pietersen insisted.

Pietersen was briefly England's captain across all formats but resigned in January 2009 after questioning the credentials of then coach Peter Moores, who was sacked from his post.

Their exits paved the way for the successful alliance between current Test captain Andrew Strauss and coach Andy Flower that this year took England, who won the Ashes 3-1 in Australia and then, at home, whitewashed India 4-0, to the top of the world Test rankings.

But their one-day form has been far less impressive, with England struggling to get into the knockout stages of this year's World Cup in Asia before being well beaten by eventual finalists Sri Lanka.

And in October a one-day series in India saw England thrashed 5-0 by the 50-over world champions.

Pietersen said England's inability, in contrast to the Test team, to find a settled one-day side was behind the Twenty20 world champions' struggles in the 50-over format.

"We've used so many players, whether it be through injury or rest.

"I've played seven years of one-day cricket for England, and it's round about 35 players that we've used.

"To get that consistency and roles in the team can be quite hard," he explained.

"Things didn't go according to plan in India two months ago but we have made great strides in one-day cricket, certainly here (in England).

"The World Cup was a tough one because it came at end of that long Australian trip. It is (England's one-day record) something we are focused on improving."

Swann, writing in his Sun newspaper column in October, played down talk of a rift with the South Africa-born Pietersen.

"People have claimed my observation that KP is not a natural leader and should not have captained England has caused dressing-room divisions and a breakdown in team spirit.

"Well, anybody who thinks that does not know this England team," Swann said.

"The reason we lost the one-day series 5-0 to India is because we've been outplayed in conditions which suit the home team."


  • Barry - 2011-12-19 17:53

    Yeah Swann has a problem with South Africans because there are so many in the England team that is way better than him.

      Inky - 2011-12-19 18:02

      Name one that is a better spinner than Swan ?

      Bob - 2011-12-19 21:48

      KP is an idiot

  • Shirley - 2011-12-19 18:18

    Pietersons ego is bigger that his I.Q. Swann is correct in saying Pieterson is not a natural leader. Swann wrote the book-good or bad and K.P. has to get his piece of the limelight!

      Grant - 2011-12-19 18:28

      Remember Pieterson was captaining under sacked-coach Peter Moores... whereas Strauss is captaining under Andy Flower. Who's to say Pieterson wouldnt have done well under a better coach? Yes - Swann is entitled to his opinion, and I've never really LIKED Pieterson myself - but had he been given an actual chance to LEAD, I think he would have done well!

      Michael - 2011-12-21 09:44

      @Grant, Peter Moores joined Lancashire after the English coach debacle, Lancashire have won the English County cricket title in 2011 for the first time in 77 years. This with a squad that did not play one current overseas international player, the only overseas player was Mohamed Farveez Maharoof of Sri Lanka. Moores took a bunch of youngsters worked damn hard in the off season and created a championship winning squad when pundits had them down for relegation. Lancashire have spent enormous amounts on upgrading their facilities. I think many counties are interested in how Peter Moores achieved this, as the only international player in the Lancs squad James Anderson was almost never available to the squad. How did they do it? Good coaching is my guess.

  • colin.dovey - 2011-12-19 18:42

    Temperamental? Parsimonious? Egotistic? Abrasive?.......Yup

  • Lara - 2011-12-19 19:21

    I just hope we can whip them good next year.

  • Skhona Skratchy-l Luswazi - 2011-12-19 20:28

    I'm not suprised after I spoke to the guy that went in the same school with KP he said kp was very arrogant he didn't have many freinds at school because of his eGo

  • Pierre - 2011-12-19 21:55

    From the way he acts I would have though KP is too stupid to be able to read!!

      Peter - 2011-12-20 08:49

      You are right on the money with your comment, he is a typical south african sportsman knows everything and not much between the ears except his big head

  • comurray - 2011-12-20 09:38

    KP is an arrogant idiot who seems to think that the English test cricket team owes him something. If he were not in their team would make no difference to the end result.

      Inky - 2011-12-20 11:41

      Your comment suggests that you have a very limited knowledge of the game. He is one of the best batsmen in world cricket today.

  • BJ - 2011-12-20 11:56

    Wonder who read the book to Kevin

  • Pierre - 2011-12-20 15:02

    Inky, Your comment shows your ignorance of the world game, KP is not and never will be in the class of Ponting, Tendulkar, Strauss, AB, Amla, Kallis, Sangakara, Sehwag, Clarke etc etc etc. You could fill about 5 world teams before you even consider this idiot to be water boy.

      Inky - 2011-12-20 15:17

      I never compared KP to anybody but any team in the world would want a player that has a test average of 50+ and 6000+ runs. An ODI strike rate of 90% and a 20/20 strike rate of 143%.

      Heiku - 2011-12-20 16:15

      He is still a chop. I wouldnt want him in my team.

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