South Africa won by 6 runs
South Africa
Match played at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, on 27 Mar 2014
ICC World Twenty20

As it happened: SA v Netherlands

2014-03-27 10:34
Last Updated at 02:39

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Commentary by Sport24's Herman Mostert

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BATSMEN IN : Ahsan Malik 1*

BATSMEN OUT : Michael Swart 8, Stephan Myburgh 51, Wesley Barresi 14, Peter Borren 13, Ben Cooper 5, Tom Cooper 16, Pieter Seelaar 2, Logan van Beek 1, Mudassar Bukhari 11, Timm van der Gugten 8

14:57 - QUOTES

Dutch skipper Peter Borren: "We obviously let this one go. We played across the line to Tahir. It's a real shame. They got off to a flying start and we did well to pull them back. Malik is a fantastic bowler and credit to him. I have to take the responsibility too with my dismissal tonight. I'm miffed with the fact that we didn't get over the line. After our last game I'm glad we stepped up better tonight."

SA captain Faf du Pleesis: "I think we are making it hard for ourselves. It's a great sign when your side is not playing 100% and still gets over the line. Credit to Netherlands for some very good bowling. Tahir and Steyn were outstanding. Credit to young Hendricks for bowling well under pressure. Credit to Netherlands as they played very good cricket for 70% of the game."

14:54 - PICTURE

Imran Tahir was named man-of-the-match for taking 4 for 21. (Getty Images)


The Proteas get out of jail. Great bowling from Dale Steyn (2 for 19) and Imran Tahir (4 for 21) AGAIN saved the day, but the Dutch were also silly with the way they went about things. They had ample balls in hand, so just needed to defend against Steyn and Tahir, but clearly a lack of experience at this level cost them.

No doubt the Proteas have much to ponder though, with the bowling of Morkel (This time Albie!) and Tsotsobe hugely concerning...

They next face England on Saturday (15:30 start).

14:44 - WICKET! Van der Gugten is out for 8, caught behind after edging short a Hendricks delivery.

Netherlands all out for 139 in 18.4 overs and the Proteas win!

14:43 - Hendricks to bowl the penultimate over.

14:42 - OVERS 18: Netherlands 137/9.

9 runs needed to win off 12 balls.

14:40 - DROP CATCH! Van der Gugten is dropped in the deep by a diving Steyn. Oh dear, he got both hands to it while diving forwards... That was the match right there!

14:37 - WICKET! Bukhari looses his cool and skies a Tsotsobe delivery only to see Miller take the catch at a deep long-on...

Netherlands 134/9 after 17.4 overs.

14:36 - Close shave! Du Plessis makes great stop at mid-off, throws at the stumps, but misses...

14:36 - Tsotsobe trusted to bowl next...

14:34 - OVERS 17: Netherlands 132/8.

They have safely negotiated Steyn's final over. He finished with 2/19 in four overs.

14 runs to win off 18 balls.

14:30 - SA going for it all now as Steyn comes on to bowl his final over... He must strike as the rest to come after him haven't looked like taking wickets.

14:29 - OVERS 16: Netherlands 128/8.

18 runs needed off 24 balls.

14:26 - WICKET! Van Beek runs himself out after trying to take a suicidal two...

Miller was the fielder at mid-on...

Netherlands 125/8 after 15.2 overs. They are self-capitulating here...

14:25 - FOUR! Too short, and Bukhari gets a top edge and it goes over the 'keeper to the boundary.

14:25 - Oh dear, Tsotsobe is back on....

14:24 - OVERS 15: Netherlands 120/7.

26 runs needed to win off 30 balls.

14:23 - SA should back themselves to win now. No more recognised batsmen to turn to for the Dutch...

14:21 - Tahir finished with 4/21 off his allotted four overs!

14:21 - Hendricks back into the attack. Proteas holding back Steyn...

14:20 - OVERS 14: Netherlands 116/7.

14:18 - WICKET! Seelaar (2) is caught on the mid-on boundary by Duminy off the bowling of Tahir. Great googly there from the spinner!

Netherlands 118/7 after 13.5 overs.

14:14 - WICKET! Tahir strikes. He bowls Tom Cooper for 16.

Netherlands 116/6 after 13.1 overs.

GAME ON now!

14:13 - OVERS 13: Netherlands 116/5.

14:12 - WICKET! Ben Cooper struggles to handle a quick Steyn bouncer, gets a glove on it with 'keeper De Kock running to his right to take the catch.

Netherlands 116/5 after 12.5 overs.

14:09 - Steyn is back on. Wickets needed right now, or else SA will suffer major humiliation.

