New Zealand
South Africa won by 2 runs
South Africa
Match played at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, on 24 Mar 2014
ICC World Twenty20

As it happened: SA v NZ

2014-03-24 15:30
Last Updated at 04:52

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Commentary by Sport24's Herman Mostert

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BATSMEN IN : Tim Southee 0*

BATSMEN OUT : Martin Guptill 22, Brendon McCullum 4, Kane Williamson 51, Colin Munro 7, Corey Anderson 7, Luke Ronchi 5, Nathan McCullum 4, Ross Taylor 62

15:21 - QUOTE

"Credit to South Africa for the way they hung in there, we probably should have won it easily, can't take it to the final over against a top bowler like Steyn. Little bit of luck and we'd have got across the line," said NZ skipper Brendon McCullum.

"I was thinking all the time, Steyn is my trump card, I need to bring him back in the game. Fantastic effort from him," said SA skipper Faf du Plessis:


JP Duminy, for scoring 86 not out off 43 balls.

My pick would have been Dale Steyn. He won the game out of nowhere for South Africa!

15:17 - PICTURE

Dale Steyn wins the game in emphatic fashion... (Getty Images)

15:10 - Hats off to Dale Steyn (4/17) and Imran Tahir (2/27) who produced some classy bowling when it really mattered.

South Africa must be worried with what happened to Morné Morkel though. Conceding 50 runs off 18 balls is not on and probably would have cost them on nine out of 10 occasions, but for the brilliance of Steyn.

South Africa's next game is against the Netherlands on Thursday, also in Chittagong (11:30).

Join us then for some more commentary!

15:00 - An unbelievable final over from Steyn. I have not witnessed death bowling as good as that in a long while!

As bad as Morné Morkel was in the penultimate over, so good was the "Steyn Remover" conceding only four runs in the final over when all seemed lost...

Steyn finished with 4/17 in four overs!

15:00 - TWEET

Stunning win for SA v NZ, Steyn with a perfect display of T20 bowling to Heimlich victory from the oesophagus of defeat. Useful bowler - Andy Zaltzman

14:58 - WICKET!!!

Taylor can only play it right back to Steyn and is run out by the bowler at the non-striker's end!

NZ finish on 168/8.

South Africa win by two runs!

14:58 - 3 needed off 1 ball.

14:57 - Tim Southee is next in, but Taylor is on strike as he and McCullum had crossed.

14:55 - WICKET!

McCullum (4) miss-times one and is caught by Faf du Plessis at a wide mid-off.

NZ 168/7.

14:54 - FOUR! McCullum hits a boundary over a wide long-off...

3 needed off 2 balls.

14:53 - Dot ball!!!

7 needed off 3 balls.

Unbelievable what pressure does to a batsman...

14:52 - McCullum playes and misses!

7 needed off 4 balls.

14:51 - Nathan McCullum is the next man in.

14:50 - WICKET! Steyn draws an edge from Ronchi (5). A great driving catch by 'keeper De Kock!

NZ 164/6.

7 needed off 5 balls.

14:49 - 7 needed off the final over. 

Dale Steyn to bowl it.

14:49 - OVERS 19: NZ 164/5

Morkel conceded 50 RUNS in his three overs!

14:48 - FOUR! Taylor drives through the covers...

14:47 - Another dot!

14:47 - Dot ball!

14:46 - Morkel doesn't know where to bowl. So he bowls a wide...

11 needed off 9 balls...

14:44 - Taylor joins the act. FOUR!

12 needed off 9 ballls...

14:43 - First ball, and Morkel is hit over mid-off by Ronchi for four... sigh

14:42 - Oh dear, Morné Morkel to bowl the penultimate over. He has conceded 36 of 2 overs so far... That's why I'm worried.

14:41 - Brilliant bowling from Steyn and Tahir has given SA a chance to win here!

14:41 - OVERS 18: NZ 150/5.

21 needed off 12 balls.

14:39 -  Luke Ronchi is next in.

14:37 - WICKET! Anderson out for 7, caugh by Miller at mid-on after a nice slower ball from Steyn.

Steyn's 50th T20 international wicket.

NZ 148/5.

23 needed off 15 balls...

14:36 - Anderson gets lucky, edges Steyn for four. Wicketkeeper De Kock got a glove to it but it was very high...

14:36 - Great fielding on the boundary from Duminy saves a certain four!

14:35 - Steyn back into the attack.

