IPL4 to be 'bigger and better'

2010-04-28 15:21

Mumbai - The Indian Premier League's interim chairperson Chirayu Amin has said the show will go on next season, although he would be bringing a different, less glitzy management style than suspended chairperson Lalit Modi.

"The show will go on. IPL4 would be on schedule and it would be bigger and better. The cleaning up is already happening. My job is to run IPL in the most transparent manner," Amin said, as reported by The Times of India website.

According to the SportBusiness website, Amin said the competition did not need all of the “flamboyance” of its first three editions, including the “IPL nights” after-match parties.

"I don't know about the cheerleaders but the IPL nights will be stopped," he said. "I have my own working style which will evolve. Flamboyance has got nothing to do with cricket. Cricket is itself a religion, it sells itself."

Amin assured stakeholders that a thorough investigation was being conducted into the accusations of financial impropriety which brought down Modi.

“My job is to interact with franchises and assure them that their investment is safe and will flourish... IPL's brand image is strong, no one can touch that. It's a storm but it will pass," he said.

“Nothing is out of control. There has to be a total of audit of things. Some documents are missing and the Board is looking into it.”

Amin said the IPL's governing council had erred in trusting Modi so implicitly.

"The success of the IPL was so dazzling that everyone was basking in its glory. Certain details were not disclosed to us in all this. We trusted Modi in good faith. I have to admit that the Governing Council could have been more vigilant," Amin, also a BCCI vice-president, said.


  • Bertha Kemp - 2010-04-28 15:56

    The IPL will not be the same without Lalit Modi. I like him and he has done so much for cricket India. I enjoy watching IPL for 6 weeks and I dont think two more teams is a good idea. The fresh auction is fine. There are already so many matches. Lati is an honest man and there were no match-fixing. Mumbai Indians did not play well in the final match and Rudi Koertzen made a mistake by giving Harb Singh out LBW. Singh would have turned the match around for the Mumbai Indean team or maybe not. I think Rudi had a soft spot for Chennai Super Kings, but apart from that Chennai played very well and deserve to win. Have a nice day. Greetings from Pretoria.

  • @ Bertha Kemp - 2010-04-28 16:45

    WTF. I want to drink the sh!t you drinking.

  • @ '@ Bertha Kemp' - 2010-04-28 17:30

    Please share when she gives you some of her stuff. It looks like good shiat!

  • @ bertha kemp - 2010-04-29 12:41


  • Nihal Tennakoon - 2010-05-24 16:15

    I like to see more oversease palyers ( five players per side) in a team to become more popular internationaly.

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