14:07 - OVERS 12: Netherlands 114/4.

13 off that last Morkel over...

I'm a bit fed up of seeing the name Morkel bowl in a limited overs game for South Africa...

32 runs needed to win off 48 balls.

14:05 - Morkel too wide and is punished...

14:03 - Albie Morkel now back on for a crucial spell...

14:03 - OVERS 11. Netherlands 101/4.

14:02  - 100 up for the Dutch, coming off 67 balls.

13:59 - WICKET! Next ball, Borren again tries the sweep but misses and is given out lbw.

Netherlands 97/4 after 10.3 overs.

Ben Cooper has joined his brother at the crease...

13:59 - Borren sweeps Tahir for SIX!

13:57 - OVERS 10: Netherlands 90/3.

They need 56 runs to win off 60 balls.

13:55 - De Villiers almost runs Borren out, but misses the stumps and the Dutch get an overthrow...

13:54 - Hendricks now back into the attack.

13:54 - PICTURE

Stephan Myburgh, 51 off 28 balls, was simply sublime... (Getty Images)

13:53 - OVERS 9: Netherlands 84/3.

13:50 - WICKET! Tahir traps Barresi lbw for 14. Replays show it was missing the stumps, but no Hawk-Eye for this tournament.

Netherlands 82/3 after 8.2 overs.

13:49 - OVERS 8: Netherlands 80/2.

13:47 - WICKET! Danger-man Myburgh is out, bowled by Duminy for 51.

A quite remarkable innings, but this could swing the game back in SA's favour.

13:46 - FOUR and SIX! Duminy also being punished. Barresi getting in on the act.

13:45 - Duminy the new bowler on.

13:44 - OVERS 7: Netherlands 68/1.

Only five off the last Tahir over. SA could have done with spin earlier...

13:42 - HALF-CENTURY for Myburgh, coming off just 25 balls. His third T20 international fifty.

13:41 - Leg-spinner Imran Tahir is now into the attack. He will be key to the outcome of the game...

13:40 - OVERS 6: Netherlands 63/1.

The Power Play is now up, so expect the runs to slow down a wee bit now. Danger-man Myburgh still there though...

13:38 - WICKET! Swart (8) is brilliantly caught by a diving Du Plessis at mid-off off the bowling of Steyn.

Netherlands 58/1 after 5.5 overs. Wesley Barresi is the next batsman in.

13:36 - De Villiers almost catches Myburgh on the boundary, but had to throw the ball back in field. Great fielding though. He had no choice but to throw it back.

13:36 - Steyn also now punished by Myburgh...

13:34 - OVERS 5: Netherlands 51/0.

13:33 - 50 up for the Netherlands, coming off 29 balls.

13:32 - SIX over midwicket!

13:31 - Another cut shot, another four off Tsotsobe.

13:31 - TWEET

Why why why are they bowling short????? - Meyrick Pringle

13:30 - Myburgh continues to punish the hapless Tsotsobe... Cut shot for four!

13:28 - OVERS 4: Netherlands 36/0.

13:27 - A short bouncer from Steyn flies over everyone for four...

SA bowlers bowling way too short!

13:26 - TWEET

They've let arthritic Lopsy dine on past glories for too long! - Rob Houwing

13:25 - Dale Steyn now on to stop the leakage of runs.

13:24 - OVERS 3: Netherlands 30/0.

The less said about Tsotsobe's bowling the better.

13:24 - Another four. 18 off that Tsotsobe over.

13:23 - SIX! Tsotsobe too straight and Myburgh flicks him on the leg side for a maximum.

13:22 - Next ball he hits him on the leg side, but it's the same result, FOUR.

13:21 - Myburgh smacks him for four over point. Too short from Lopsy!

13:20 - Tsotsobe now on to replace Morkel.

13:20 - OVERS 2: Netherlands 12/0.

13:16 - Hendricks to bowl the second over. He immediately goes for four, hit down the leg side by Swart.

13:15 - OVERS 1: Netherlands 6/0.

Myburgh hits a four off the final ball to spoil a good first over from Morkel.

13:13 - Albie Morkel to open the bowling for South Africa. Lets hope he fares better than his brother did earlier this week...

13:11 - FAN VIEWS

Should be enough but against b section teams we should have over 180 - Steven Riches

I'm really wondering if we deserve playing in big tournaments, but I'm standing by them for the love of the game - Franklin Fransman

13:03 - TWEET

145-9 probably enough for SA to defend against a team bowled out for 39 by SL. But then they did score 190 in 14 overs to get here #orange - Dean Wilson

13:01 - Definitely below par by the South Africans, but I reckon it's still enough to win. Join us in a few minutes for the Dutch run-chase...