14:34 - OVERS 17: NZ 142/4.

29 needed off 18 balls.

A brilliant over from Tahir brings SA right back in it! Only two runs conceded.

14:32 - Corey Anderson the next man in.

14:31 - WICKET! Tahir strikes. Munro (7) caugh at midwicket by Amla.

NZ 140/4 after 16.3 overs

14:30 - Tahir back on with 31 needed off 24 balls...

14:29 - TWEET

We're putting way too much emphasis on this Test cricket nonsense. Badly affecting our T20 game - Just Sport

14:29 - OVERS 16: NZ 140/3.

14:26 - HALF-CENTURY for Taylor, coming off 26 balls. His fifth T20 international 50.

14:24 - Tsotsobe now back on for his final over.

14:23 - OVERS 15: NZ 133/3.

They need 38 runs to win off 30 balls.

At this stage the Proteas were 100/4.

14:22 - Munro reverse-sweeps Duminy to the boundary... sigh...

14:22 - PICTURE

Ross Taylor punishes South Africa... (Getty Images)

14:21 - Taylor cuts Duminy for four to edge closer to a milestone.

14:19 - Duminy now back on.

14:18 - OVERS 14: NZ 120/3.

Only four off Steyn's last over, which gives South Africa a sniff again.

14:16 - Get Taylor out now and this game could be there for the taking!

14:16 - Colin Munro is the next batsman in.

14:14 - WICKET! Steyn gets Williamson for 51. A brilliant diving catch by AB de Villiers on the deep midwicket boundary...

That's why Steyn should have been on earlier!

NZ 117/3 after 13.3 overs.

14:12 - Steyn now on to replace the hapless Morkel.

I fear that Steyn is on too late. He bowled one over so far, and conceded only one run.

14:11 - OVERS 13: NZ 116/2.

50 PARTNERSHIP between Williamson and Taylor, off just 26 balls!

14:10 - Another Tahir googly goes right through Taylor. It beats everything and everyone... No luck for Tahir.

14:08 - No less than 20 runs off that last Morné Morkel over.

14:08 - OVERS 12: NZ 109/2. 

They need 62 runs to win off 48 balls.

14:06 - And another SIX, this time over suare leg. Morkel has no clue where to bowl now...


Taylor has reached a 1000 runs in T20 international cricket.

14:05 - Next ball, a top edge, and... SIX!

14:05 - Taylor smacks Morkel down the ground, SIX!

14:04 - HALF-CENTURY for Williamson, coming off only 31 balls. The same amount of balls it took Duminy earlier...

14:03 - Morné Morkel back on to replace his brother Albie. Ha can't concede 16 again as he did in his first over.

14:02 - OVERS 11: NZ 89/2.

14:01 - Williamson heading to 50 as he smacks a Tahir full toss over midwicket for SIX.

14:00 - PICTURE

Quinton de Kock and Kane Williamson. (Getty Images)

13:58 - OVERS 10: NZ 77/2

They need 94 to win off 60 balls.

At this stage, the Proteas were 61/3.

13:57 - Williamson now into the 40s... looking in good touch.

13:55 - Some great line and length from Albie. The best I've seen him bowl in a a while...

13:53 - OVERS 9: NZ 68/2.

13:53 - Ross Taylor is the next batsman in.

13:51 - WICKET! McCullum is out for 4, stumped by De Kock off the bowling of Tahir!

McCullum missed a wide delivery, but was out of his ground. Called wide, but you can be dismissed off a wide remember...

NZ 66/2 after 8.4 overs...

13:50 - Tahir drops Williamson who smashes it straight back to him!

13:48 - Leg-spinner Imran Tahir is now on. His spell will be key to the outcome of the match.

13:47 - OVERS 8: NZ 61/1.

Excellent star by Albie. Only four off his first over and a wicket to boot...

13:46 - McCullum almost runs himself our for a duck, but De Villiers narrowly misses the stumps... 

13:43 - Danger-man Brendon McCullum is next in.

13:42 - WICKET! Albie strikes with his first ball after Guptill (22) miss-times it and hits it straight up. Wicketkeeper De Kock takes the high catch!

13:42 - Albie Morkel now into the attack.

13:40 - OVERS 7: NZ 57/0.

Black Caps in full command now!

13:39 - 50 up for NZ, coming off 38 balls.

13:37 - Duminy is back on.

13:36 - OVERS 6: NZ 47/0

The end of the Power Play. At this stage the Proteas were 39/2.

