Pakistan set up Proteas clash

2012-09-25 19:31

Pallekele - Pakistan bludgeoned Bangladesh out of the World Twenty20 and successfully reached the Super Eights round with a ruthless batting display on Tuesday.

Full scorecard

Imran Nazir's brilliant 72 and skipper Mohammad Hafeez's 45 helped take Pakistan past Bangladesh's challenging 175-6 in Pallekele, after already overhauling the 140-run target needed to go through on net run-rate.

Shakib Al Hasan had smashed a record 84 for Bangladesh, who needed to win by 36 runs to go through, raising the prospect of a shock upset against the former champions.

But those hopes were quickly dashed by opener Nazir's career-best knock, including nine boundaries and three sixes in 36 balls, which made up the bulk of Pakistan's 124 for the opening wicket with Hafeez.

Even when both fell in one Abul Hasan over, Nasir Jamshed (29 not out) and Kamran Akmal (22 not out) ensured the win was achieved with eight balls to spare as Pakistan wrapped it up with 178-2, joining New Zealand in the next round.

Pakistan will now play South Africa in Colombo on Friday in their first Super Eight clash.

Earlier, it was left-hander Hasan who hit his second Twenty20 fifty and added 68 runs for the third wicket with skipper Mushfiqur Rahim (25) after Bangladesh won the toss and opted to bat.

Hasan, whose previous T20 best of 57 came against Ireland at Belfast earlier this year, smashed 11 boundaries and two sixes during his 54-ball knock, improving Nazimuddin's previous best of 81, against Pakistan at Nairobi in 2007.

Opener Tamim Iqbal hit five boundaries in his 12-ball 24 before he was unfortunately run out. It was Hasan who punished every Pakistani bowler, with Umar Gul going for 43 runs in his three overs.

Pakistan were sloppy in the field, with Sohail Tanveer dropping a sitter off Rahim and Shahid Afridi failing to hold on to a sharp chance off Hasan - both in one over by Yasir Arafat, who was best bowler with 3-25.

The Super Eights, which decide the semi-finalists, start in Pallekele on Thursday, with Sri Lanka taking on New Zealand and England playing the West Indies in Group One.

Pakistan, India, South Africa and Australia are in a highly competitive Group Two, highlighted by the fact that all four teams are unbeaten so far.

Brief scores:

Bangladesh 175-6 in 20 overs (Shakib Al Hasan 84); Pakistan 178-2 in 18.4 overs (Imran Nazir 72)


  • Sammy Willow - 2012-09-25 20:21

    let hope the boys dont choke against this lot

      UNITY - 2012-09-26 07:24

      Its about time we choke back.all batsmen will flash at any width given, bowl disciplined, introduce more spinners on early in the attack and take the pace off the batsmens ecpectations. Ajmal was a threat in the last world cup , we must find a way to play him.

  • boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 21:08

    SA will never manage the spin attack. provided it's a spin friendly pitch.

      david.s.duncan.1 - 2012-09-25 22:13

      Pakistan's bowling was rather crap today. Look forward to the game, will be exciting. Go Proteas!!

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 23:01

      David that pitch was whack. batters paradise you can make 200+ on that.

      thomas.cannon.712 - 2012-09-26 00:14

      For some reason this topic is "Taboo" on News 24 Blogs, but I will try again!!!!! It saddens me as a cricket purest how the spineless ICC have allowed more and more "CHUCKERS" into the game!!!!! I read where they are now looking at the possability of implanting a chip in a bowlers arm to signal when a bowler has gone over the allowed bend of the arm!!!!!! " WHAT THE HELL" Go back to only allowing straight arm bowling and they will save buckets of money to deploy "Hot Spot" in more countries!!!! Average spinners become international spinners and good spinners become super stars when they are allowed to boost their ability with a bent arm action!!!!!!! Cricket is becoming a case of "CHUCK" us another one!!! I'm old school so I know I'm going to get blasted, but some of us remember when cricket was played by the rules!!!!

      david.s.duncan.1 - 2012-09-26 00:29

      Boom did you see how many wide deliveries were tossed at the Bangladeshi batsmen?

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-26 09:50

      @thomas if i recall, the chucker at one point was johan botha, an SA bowler.

      grant.callaway.50 - 2012-09-26 10:28

      @boom - yes, you recall right... but he had to stop bowling, remember??? PS: When last have you looked at South Africas stats against spin bowlers? You're stuck in the Shane Warne era my friend...