13:00 - OVERS 20: SA 145/9.

12:58 - Tahir swinging wildly, luckily for SA he is finding the gaps...

12:57 - FOUR off the first ball! Tahir goes through the covers to find the boundary!

12:56 - Van der Gugten to bowl the final over.

12:55 - Ahsan Malik remarkably finishes with 5/19 off his allotted four overs!

12:55 - OVERS 19: SA 135/9.

12:53 - WICKET! Malik clean-bowls Miller to get a five-for!

SA 135/9 after 18.5 overs as Lonwabo Tsotsobe comes in.

12:52 - Imran Tahir is the next batsman in.

12:50 - WICKET! Hendricks swings wildly at a Malik delivery and hits it straight up, caught by Borren.

SA133/8 after 18.1 overs.

12:49 - OVERS 18: SA 133/7.

12:49 - Bukhari impressing, only four off his final over. He finishes with 0-26 in four.

12:47 - FAN VIEWS

Leonard, a Sport24 fan, shares his views:
"What a disgrace!
I would rather watch paint dry and not spend a another minute watching these fools on TV".

12:45 - OVERS 17: SA 128/7.

Beuran Hendricks the next batsman in.

12:44 - WICKET! Steyn (5) hits a four, and is out next ball. Caught behind by Barresi off Malik.

SA 127/7 after 16.5 overs.

12:43 - FOUR! Steyn hits it past point to finally get the ball to the ropes...

12:42 - Malik back on now.

12:40 - OVERS 16: SA 120/6.

12:38 - WICKET! Duminy is out for 12, caught behind on the leg side by 'keeper Barresi off Van der Gugten. A leg side glance gone wrong for 'Koppe' there...

SA 120/6 after 15.5 overs as Dale Steyn walks in to bat.

12:37 - DID YOU KNOW?

SA's last boundary was in the 9th over!

12:35 - Van der Gugten back into the attack with the SA innings seeming to have stalled a bit now...

12:34 - OVERS 15: SA 114/5.

Surely, at least 160 should be reached! But it's key that Duminy bats through the innings now.

12:34 - Bukhari keeping things nice and tidy...

12:30 - OVERS 14: SA 108/5.

12:29 - David Miller is the next batsman with Bukhari back on...

12:28 - OVERS 13: SA 102/5.

12:27 -WICKET! Morkel skies one and is caught by Ben Cooper off the bowling of Malik. Slower ball did the trick!

SA 102/5.

12:26 - PICTURE

Ahsan Malik celebrates the earlier dismissal of Hashim Amla... (Getty Images)

12:24 - Malik now back on to bowl. He got the contentious wicket of Amla earlier...

12:23 - OVERS 12: SA 100/4.

South Africa's century coming off 72 balls.

12:22 - TWEET

Not a train smash yet but this SA innings has drifted into a siding... - Rob Houwing

12:21 - Off-spinner Tom Cooper is back into the attack.

12:20 - OVERS 11: SA 94/4.

12:19 - JP Duminy is next in. I would have given Miller a go. He needs time in the middle...

12:16 - WICKET! De Villiers (21) is caught by Ben Cooper on the deep extra cover boundary off the bowling of Van Beek.

A miss-timed shot after De Villiers darted down the track...

SA 95/4 after 10.1 overs.

12:15 - OVERS 10: SA 92/3.

A score of 190 is on the cards here.

12:14 - Lets hope David Miller also comes in at the fall of the next wicket.

12:11 - Good to see SA changing things up by bringing Morkel in earlier... Too often have they been criticised for being too predictable.

And Morkel needs time in the middle...

Duminy had enough time in the middle against New Zealand on Monday.

12:11 - Bukhari back into the attack.

12:10 - OVERS 9: SA 85/3.

Albie Morkel is next in.

12:09 - WICKET! Straight after the six, Du Plessis (24) is caught by Van Beek on the midwicket boundary off Cooper's bowling.

12:08 - SIX! Du Plessis punishes Cooper over long-off...

12:06 - Off-spinner Tom Cooper next on.

12:05 - OVERS 8: SA 75/2.

12:04 - Seelaar bowling a few full tosses... but Du Plessis survives a tight run out chance. Luckily the stumps are missed...

12:02 - Slow left-armer Pieter Seelaar is now into the attack.

12:01 - OVERS 7: SA 66/2.

12:00 - PICTURE

Hashim Amla was upset when given out caught behind... (Getty Images)

11:59 - Right-arm fast medium pacer Mudassar Bukhari is the new bowler on.

