Jayawardene: New rule unfair

2012-11-05 17:14

Pallekele - Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene said the new one-day international rule on field restrictions is disadvantageous to bowlers and could even diminish the role of spinners in the future.

Jayawardene said the International Cricket Council rule to restrict the number of outfielders to four, even outside of powerplay overs, heavily favours batsmen.

Even though he is a batsman, Jayawardene thinks the move is not in the best interests of the sport and that spinners will be especially affected.

"I am not comfortable with these changes. It's not the way to go forward," Jayawardene said on Monday, a day after playing the first one-day international under the new rule. "I have this funny feeling that spinners will not have a role to play in the future."

Under the new rule there will be two set of powerplay overs and the first 10 will allow only two fielders in the outfield. The five-over batting powerplay allows three fielders in the outfield and only four fielders are allowed for the remaining overs.

The new rule came into effect in the ongoing ODI series between Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

Another new rule is the use of new balls at either end, which hinders spinners' grip to extract turn.

Jayawardene said limited-overs cricket is becoming too generous for batsmen, citing the rule of a free hit after a bowler bowls a no-ball.

The Sri Lankans have historically relied on spin bowling to win matches.


  • willem.plessis - 2012-11-06 07:08

    Yes and......??? Spinners are making the OD-game tooo boooooaaaaring!!!! I think it is great for OD-cricket going forward. That will hinder another Sub-Continental team from winning so easily with all their spinners for a period of time, until they realize that the game needs quickies as well. The Sub-Continental teams saw that bringing in more and more spinners was slowing the batting team's rhythm and made the batting rate slower. Now they are complaining when other teams relying more on fasties are being advantaged. Booooohooooo for you Jayawardene. I want to see action in One Dayers, not slow boaring cricket!!!

      Jacques - 2012-11-06 10:55

      The fact that you can't spell 'boring' speaks volumes about your attention span. How mundane will ODI cricket be if everyone played the same type of cricket?

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