Smith laments 'basic mistakes'

2010-05-09 15:22

Bridgetown - South Africa captain Graeme Smith was left to lament bowling and fielding errors after losing Saturday's Twenty20 World Cup Super Eight game to England.

England's South African born batsmen Kevin Pietersen and Craig Kieswetter put on 94 in a 10.3 over partnership but both were let off the hook in just the third over.

Kieswetter was caught at third man but the celebrations of his dismissal were cut short as the umpire was signalling a no ball from Morne Morkel.

Two balls later, Pietersen flashed a chance between the stationary keeper and first slip, which either could have dived for.

"I think the first six overs was especially disappointing," Smith told reporters. "Basic mistakes, no balls, missed chances up-front proved costly for us. We really could have had England three or four down in those first six overs.

"Basic mistakes from us allowed them to get a partnership that has proven to be the difference between the two games."

Smith was particularly annoyed by Morkel's no-ball, which followed a similar situation with India's Suresh Raina in South Africa's group stage defeat. Raina was caught of a no-ball when on five and went on to a match-winning 101.

"It is very frustrating and it is something we have spoken about," Smith said.

"It seems to come and go, he goes through phases where he doesn't bowl them and then he goes through phases when he does. I guess it is up to the bowling coach and Morne to get it right."

But the South Africa skipper was frank about the result.

"I think England outplayed us in both the first ten overs. They bowled better than us, batted better than us and we sort of allowed them to play with freedom with the ball and the bat.

"I think they bowled very well. I found the wicket pretty two paced and hard to play freely on. Everyone of our batters struggled except for JP (Duminy) really. That partnership between Kieswetter and Pietersen really was the difference."


  • Red 1 - 2010-05-09 15:41

    Typical Smith comments. Everyone except himself are to blame for the loss. I believe that the real culprit is CSA. They failed to recognise and retain players like KP, Kieswetter and Lumb be it their racial policy or plain incompetence. They selected the wrong team to play on the worn wicket and they appointed Smith the captain. He did not have a clue and once again resorted to dramatics and rather than initiating strategies to chance the game. All he could do was shout and gesture at the other players. Not a good captain !

  • Roger - 2010-05-09 15:49

    Lets be honest, SA cricket has not taken any strides forward since the appointment of the new coach. Still the same CHOKERS in the team (smith, kallis, albie.....). SMITH and VAN ZYL needs to go and I am certain SHUKRI is the only man who can take this team of CHOKERS forward.

  • ZongSpin - 2010-05-09 15:57

    What happened to Bosman? Smith, Kallis and Gibbs are in most cases disappointing at the top. As a good captain, Smith knew that they needed to compensate the poor bowling. They failed (or choked). In Twenty20, the run rate is much higher, and the batsmen attack from the first ball. Both Kevin Pietersen and Craig Kieswetter showed us when they put on 94 in just 10 overs. What our top order does in most cases is to put pressure to the lower order to always salvage the situation. You do not win a tournament by relying on others, the situation that the Proteas are in right now (similar to that of Manchester United this afternoon).

  • norman - 2010-05-09 16:01

    Yet again excuses,excuses and more excuses from our rather overweight captain - what a bunch of palookas! Almost as poor as Bafana Bafana.

  • Standing at Point - 2010-05-09 16:01

    ya, well, it wasnt me caus i dont bowl and stand around at slip watching stuff, i mean i shouldnt be here my little finger hurts alot guyz.... move on wheres AMLA

  • Cherry - 2010-05-09 16:01

    @Red 1. Fully agree. One dimentional captain who lacks initiative and flair. Plays to a formula and unable to think on his feet. And everyone else but himself are to blame....!

  • Willem - 2010-05-09 16:07

    How about blaming it on the Batting!!! KP said in the interview that it was a very good batting wicket! He also said that Smith made the wrong move with the full pace attack with only 1 spinner. Now Smith blames Morne for bowling the No-Ball (which is totally unacceptable) C'mon Smith, get your head out of ur ass, and accept that it was YOU who made the wrong choice!!

  • BC - 2010-05-09 16:08

    Botha is a better one day captain than Smith, who does nor appear to recognise that the team game plan is not working and needs some adjustment. It was patently obvious to everyone else that the full pace attack wasn't working but they just kept on beating their heads against the proverbial brick wall. A well deserved win by England team and coach who did recognise what was working and applied real intelligence to their game, totally outclassing SA.

  • STORMER - 2010-05-09 16:09


  • Gen30 - 2010-05-09 16:11

    Smithie, dont look any further than yourself, you are NOT a leader, never will be. Get a life and start playing bowls. You are the disgrace in the Saffie's side.