11:57 - OVERS 6: SA 58/2.

This is now the end of the Power Play, with the Proteas having made decent inroads!

11:55 - 50 up for South Africa, coming off 35 balls.

11:54 - TWEET

Normally a walker, Amla not happy with that nick verdict. So once again 50 is elusive for him in T20! Got 43 of SA's 45 - Rob Houwing

11:53 - Medium pacer Logan van Beek is the new bowler on.

11:52 - OVERS 5: SA 46/2.

11:51 - A brave call by Australian umpire Bruce Oxenford, as Amla normally walks if he's edged it!

11:51 - AB de Villiers is the next batsman in.

11:49 - WICKET! Amla is given out caught behind by 'keeper Barresi off the bowling of Malik.

Amla is upset, he thinks he didn't edge it! SA 45.2 after 4.3 overs.

11:48 - Amla wasting no time, treating the bowlers with disdain.

11:46 - Right-arm fast medium bowler Ahsan Malik is the new bowler.

Stats show he bowls 34% of his deliveries as slower balls.

11:46 - OVERS 4: SA 39/1.

11:44 - Amla racing to his 50... 36 off 18 balls so far...

11:42 - OVERS 3: SA 33/1.

11:42 - Five boundaries in a row by Amla off the spinner there...

11:42 - FOUR again.

11:41 - Another four, but this time Amla was lucky as he got an outside edge...

11:40 - SIX! Amla dances down the pitch and hits the spinner over the ropes. He follows that up with back-to-back fours...

11:39 - OVERS 2: SA 10/1.

11:38 - Great fielding in the covers prevents the second boundary...

11:36 - Run out appeal against Amla. But replays show he is easily home...

He respond by hitting the day's first boundary. FOUR!

11:35 - Seamer Timm van der Gugten is the next bowler on.

11:34 - OVERS 1: SA 3/1.

Faf du Plessis is the next man in.

11:32 - WICKET! De Kock is out for a duck.

Caugh at backward square by Myburgh off Swart. A completely miss-timed shot by the SA 'keeper who used his feet down the track!

SA 3/1.

11:30 - Amla off the mark with a two off the second ball.

11:29 - Yes, off-spinner Michael Swart to start. he bowls to Amla.

Swart sounds like a South African name, but he was actually born in Western Australia...

11:27 - Netherlands 'keeper Wesley Barresi has a helmet on. So expect a spinner to open proceedings...

11:27 - Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla are opening for South Africa.

11:22 - The teams have appeared on the field for the national anthems.

11:18 - DID YOU KNOW?

Proteas fast bowler Dale Steyn has taken 15 wickets in his last seven T20 international innings.

11:15 - QUOTE

"We had a few discussions about the team personnel but you can't make 11 changes," Borren, when asked if the Dutch have made any changes to the team pummelled by Sri Lanka.

11:10 - PICTURE

Netherlands captain Peter Borrenchats to Pommie Mbangwa... - Netherlands Cricket


Morné Morkel has been dropped with Beuran Hendricks getting a run.

Morkel has paid for conceding 50 in three overs against New Zealand!

The Dutch have kept the same side that were bowled out for 39 against Sri Lanka...


Netherlands captain Peter Borren has won the toss and elected to field first.


Proteas all-rounder, Wayne Parnell, has been released from the squad for the third ICC World Twenty20 match against the Netherlands to attend a mandatory court appearance in Mumbai.

Click HERE for the full article...


Difficult to believe, but Proteas speedster Dale Steyn says he's wary of today's opponents.

These are the same opponents Sri Lanka bowled out for a record T20 lowest score of 39 runs earlier in the week...

Click HERE for the full article...

10:39 - PICTURE

Happy Birthday to Proteas leg-spinner Imran Tahir who turns 35 today!


- South Africa and Netherlands have never played a T20 match against one another but they have met in four ODIs. The Dutch have lost all of them with the smallest margin separating the two sides a gulf of 83 runs.

- There are three South African born players in the Dutch squad: Stephan Myburgh, Wesley Barresi and Eric Szwarczynski. Of those, Myburgh and Barresi played in the South African structures but Szwarcynski did not.

10:41 - QUOTES

"The days of big nations rocking up and thinking there are easy games in T20 cricket are gone. The shorter the game, the more opportunity there is for one or two guys gave to take the game away." - Underestimating the Associates is not something Faf du Plessis is willing to do.

"I believe in this team and I hope we can show that in the next three games. It certainly won't be a case of damage limitation. I want to put a lot of onus and responsibility on the top six and see how many overs we can bat, that's really important." - Although Peter Borren was embarrassed by the Netherlands' defeat to Sri Lanka, he said the team will not skulk into the shells for the rest of their matches.