Already a first mistake from Du Plessis giving Steyn only one over in the Power Play.

13:34 - Guptill also trying to open up now. He hits Tsotsobe for back-to-back boundaries.

13:33 - Morkel just undid all the good work done by Steyn in his first over.

13:32 - OVERS 5: NZ 35/0

13:32 - 16 runs off the first Morkel over. Also the first SIX by Williamson...

13:29 - Immediately Williamson hoists Morkel over cover for four.

Why take Steyn off after one over in which he conceded only a single?

13:29 - Morné Morkel now in place of Steyn. 

13:28 - OVERS 4: NZ 19/0.

13:26 - Audacious stroke from Williamson as he sweeps Tsotsobe over fine leg for four.

13:24 - OVERS 3: NZ 13/0.

13:24 - Terrific start by Steyn. Only one run off his first over.

13:22 - Steyn starts with three four dot balls.

13:20 - First up, Steyn beats the outside edge of Guptill...

13:19 - Done with the Duminy experiment. Dale Steyn is now into the attack.

13:18 - OVERS 2: NZ 12/0.

Decent start by "Lopsy". Only five off his first over.

13:15 - TWEET

Key to South Africa defending 170 will be their ability to bowl slower balls. Slower ball bouncers are unplayable on this gripping surface - Alternative Cricket

13:14 - Lonwabo Tsotsobe to bowl the second over.

13:13 - OVERS 1: NZ 7/0.

A full toss off the final ball spoils Duminy's first over.

13:10 - In an interesting move, off-spinner JP Duminy will open the bowling.

Skipper Du Plessis thinking this is "Koppe's" day!

13:09 - Welcome back for the second innings.

Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson are at the crease.

13:08 - TWEET

No team has ever successfully chased 171 against South Africa. The top chase against them is 169, scored by NZ in December 2012. #savnz - Firdose Moonda

13:04 - The bookies have now made the Proteas 5-10 favourites from here with the Black Caps at 16-1.

12:58 - OVERS 20: SA 170/6.

Tremendous batting from Duminy, who finished with 86 not out off just 43 balls!

New Zealand need to bat at just over 8.50 runs per over to win.

Join us in a while for the run-chase...

12:57 - Duminy gets two off the final ball.

12:57 - Another FOUR, this time down leg side.

12:56 - FOUR! Duminy goes straight down the ground! In the process he almost knocked down umpire Aleem Dar.

Dar acrobatically dived to get out the way! Good for him and South Africa...

12:55 - Steyn does just that. "Koppe" on strike. Three balls left.

12:54 - Dale Steyn is next in. Just give Duminy the strike!

12:54 - WICKET! Morkel (13) bowled by Southee. SA 159/6 with four balls left.

12:53 - Southee to bowl the final over.

12:52 - OVERS 19: SA 157/5

12:52 - No doubt this is Duminy's best ever T20 performance.

12:51 - SIX! Duminy spoils Mills' figures. 17 off his final over.

12:51 - Duminy gets back-to-back fours to bring up SA's 150, coming off 113 balls.

12:49 - TWEET

Hmmm. South Africa were going nowhere, on the verge of elimination, and have now exploded into life. Is this the anti-choke? - 51allout

12:48 - Mills back on for his final over. So far he's only conceded 12.

12:47 - OVERS 18: SA 140/5.

Get to that 160 now!

12:46 - Morkel goes big early on. SIX over extra cover! Must be a strong man to hit it that far at such a square angle.

12:44 - Albie Morkel the next man in.

12:43 - WICKET! Another caught and bowl for Anderson when Miller (6) hits it right back to him. Nothing freaky about that one though...

SA 131/5 after 17. overs.

12:42 - Anderson back on. Lets hope for no more freaky dismissals!

12:41 - PICTURE

JP Duminy on fire... (Getty Images)

12:41 - OVERS 17: SA 130/4.

17 off that last Southee over.

12:39 - Duminy treating Southee with disdain! Boundary after boundary...

12:37 - Duminy pulls Southee for four to get to his HALF-CENTURY, coming off just 31 balls!

Duminy's 7th T20 fifty. Perhaps his best ever?

12:37 - Southee back into the attack.

12:36 - OVERS 16: SA 113/4.

13 off that last Williamson over.

12:36 - "Koppe" racing to his 50 now.

