Pienaar heads IPL marketing

2009-04-17 07:25

Cape Town - There were plenty of raised eyebrows among the local cricket media corps when former Springbok captain Francois Pienaar and the former ATP chairperson Etienne de Villiers took up seats alongside the IPL bigwigs Lalit Modi, Ravi Shastri and Shahrukh Khan at the Indian Premier League (IPL) media conference in Cape Town on Thursday.

The Pretoria-born De Villiers headed up the governing body of men's world tennis between June 2005 and December 2008 and during his tenure he secured record-breaking levels of prize money for players and a clutch of new world-class tournaments which raised $1 billion of new investment.

The IPL chairperson and commissioner Modi said that the governing body of the mega-rich Twenty20 league had appointed De Villiers to drive the marketing and advertising campaign in South Africa.

De Villiers and Modi had previously been business partners for several years and both have had strong ties in the past with The Walt Disney Company, a world leader in family entertainment and media enterprise.

De Villiers explained that after he accepted the position with the IPL he decided to call on South Africa's 1995 World Cup winning captain Pienaar to assist with the marketing operation.

"We aim to build on the fun, entertainment and excitement that the IPL became famous for in its first year in 2008," said De Villiers.

"The IPL presents a turbo charged cricketing and family event. For example, there will be live music, performances by Cirque du Soleil and a host of innovations at each game that will make it a wonderful outing for all members of the family."


  • Spot - 2009-04-17 09:43

    Money, money,'s a rich man's world. IPL is about money and entertainment. That's it.

  • Liz - 2009-04-17 09:46

    Looking forward to some great entertainment BUT if you happen to live i East London .... have been trying to book via Computicket on line. Booking date opening changed from the 15th to the 17th but its now 9h43 on the 17th and the booking is still closed ! Why must EL fans be treated like this ? IPL marketing should sort them out - quickly !

  • turbo_superboss - 2009-04-17 10:27

    lol @ liz, very cute

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-17 10:27

    I had to pay R1000 per ticket for Saturdays opening game. Tickets was sold out within a hour and a half.

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-17 10:38

    ... and don't forget the match fixing revenues......

  • joker - 2009-04-17 10:42

    man i really want to get my hand on some tickets...CPT sold out now i have to travel to Jozi and Durbs...i so wanna see Shah Rukh Khan

  • Michael - 2009-04-17 10:45

    @Spot.... Your point being?

  • AJ - 2009-04-17 10:46

    I will be at the AJ Stadium. Ticket free, Seats are TV-side, alchoholic beverages allowed, cold and at no charge. Parking 20 feet away. Only couch seating available. Unfortunately wife not on hand to serve, I am reliably informed by herself.

  • Terry - 2009-04-17 10:47

    I wouldn't be prepared to pay my TV licenice to watch this rubbish on TV, let alone R1000 for 1 game. You suckers are all being taken in by the huge hype. Whatever the IPL is...... it is not cricket. It is what would happen if the Americans got their hands on the game - turn it into hype and smoke for people with the attention span of a gnat!

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-17 12:08

    Wake up mate. The world is about money and entertainment......

  • NibblerSA - 2009-04-17 12:27

    What a load of crap. IPL is not about cricket, it's about money.

  • Mike - 2009-04-17 12:56

    Don't wish to be a 'party pooper' but I cannot get excited over the IPL. I need a team to support and none of these teams mean a thing to me.

  • Dave - 2009-04-17 13:12

    Yes the IPL is all about money and entertainment, but why is that really so bad? If you want to watch something that's just all about cricket, watch the domestic 4 day competition in South Africa and see how long that holds your interest! The IPL gives spectators a chance to see the best players in the world play against each other in an exciting format. It's not a replacement for Test cricket, it's merely a more thrilling form of the game that attracts a whole new group of people to the game - and that really isn't such a bad thing.

  • FRONIKA - 2009-04-17 13:44

    All those negative guys - we'll talk again when it is all over - you'll get drawn in - just wait and see.

  • mohanxt - 2009-04-17 14:39

    YOU GUYS SHOULD BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU CITY IS HOUSTING IPL. It's good for your city and for you. Be positive!

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-17 16:32

    Lol) I just want to be the famous crickters Wife or gf to be in the spotlite & enjoy all this glitz and glamour. For now Smith will do ;)

  • Anonymous User - 2009-04-18 21:38

    so what if the ipl is about money. So is all sport. There just happens to be more available in Indian cricket

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