  • Thulisile - 2010-05-09 16:13

    If its a racial policy,how is that benefiting the non white players to be chosen in that team because if you look at the core of that team its 80% whites and still no African player.Not unless you say it should remain all white like in the past.White players have got better chances to be selected in the cricket team irrespective of their form than the non white players.If Morne and Mark were non white players,they would have definitely been dropped from the team based on their perfomance inconsistency.Whether KP,Kieswetter and Lumb have left these shores because of racial policy,its not benefiting the non white players anyway.Its just a lame excuse.

  • Muriel - 2010-05-09 16:15

    Mr Smith should be very conservative when it comes comments to the press. It seems every time he says they will 'thrash" the opposition, they lose the game. They are so hell bent on getting KP and Collingwood out, that they totally lose the plot. So yes, Smith needs to go, as he is not an inspirational force in the team.

  • Matchfixing? - 2010-05-09 16:22

    I just want to say most of smith decision are suspect to me. Why bowl morkel in the final over who had figures of 3overs for 30 runs at that stage when kallis had figures of 3 overs for 15 runs!! Also some of the weird "clever" decisions he makes are so strange. I have a idea that matchfixing could be playing a role here. Think of all the player who play in the IPL, very easy to aproach and most of these players are the ones that let us down at strange times. Why push the ball around in the first 6 overs! Come on. there is something fishy going on.

  • Ian - 2010-05-09 16:22

    Other countries have different players for the three strains of cricket - T20, ODI and Tests - even we have certain changes with a common core. Smith and Kallis though, are just not suited to T20 - big, lumbersome batsmen who take a while to settle in and who then perform well. Has anyone said to Smith, Kallis and the selectors that when England were 61-1 after 5 over and end on 160-170 that we need to hit the ball in the powerplay and not to use it as a warm-up? There is just zero use of tactics at national level - yet our domestic T20 cricket is brilliant! We need a fresh T20 team with every player earning his place on performance at T20 alone - not because he's the national captain or because another has played cricket for ever and a day!

  • Rob - 2010-05-09 16:27

    Once again, long list of excuses from Smith, Be honest, SA played better one day cricket with Botha as captain. Starting way to slow, builds pressure hence the flurry of lost wickets. School boy mentality!!!! Beat Afghanistan and think they the kings of the worls again.

  • PMS - 2010-05-09 16:27

    Oh, so only the bowlers are to blame?? As far as I could see we batted on the same pitch as England. We came out and scratched around the same way we did against India, so no lessons learnt from that encounter. We just did not seem to have any intent to go after the batting but scratched around prodding ones and twos. Was a dismal performance.

  • Larry - 2010-05-09 16:29

    The "Basic Mistakes" are all down to both the Captain and the selectors. Smith should not even be in the 20T team, let alone haveing the skippers job. Kallis, Langefeldt and Boucher are also too long in the tooth for this form of the game, but its Smiths decisions and play that has been attrocious.

  • Derek - 2010-05-09 16:36

    Smith needs to be replaced, has no tactical awerness and at times I suspect that he can't count or read the scoreboard inrespect to the number of overs some guys ahve bowled or not as the case maybe.We should be giving a lot more youngsters a chance "a la IPL" this is where evry country in the world is getting it wrong and the Indians will dominate, guys like Raina, Vijay Uttapa to name a few are streets ahead. Reinventing ones self doesn't isn't the answer.

  • Tony - 2010-05-09 16:43

    Where are all you English haters today then? Gone all shy have we? Seems to me that apart from KP's brilliant innings the all English born bowling attack did for your mob. Who care's about the make up of the team when we can put one over you load of cretins on a regular basis. Make my day hit me with some that bile that you spout.

  • glen - 2010-05-09 16:44

    Smith's bowling changes were very poor , does he not learn .

  • Rocky - 2010-05-09 16:49

    This is the most pathetic worn out story i have heard over the last few years coming out of bull shi**er Smith's mouth "Yes weve been there, experienced a nice time, see the world, had some fun, couple of drinks, and hay, maybe a lay in the hay, who knows. For what we earn, we just have to win a game here and there, that will keep the selctors and the supporters happy. Hey a man got to do what man had to do in order to make a living. So who cares if we are fat, unfit and slow. Bring on the pizzas and beer" Our so called international team could not and will not ever win any 50 or 20\20 trophies. They just dont have the guts, will power and determination. At least there is other good sports like rugby, formula 1 racing, and even bowls, that seems more exciting than the games our lads play. Smith and kie must go ASAP. I rest my case your honour.