PW Borren*, W Barresi†, Mudassar Bukhari, BN Cooper, TLW Cooper, TJ Heggelman, MAA Jamil, VJ Kingma, SJ Myburgh, MJG Rippon, PM Seelaar, MR Swart, ES Szwarczynski, LV van Beek, T van der Gugten

South Africa

Q de Kock†, HM Amla, F du Plessis*, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, DA Miller, JA Morkel, DW Steyn, B. Hendricks, Imran Tahir, LL Tsotsobe

Welcome to Sport24's LIVE scoring and interactive commentary from the ICC World Twenty20 match between South Africa and the Netherlands in Chittagong.

  • End Of Innings: South Africa won by six runs - That was a close one! South Africa's 145 was under par, particularly after the start Hashim Amla gave them. Netherlands also had a flying start, thanks to Stephan Myburgh's fifty, but their collapse was even more spectacular than the South Africans' and they left their tailenders with too much to do. So, South Africa claim a relieving win, but this has been a fantastic game of cricket. Up next, it's England v Sri Lanka. Stay tuned!

  • Wicket: Over 18.4 - Neth 139 all out - WICKET! Hendricks seals the game for South Africa! After the batsmen exchanged a couple of singles, Hendricks fired in a short, fast ball that touched van der Gugten's gloves on the way through to de Kock.

  • 18

    WICKET! Bukhari was searching for the boundary that might put Netherlands within touching distance of an upset, but Tsotsobe's bounce is too much for him and he top edges his hoick to be easily caught by Miller in the deep. Ahsan Malik took 5 for 19 with the ball and now his team needs him to win the game off his bat. Phew! Inexplicably, van der Gugten also lines up a slog, and he's very fortunate indeed that Steyn can't quite get to the chance in the deep. All the fielders are on the boundary, why hit the ball in the air?

  • 17

    Well, the Dutch have at least seen Steyn off now. He bustle through a brisk final over, hurrying both batsmen, but Bukhari manages a bunted three down the ground to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Netherlands need 14 from 18 balls. South Africa need two wickets.

  • 16

    WICKET! Another one goes, and this time it's down to atrocious running. Bukhari biffed one out to wide long on, and van Beek charged through the first run, turning immediately for the second. But Bukhari didn't want it, sending him back far too late. Just two wickets remain. This is unbearably tense.

  • 15

    The Dutch batsmen play out a tense over as Hendricks returns to the attack. Their shots are muted, though Bukhari still backs away to leg to toe-end a single past mid-on, and just two runs come from the over.

  • 14

    Wicket: WICKETS! Netherlands are imploding under pressure. They were in a good position a couple of overs ago, but not anymore. Tahir does the damage in his final over, bowling Tom Cooper between his legs before Pieter Seelaar unnecessarily slogs one straight to long on. South Africa should win from here.

  • 13

    Wicket: WICKET! Pace like fire from Steyn, and it's too much for Ben Cooper. He did well to weave past a bouncer earlier in the over, but when Steyn peppers him again he fends one off the glove, de Kock trotting round to hold a simple catch. Again, the match could go either way. Netherlands have a long tail, and Bukhari is the start of it.

  • 12

    Will the match pivot on this over? Tom Cooper has collected two boundaries off Albie Morkel, who slips up with a short, wide cutter and a low full toss, both of which are smashed to the boundary on either side of the wicket. The boundaries help Netherlands to 13 runs from the over, and they need 32 from 48.

  • 11

    WICKET! Tahir strikes again. Borren profited from the slog sweep in this over, but it also brought about his downfall. He cleared the left leg to heave one over deep midwicket, but then shuffled across his stumps in an effort to paddle one and was struck on the pads. Once again, Umpire Davis upheld the appeal.

  • 10

    Beuran Hendricks comes back into the attack, and a good over from him is slightly ruined when Borren thumps his final ball straight back down the ground for four. The required rate for Netherlands is still under a run a ball, but Steyn and Tahir still have two overs apiece. Match in the balance.

  • 9

    Wicket: WICKET! Netherlands are wobbling now. Barresi shuffled right across to the off side against Tahir, who slipped one under his bat to strike the batsman on the pad. The appeal, as you can imagine, was ebullient, and Umpire Steve Davis raised the finger. Erroneously, as it happens, because Hawkeye shows the ball would have missed leg stump

  • 8

    WICKET! More spin from the other end, and though JP Duminy doesn't appear to offer the same menace as Tahir he's the one to take the vital wicket. Barresi started the over really well, reverse sweeping a four and slogging a six over wide long on, but Myburgh then ran past an offspinner to be bowled. This match is back in the balance, and Dutch captain Peter Borren is in the middle.