12:35 - TWEET

Quirky pitch pace-wise. I'm sticking head out early and saying SA will defend 145 or so if they can get there! - Rob Houwing

12:33 - OVERS 15: SA 100/4.

At least 50 off the last five overs needed here as off-spinner Kane Williamson comes on.

12:33 - 100 up for SA, coming off 90 balls.

12:32 - Tidy bowling from Mills pegging SA back here...

12:29 - Mills now back on.

12:29 - OVERS 14: SA 97/4.

12:28 - David Miller is next in.

12:27 - WICKET! A bizarre caught and bowl wicket.

Amla (41) smashes Anderson down the ground, strikes Duminy's bat at the other end, and is unbelievably caught by the bowler when the ball jumps up in the air!

Extremely unlucky. Freak dismissal!

12:25 - Duminy gets back-to-back boundaries. Four and then SIX!

12:24 - Amla moves into the 40s now, eying first ever international T20 fifty...

12:24 - Anderson is back on.

12:23 - OVERS 13: SA 83/3.

12:22 - Some real intent shown against the spinner... but McCullum is tidy...

Only six off the over.

12:20 - OVERS 12: SA 77/3.

12:19 - Duminy hits the first SIX of the innings - a massive pull shot off McClenaghan.


12:18 - TWEET

More singles in this innings than an online dating site - JW Coetzee

12:16 - McClenaghan now back on for his final over. So far, he's conceded only 20.

12:16 - OVERS 11: SA 67/3.

12:15 - Munro makes a great save on the boundary and prevents Duminy from sweeping McCullum for four.

12:13 - Amla currently has 32 off 29 balls. It's imperative now that he bats through the innings...

12:13 - OVERS 10: SA 61/3.

12:10 - Left-arm seamer Corey Anderson now into the attack.

12:09 - OVERS 9: SA 57/3.

8 per over from here gets SA to 145. 10 per over gets them to 167.

They'll do well to get somewhere in between that....

12:07 - 50 up for SA, coming off 49 balls.

12:06 - PICTURE

Hashim Amla (Getty Images)

12:06 - OVERS 8: SA 49/3

12:03 - TWEET

AB batting at 4 is the biggest waste of talent since Robert De Niro appeared in "Analyse This" - Peter Miller

12:02 - OVERS 7: SA 43/3.

12:01 - JP Duminy is next in. Again no Morkel or Miller... sigh

At least one of them should have been in by now!

12:00 - WICKET! McCullum castles De Villiers's stumps. SA 42/3.

AB lost his balance and fell over after trying a big shot on the off side...

11:58 - Off-spinner Nathan McCullum is the new bowler.

11:57 - OVERS 6: SA 39/2.

Power Play now up. This is simply not enough. Only just over a run a ball...

11:56 - De Villiers off the mark with a drive through the covers. FOUR!

11:55 - AB de Villiers is next in.

11:52 - OVERS 5: SA 32/2

11:52  - WICKET! Du Plessis (13) is caught in the covers by Nathan McCullum off the bowling of Southee.

Can't blame Faf for having a go just before the Power Play ends.

11:51 - Du Plessis swinging at everything here. Clearly trying to cash in on what remains of the Power Play in the first six overs.

He hits Southee for back-to-back fours.

11:49 - Tim Southee is the next bowler into the attack.

11:48 - OVERS 4: SA 22/1.

Amla, like De Kock, also swings at a wide one. Luckily he misses it completely...

11:47 - Du Plessis showing some good early intent by stepping down the pitch. He gets 3...

11:45 - Skipper Faf du Plessis is next in.

11:44 - OVERS 3: SA 16/1.

11:43 - WICKET! De Kock (4) wildly swings at a wide one from Mills and is caught behind by 'keeper Ronchi.

Proteas not making good use of the Power Play!

11:39 - I'm spotting Albie Morkel already with pads on in the SA dug-out.

That's a good sign. He needs to come in earlier...

11:39 - OVERS 2: SA 10/0.

11:38 - Amla picks up the first boundary when he pulls McClenaghan. He was obviously told to up the ante a bit up front...

11:35 - Mitchell McClenaghan is the other opener for New Zealand.

11:35 - OVERS 1: SA 3/0.

Tidy start by Mills.

11:33 - TWEET

Need good runs from SA's frontliners, as the tail problem remains! - Rob Houwing

11:31 - De Kock immediately off the mark with a single on the leg side.

11:29 - Kyle Mills to open for the Kiwis. De Kock on strike first up.