  • Hector - 2010-05-09 16:52

    Will support the Proteas again when Smith and his gang chokers leave.

  • Cricket fan - 2010-05-09 16:53

    Bring in amla,im sure he wil do a much better job than d curent top order batsmans,smith is a real hammerkop

  • CornĂ© - 2010-05-09 17:01

    We were pathetic . Its like the proteas are having a nice holiday in the carribean. I hope they will get to the semifinals but they will lose. cause the team that comes second will have a strong opponent in the semis like Australia. We will lose another twenty twenty tournament.

  • PAUL - 2010-05-09 17:05

    Smith is the the problem as well as kallis. Letsface it they are not suited for the fast 20/20 format hitting ones and twos in the power play and using it to warm up. Kallis is also to old for the fast tempo and should use his last year to concentrate on the 5 day games It is time for a paradigm shift in our cricket. Jeremy Frederics? is right in saying that we always fail when it means a lot to win

  • martin - 2010-05-09 17:16

    Are Uncle Bob and Smith related , they both have the canny ability to stuff every thing up and blame some-one else. You're way past your sell by date. Bye Smith , bring in Botha.

  • JD - 2010-05-09 17:23

    Time to get rid of Biff and his bullshit. Mickey Arthur had to take the fall but nothing has changed. Big head Smith is still there and the results are still missing

  • Darryl - 2010-05-09 17:28

    PLEASE would the SA batting coach please help Smith. His technique is so flawed at the moment. He is incapable of hitting anything to the off side. He needs to be taught how to hold a bat. Under 9 stuff.

  • Dennis - 2010-05-09 17:53

    In the post match interview, Captain Smith said "we have challenges...." What he meant to say and should have said was "we have a problem & quite frankly I'm it!" So ideally as I've said before get some FOCUSSED discipline in place and appoint Botha as Captain, appoint Amla in place of Kallis and Wessels as Coach, say goodbye to Boucher & Kallis (who are the "ruling clique" in the team) and things can only improve.

  • rho - 2010-05-09 17:53

    if u dont like the captain get a damn sheeploving jersey and support them. go smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe - 2010-05-09 17:57

    Something's rotten in the state of SA Cricket. The players seemed to lack commitment and a desire to win. It is clear that Smith does not adapt quick enough to events during a game. Why keep Steyn hurling down seemers at the speed of sound when it's only helping the other team? We lost this game while fielding: wrong bowling options, wrong field placings, wrong bowling changes. I would have given anyting for a Klusener and a few slow off cutters. As for Kallis not being suitable for this format, look at his IPL stats before making that claim, but he should not open. We might need to drop Bouch, let AB keep, to open space for VD Merwe. He can more than make up for Boucher's batting and bowl as well. If Gibbs is in the team he should open; it is a waste otherwise and Bosman then might as well stay.

  • Gert@Thulisile - 2010-05-09 18:00

    Hi Thulisile, why my friend why bring in race again? Bosman and Gibbs are non whites and are their performance any better than the rest of the team? Is it not that Pietersen who smashed us is on the other side due to the fact that he had to make way for a black guy? So come on take of your coulor glasses , varknek!!!!!!!

  • Lloydster(uk) - 2010-05-09 18:04

    The truth of the matter is a complexed political shambles."matchfixing" said a few things but it goes deeper than that. The drop catches were blatant,over stepping-easy to get away with, Boucher nor Kallis just smiled as KP's ball went pass. To me yeah,it a bit of matchfixing in the sense that "they" can get away with letting the side down in order to prove to CSA to cough up more bucks. Not sure how long this charade is going to carry on for but "they " dont deserve our support.

  • Dave Cohen - 2010-05-09 18:09

    Why doesn't Smith mention the dolly that Duminy dropped. Most high school youngsters would have caught it. Do we always have to protect Duminy, who has proved this year and last that he is no more that an average provincial player. The criticisms seem to fly in Kallis' and Boucher's direction. Heaven help our cricket when Kallis eventually retires. How many more chances does that alchoholic and match-fixer Gibbs need before the selectors decide that he has nothing more to offer the sport?

  • My name - 2010-05-09 18:17

    Smith is a basic mistake.

  • Ina - 2010-05-09 18:24

    Yep Time that Smith put his hand on his own heart. If you are not on song Give way to other people that is inform Move little bit Smith

  • Not Fooled - 2010-05-09 18:28

    England not only outplayed South Africa, they outthought them. Any team that wants to win a world cup, in whatever sport, has to take it's courage in it's hands and be bold. South African cricket is waaay too conservative and one dimensional.