  • 7

    Imran Tahir wheels through his first over, spearing his legspinners fairly flat and fast. He also unveils the googly, though it's dealt with well enough by Myburgh, who taps a single through point to bring up his fifty. Five runs from the over, and Netherlands need a run a ball from here to win.

  • 6

    Wicket: WICKET! Steyn breaks through, but it's the wicket of Swart. He's been the quieter of the two openers, by far, and he tried to lift his rate with a flat-batted swat down the ground. The ball looped towards du Plessis in that region, and the South African captain had to put in a diving effort to take the catch. Myburgh is unaffected by the dismissal, ending the over - and the powerplay - with yet another scything cut for four.

  • 5

    Another big over for Netherlands! This is bellicose batting from Myburgh - as you'd expect. Stand and deliver stuff. Tsotsobe makes the mistake of feeding him outside off stump, and Myburgh laces two boundaries through point before lining up deep midwicket off a slower ball. He picks it well to shovel a towering six in that area, and 15 runs flow from the over. Fifty up for Netherlands!

  • 4

    Well, Dale Steyn's first over is successfully negotiated. He worries the batsmen with his pace, but also gives away four byes when he digs a bouncer in at his own feet. That helps the Dutch take six runs from the over to keep their chase chugging along.

  • 3

    Runs for Netherlands! Myburgh is on the charge. He did this sort of thing against rather more modest Irish bowling earlier in the tournament. Tsotsobe doesn't help himself by wildly changing his lines and length as Myburgh flays over point, long leg, fine leg and mid-off. His final shot only just evaded the mid-off fielder, but 18 runs flow from the over to put pressure on South Africa. I expect we'll see Steyn into the attack now. How will they play him?

  • 2

    Hendricks' first ball slips towards leg stump and Swart clips it neatly to the fine leg boundary. The left-armer tests him with a short ball that is pulled just over a leaping Albie Morkel at midwicket, and Myburgh then attempts to leather just about everything that comes his way. He can't quite connect, however, and Hendricks does well to come back after conceding a boundary first ball.

  • 1

    A muted start from the Dutch openers, with Albie Morkel taking the new ball. Myburgh is off the mark with a one-footed swivel-pull, while Swart nudges a straight ball just wide of midwicket to open his own account. Myburgh ends the over with his first boundary, a spliced drive over point that has enough on it to reach the boundary. There's palpable tension on the field.

  • Innings break - The Dutch bowlers made a superb comeback today, pulling South Africa back from 84 for 2 in the ninth over. Ahsan Malik lead the way with his five, but South Africa still have a total to defend. What's more, they have Dale Steyn and Imran Tahir in their bowling attack, so Netherlands still have a long way to go if they are to cause an upset. Join us in 10 minutes for the chase.

  • 20

    Tahir flays a boundary square of the wicket off the first ball of van der Gugten's over, and he and Tsotsobe scamper hard to add vital runs for South Africa.

  • 19

    Wicket: WICKETS! Malik grabs his fourth and fifth dismissals! This is a day he'll never forget. The pitch has proved perfect for his dibbly-dobbler medium pace. Hendricks shuffled across and top-edged an ugly swipe before Miller ran past a full, straight one to be bowled. A top, top effort for a bowler who simply doesn't have the pace to threaten. Will South Africa be bowled out?

  • 18

    Plenty of tip-and-run cricket from Miller and Hendricks, who swap the strike repeatedly during Bukhari's final over. It's a good final effort from the bowler, who aims length deliveries at Hendricks and yorkers at Miller. Just five from the over! Two to go.

  • 17

    Wicket: WICKET! Malik snares a third, and Netherlands are right in this match. It's actually not the easiest pitch to bat on - a little dry, the ball stopping on the surface - but the Dutch have also stuck gamely to their plans. Malik came round the wicket to the right-hander, as he always does, and Steyn managed to squeeze the ball past point for a boundary. But when he stepped out to inflict further damage, he could only edge a slow cutter through to Barresi.

  • 16

    Wicket: WICKET! Timm van der Gugten returns, and removes Duminy! He'd actually got the better of Miller with a slower ball earlier in the over, a false stroke looping over point, but it's a quick, shortish delivery that gets the wicket. In fact, it was rather a bad ball, headed down the leg side, but Duminy got inside it and tickled the ball down the leg side and straight into Barresi's gloves. They've got a slip in now!