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-26 10:39

      @grant.. your top order only poses a medium threat. i'm only worried about Jacque and AB, if we get them out, your whole batting line up will collapse around them. stats may be decent but you coming up against 3 quality spin bowlers in tandem, im telling you don;t get your hopes up lol you guys will not last.

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-26 10:44

      what would suck really bad is if this match is washed out.

      grant.callaway.50 - 2012-09-26 11:52

      @boom - only worried about Jacques and AB? Have you not noticed that Hashim Alma is the most dangerous batsman in the world at the moment?? Also, have you not noticed how hard it is to get away our pace-bowlers?? We should double your score (or chase it down in 12 overs - depending on who bats first...)

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-26 12:27

      @grant.. amla is not an explosive batsman and hasn't really been tested by a quality bowling attack in 20/20 format. i expect a top score of 20 from amla. just because you destroyed zim (expected) and beat sri lanka in 7 overs (only kudos to AB) does not mean you're going to do the same to us. and now you're in a pressure must win situation. and we all know how you guys handle pressure lol ;D

      thomas.cannon.712 - 2012-09-26 19:43

      boom.afridi!! Whats your piont??? Johan Botha is one of too many chuckers playing cricket today!!! If I had said 90% of chuckers come from the sub-contenant I would have been labeled a racist!!! The fact remains the sub-contenant has the vast majority of chuckers, there are plenty appearing in other countries as well!! Today you don't have to be called out for chuking to be a chucker, the ICC is turning a blind eye and spending hundreds of millions of dollors to try and accomodate these cheats!! The cheap way to fix this is to go back to the laws of cricket, and bowl with a straight arm, no money spent!!!! The spineless ICC will not do that in fear of being called racist!!!!

  • Johnson - 2012-09-25 21:12

    Our fielding showed some signs weakness, lets hope it will not be on the day

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 21:30

      this is just the start of your worries. you have india and australia after :(

  • reg.nagel - 2012-09-25 21:15

    Come on boys !!! lets do this.....

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 21:31

      seriously they're my no. 2 team but boy do they deserve to win one!! if afridi and co are knocked out i'll be SA all the way!!

  • james.lance.969 - 2012-09-25 21:16

    Can someone please explain to me why the top team of each group is in the same group for the super eights? India, Australia, Pakistan and South Africa, all unbeaten, are all in the same group?? So the four best teams are going to knock eachother out so that only two advance to the knockouts? This really doesn't make any sense at all.

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 21:28

      It's just the luck of the draw. we have a tough group. but looking at it closely both groups should be competitive, as long as the minnows are finally out, the real games begin now!!

      Arche' van Rensburg - 2012-09-25 21:28

      wanted to ask the same question!!! veeeeery stupid!!!! never have teams that ended top in their pools played other teams that ended top in their pools and than if you end up scrapping through the pools youve got the easy way through by playing the weaker teams!!! wow!! teams will start throwing the games to play the weaker teams!!

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 21:44

      Better to get the top teams out the way now. Eventually you're still going to have play them at some point. Rather now than at a knockout semi final :P

      mahomedrafeek.goolam - 2012-09-25 22:22

      Puzzling to me too,can't understand the ICC's logic.I always thought by winning your group matches,you make it easier for you to reach the semi's and final,but as Boom Afridi says if you want to win the tournment you got to beat the best sides.So go Proteas,we do have a good team and it's about time we win a major tournment.

      james.lance.969 - 2012-09-25 23:29

      Yeah, I did a bit of research and apparently the teams have predetermined "seedings" so that fans can buy tickets in advance to see their teams, no matter if they finish 1st or 2nd. Which I can understand, but it really didn't turn out that fair. And yes, I know, if you want to win, you need to beat the best. But I would have preferred to see the best play eachother in the knockout games.

  • - 2012-09-25 21:58

    pakistan is not a threat to us,we will be in the top 2 in our group!!!

      boom.afridi.56 - 2012-09-25 23:02

      nah bottom 2. lol

  • kgotlaetsile.mophuti - 2012-09-25 22:20

    Im suprised that danny morrison is not part of commentry

  • scholesss - 2012-09-26 05:53

    good luck protea

  • mthunzi.phakathi - 2012-09-26 06:30

    The super eights look slightly dodgy considering the teams in the respective groups. Having said that, this is T20 which is a lottery at best, any team could be victors on any given day. The other group has the def.. Champs nd the hosts, so lets js play

  • tim.kilpin - 2012-09-26 09:59

    Now its time to stand up and be counted - hopefully the earlier bonding mind set trip they had before the English tour will bear some fruits

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