  • Semi - 2010-05-09 18:36

    What I find strange is that almost the whole Protea squad just came straight out the IPL,so everyone should be in form.Instead we are playing like a bunch of schoolboys.Even the commentators last night could not understand why Morne Morkel was chosen to bowl the last over,since he is the "no ball" king.Pity Smith did not realize this.Bunch of pathetic schoolboys.Pathetic overpaid bunch.

  • Matt Nel - 2010-05-09 18:37

    Smith needs to stay in the team but get dropped as Captain. Botha needs to take up the ropes from here on. Smith's bowling decisions and "I feel sorry for myself" attitude cost us the match. Clearly they we lapping up the fast pace and Smith cant think on his feet to bring in slow bowlers or get the fast bowlers to bowl slower - even himself would of been better than bowling Steyn on the day. Morkel with his ameture no balls along with JP's easy drop and Bouchers confussion behind the stumps cost us dearly. This all stems from bad captaincy - why is the whole team under performing? We need change from the top - thats the only way for us to bring any trophy home! Smith has had his chance at the top and has blown it many times. I am sick of it.

  • Burgiesburnin - 2010-05-09 18:38

    Everything about SA Cricket is a f@*%K up. the team, selection policy and even those pricks at Super Sport. They make more excusses for Smith than Smith makes. Their comments are biased and they critisis the opposition instead of giving credit when its due. That blond git that looks like a right twat said that Sidebottom 'Show boated" to take a full stretch diving catch. Never mentioned his caught and bowled wicket. I,m really surprised that a cricketer of Cullinan, standard didnt pull him up about that. His comments are not cricket and when that happens, the current situiation is what you get and deserve. Jeremy who? he,s just an echo!

  • JJ - 2010-05-09 18:56

    SA can never win any tournament. They have no flair, no flexibility and a play the same old boring cricket. While otehr teams have moved forward we are still stuck with the same players with the same mentality.

  • Anti smith - 2010-05-09 19:02

    Smith - for the good of the team and the game - is high time!!!!! The team is an embarrasment!!!

  • Face Reality Smith - RESIGN You were never any good - 2010-05-09 20:09

    Smith needs to be Replaced: this man needs to build a bridge and get over himself really our cricket team has become SMITH ME,MYSELF, I. Actually fire the selectors as they are as much too blame for this damn,damn poor show.

  • steadfast - 2010-05-09 20:24

    Smith is the negetive force in side, SA is only side in tournament that look like they dont want to be there. There body language is indifferent, they look like the are attending a funeral. Maybe they are all sick and tired of Smiths bad captaincy. Send Smith home to never again be captain of SA.

  • Di-zzy - 2010-05-09 20:35

    As an England fan & cricket mom who lives in SA I find all the comments a breath of fresh air! At last it seems that people are beginning to see where the problems with the Proteas' really lie. I'm sick of all the quips about the England team, especially those who call the SA born players traitors & mercenaries, it's just not fair, I think Red1 sums that up. Ask my 14 yr old son who his role model is & he'll tell you KP, because "he never gave up on his cricket"! Ask him who he want's to play for & he'll tell you SA first & England second, I'm sure thats what those guys hoped for when they were kids too.

  • Biff - 2010-05-09 20:36

    Hello from the Carribean - me and the boys are having a great party mon - oh and playing a bit of cricket now and again mon !!! The life of a professional South African cricketer is the good life mon - big bucks and no responsibility !

  • CARYL - 2010-05-09 20:36

    1. What is Duminy Doing In the Team? He needs to go back and play at provincial level.When the spinners seem him arrive at the crease they virtually salivate. 2. Smith is OK as a 5 day captain.Lets have Botha for the short game. 3. Havent we got other bowlers other than the Morkels?. They are far too flaky and always look miserable and nervous. 4.Good bye kallis -please join Smith for only the 5 day.

  • Farrel - 2010-05-09 20:43

    i have been a really proud and loyal cricket supporter for almost 20 years and have to say, i am starting to get sick and tired of sticking up for this strictly average S.A team, even if they do by some chance beat the pakis, we have lost to india as well as england and do not deserve to win the tournament, Smithers, you a great batsman but your captaincy sometimes borders on ridiculous

  • Red 1 - 2010-05-09 20:47

    @ Thulisile. I believe that your racial comments are out of line in a cricket column and do not justify a response from cricket fans. I do however wonder why CSA have not produced any black players capable of competing at the top levels. Dr Bacher ensured that Nitini was exposed to accelerated development and he did his country proud. If the huge sums of money available for development are not producing quality black cricketers ( and we are losing quality white players) then who is benefiting?

  • Andre - 2010-05-09 20:50

    Smith is looking for excuses the whole time -we were outplayed