  • 15

    It's worth mentioning the Dutch fielding, which has been unobtrusively tight so far. Not spectacular, but tight enough - similar to their bowling. Bukhari is brought back for another over of seamers, peppering his over with slower deliveries, and some steady work from the inner ring of fielders helps Netherlands to keep South Africa to six from the over. Five remain.

  • 14

    Plenty of fancy footwork from the batsmen, but Cooper watches their feet closely and generally does a good job of readjusting his lobbed spinners. Just ones and twos make it six from the over. One more wicket and Netherlands will be right in this. Duminy and Miller need to bat at least five overs together.

  • 13

    Wicket: WICKET! The tenacious Ahsan Malik returns to snare Morkel! Malik's bowling, distinctly medium pace and gunbarrel straight through the air, shouldn't work, but it does. A frustrated Morkel tried to muscle a length delivery over midwicket, but got rather too much underneath it and Ben Cooper once again showed safe hands at deep midwicket. Miller and Duminy could still decimate the Dutch, but these wickets are rather handy for the underdogs.

  • 12

    There's not a lot of work on Tom Cooper's straight-breaks, but he varies his pace very well in this over to protect the boundary. Morkel also finds his round-the-wicket line a little awkward, but brings up South Africa's hundred with a firm cut to deep point for one.

  • 11

    Wicket: WICKET! Logan van Beek has his first Twenty20 international dismissal, and it's a big one! De Villiers shimmied down the pitch to his first delivery, but sliced underneath his attempted loft and Ben Cooper settled under an easy chance at deep cover. The reinvigorated bowler concedes just two singles off the remainder of the over, and Netherlands continue to keep touch with South Africa.

  • 10

    Some slightly lazy running from Morkel might have seen him run out in this over - if the throw from the deep had been on target. Alas, it wasn't, but Bukhari bowls a solid second over to keep the batsmen to ones and twos. With half of their overs spent, South Africa have set a solid base. How soon until de Villiers and Morkel launch?

  • 9

    Wicket: WICKET! Netherlands have the breakthrough, and it's Tom Cooper's offspin that provides it. Du Plessis found his range with an imperious swatted drive for six over extra cover, but when he charged out at the next delivery he couldn't get quite to the pitch and hoicked it straight out to van Beek at deep midwicket. South Africa are asserting themselves with the bat, but Netherlands aren't letting them get too far away thanks to these wickets. Ah, but what's this - Albie Morkel has come out at no. 5.

  • 8

    Pieter Seelaar trundles in with his left-arm spin. He's lucky that his first ball isn't immediately put away - it's a long-hop but it's lapped straight to short fine leg. Both du Plessis and de Villiers use their feet to get at the bowler, and du Plessis uses his strong bottom hand to fetch a full toss from off-stump to the midwicket boundary, evading the converging fielders. There's a humorous moment when du Plessis calls for a hard-run two later in the over, falling over completing the second run, but there's no harm done.

  • 7

    Peter Borren turns to his most experienced bowler, Mudassar Bukhari, to bring back a measure of control. He offers a pleasing wicket-to-wicket line with his fast-medium seamers, and a canny offcutter too, with which he finds the outside edge of du Plessis' bat. Unfortunately for him, it's a thick edge and there's no slip, so four runs are the result.

  • 6

    A loose over from Logan van Beek, and an untroubled du Plessis collects from it. Van Beek has some nip, but not a great deal of control and du Plessis latches onto a full toss to collect a boundary down the ground. Two leg-side wides follow, before poor van Beek loses his run-up completely and has to re-start his seventh delivery. His 8th isn't particularly good either, and de Villiers flicks it neatly to the fine leg boundary. One senses that van Beek is straining too hard to make something happen. South Africa, meanwhile, will be pleased to have plundered 58 runs from the Powerplay.

  • 5

    Wicket: WICKET! Some relief for Netherlands! Ahsan Malik, their plucky round-the-wicket medium-pacer, has struck. Amla went after the bowler from the first delivery, aiming a slightly ungainly swipe down the ground that had mid-on interested in a catch. After biffing Malik back over his head for four, he aims another shot over mid-off but can only feather an edge through to Barresi. A good over from this magnetic bowler, but Netherlands need to string a couple of them together to really challenge South Africa.

  • 4

    Van der Gugten continues, and his second delivery is lifted cleanly in front of square by a marauding Amla. Fortunately for the Dutch, van der Gugten adjusts his line and length thereafter to limit the damage, despite Amla's repeated attempts to shuffle around in the crease and create scoring opportunities. Another wicket would be handy for Netherlands, but one feels that there'll be no let-up from South Africa's batsmen.

  • 3

    Amla opens the floodgates! After taking a wicket, Swart is kept on for another over, but this time it's the Dutch who are hurt. Hashim Amla, who usually like to play himself in, starts the flow with a shimmy down the wicket and a sliced loft over long off four six. With Swart getting very little work on the ball, he collects more runs over cover, to long leg, and even via the outside edge of a booming drive. Five boundaries in the over!

  • 2

    Van der Gugten takes the new ball from the opposite end, offering bustling pace and a proud seam. But he feeds Amla outside off stump with a succession of short, wide deliveries, and the South African collects his first boundary with a fierce, whiplash cut through cover point. Seven runs boost South Africa's score.

  • 1

    Wicket: WICKET! Netherlands' unorthodox tactics pay off! Swart opens the bowling with his offspin - not all that surprising, as we've seen several teams start with a slow bowler since the qualifiers. He stays round the wicket to both Amla and de Kock, Amla fetching two runs through square leg to start the innings. For de Kock, however, the Dutch have a man at short fine leg and a man at backward square leg, and he whips the ball straight at Myburgh at square leg to depart. No flight or turn for Swart, but he's given his team an ideal start

  • Pitch and conditions - Netherlands captain Peter Borren reckons there might be some dew around later, backing up his decision to field first, and indeed South Africa's captain Faf du Plessis suggests he would also have fielded first. The track, though, looks a good one for batting, as you'd expect, and South Africa will want to post a large total to boost their net run-rate.

  • Team news - Netherlands: 1 Myburgh, 2 Swart, 3 Barresi (wk), 4 T Cooper, 5 Borren (c), 6 B Cooper, 7 Bukhari, 8 van Beek, 9 Seelaar, 10 van der Gugten, 11 Malik.

  • Team News - South Africa: 1 de Kock (wk), 2 Amla, 3 du Plessis (c), 4 de Villiers, 5 Duminy, 6 Miller, 7 Morkel, 8 Steyn, 9 Hendricks, 10 Tahir, 11 Tsotsobe.

  • Toss: Toss - Captain Peter Borren triumphs in the flip of the coin and the Netherlands will bowl first.

  • Greetings - Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of Thursday's important World Twenty20 Group 1 fixture between the Netherlands and South Africa at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong.

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Match Info
  • 139
    - TBC
    Netherlands won the toss and elected to field
    Steve Davis, Bruce Oxenford
    Rod Tucker
    David Boon
  • Batting
    • R
    • B
    • 4s
    • 6s
    Hashim Amla
    c Barresi b Jamil
    Quinton de Kock
    c Myburgh b Swart
    Faf du Plessis
    c van Beek b T.Cooper
    AB de Villiers
    c B.Cooper b van Beek
    Albie Morkel
    c B.Cooper b Jamil
    Jean-Paul Duminy
    c Barresi b van der Gugten
    David Miller
    b Jamil
    Dale Steyn
    c Barresi b Jamil
    Beuran Hendricks
    c Borren b Jamil
    Imran Tahir
    not out
    Lonwabo Tsotsobe
    not out
    • 43
    • 22
    • 7
    • 1
    • 0
    • 2
    • 0
    • 0
    • 24
    • 14
    • 3
    • 1
    • 21
    • 21
    • 1
    • 0
    • 5
    • 11
    • 0
    • 0
    • 12
    • 15
    • 0
    • 0
    • 17
    • 18
    • 0
    • 0
    • 5
    • 4
    • 1
    • 0
    • 3
    • 4
    • 0
    • 0
    • 9
    • 7
    • 1
    • 0
    • 1
    • 2
    • 0
    • 0
    (b 1, w 4)
    (9 wickets; 20 overs)
  • Bowling
    • O
    • M
    • R
    • W
    Michael Swart
    Timm van der Gugten
    Ahsan Malik
    Logan van Beek
    Mudassar Bukhari
    Pieter Seelaar
    Tom Cooper
    • 2
    • 0
    • 26
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 28
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 19
    • 5
    • 2
    • 0
    • 14
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 26
    • 0
    • 1
    • 0
    • 9
    • 0
    • 3
    • 0
    • 22
    • 1
  • Fall of Wickets
    • 3/1 - de Kock (0.5 ov)
    • 45/2 - Amla (4.3 ov)
    • 84/3 - du Plessis (8.5 ov)
    • 92/4 - de Villiers (10.1 ov)
    • 102/5 - Morkel (12.6 ov)
    • 120/6 - Duminy (15.5 ov)
    • 127/7 - Steyn (16.5 ov)
    • 133/8 - Hendricks (18.1 ov)
    • 135/9 - Miller (18.5 ov)

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