11:28 - Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla to open for South Africa.

11:27 - TWEET

OK, so South Africa wins the anthems. Nothing new there - Sports Freak

11:26 - PICTURE

The anthems before South Africa v New Zealand #wt20  - BBC TMS

11:23 - Teams now set out for the pre-match national anthems...

11:19 - I must say I'm a little surprised that the Kiwis have opted to bowl first. It's no secret that the South Africans struggle when chasing scores down in pressure games, especially in excess of 160...

11:18 - A fast start is essential for South Africa, and lets hope Albie Morkel and David Miller aren't wasted by coming in at the back end of the innings.


New Zealand have won the toss and elected to BOWL

Faf du Plessis says he would wanted to bat anyway. He comes in for Farhaan Behardien, no surprise there. No other change in the South Africa XI. No changes to the NZ XI.


New Zealand

MJ Guptill, KS Williamson, BB McCullum*, LRPL Taylor, C Munro, CJ Anderson, L Ronchi†, NL McCullum, TG Southee, KD Mills, MJ McClenaghan

South Africa

Q de Kock†, HM Amla, F du Plessis*, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, DA Miller, JA Morkel, DW Steyn, M Morkel, Imran Tahir, LL Tsotsobe

Welcome to Sport24's LIVE scoring and interactive commentary from the ICC World Twenty20 match between South Africa and New Zealand in Chittagong.

  • SA win by 2 runs - South Africa win by 2 runs and the last over is still sinking in. New Zealand needed 7 from the last 6 balls, Steyn started with a wicket and then went on to only concede 4 runs and take a couple more wickets to seal a big win for South Africa. They batted well today, so did New Zealand, but South Africa held their nerve and just got over the line.

  • 20

    Wicket: WICKET! Steyn strikes, Ronchi tries slam this through the off side, only to get a thick edge on it and De Kock takes an easy catch. Nathan McCullum comes out to bat, can Steyn win this for South Africa? Nathan tries to go for a big shot, misses the faster ball completely, he should have just taken a single. Another dot, New Zealand still need 7 runs. Four, Nathan connects, hits this over extra cover for four. WICKET! Nathan tries to go for the win, it hits the bottom of his bat and Faf takes the catch at mid-off. Southee comes in to bat, three needed from the last ball, Taylor stuck at the other end with a strike rate of 172.22. WICKET! A run out from the over, he finishes the match for South Africa, they win by 2 runs.

  • 19

    Faf turns to Morne Morkel, who has been very expensive today. Four, Ronchi starts the with a four, lofted over mid-off for four, then he takes a single to bring Taylor. Four, Taylor accepts the full toss and hits it past four, the match slipping away from South Africa. A wide from Morne, to make things worse for himself. Four more, full toss again to end the over, Taylor sends it through the point boundary for four. New Zealand need 7 from 6 balls to win.

  • 18

    Wicket: Steyn has two overs remaining, he runs in to bowl the 18th. Anderson flicks the first ball to square leg and Duminy does well to keep it down to just two runs. Four, Anderson tries to hit this down the ground, but ends up edging it past the diving keeper for four. WICKET! Steyn strikes, Anderson goes for another big shot, misses it and ends but giving a catch to long-on. New Zealand making this difficult for themselves, a couple of runs to end the over, good one from Steyn. Ronchi is the new man in, New Zealand on 150 for 5.

  • 17

    Wicket: A couple of dots and WICKET! Imran Tahir strikes, Munro pulls the ball to deep midwicket and Amla takes the catch. Anderson is the new man in, New Zealand won't mind that. Good over from Tahir under pressure, a couple of singles and a wicket from it.

  • 16

    38 needed from 30 balls for New Zealand to win and Taylor has raced to 48 from 24 balls. Tsotsobe comes back into the attack, SA need a few wickets here. A single and Taylor gets his 50, he is having a good season of cricket in all formats. Six singles from the over and the wide from Tsotsobe, SA need some wickets and dots.

  • 15

    Duminy comes back into the attack, Taylor pushes the first ball to long-on for a couple of runs. Two more as Taylor paddles it to fine leg. Four, too wide form Duminy, Taylor cuts him through backward point for four. A single brings Munro on strike and he gets off the mark with a boundary and a reverse swept one at that.

  • 14

    Wicket: Steyn comes back into the attack, WICKET! A spectacular catch from AB, Williamson pulls it to deep midwicket and AB takes a brilliant diving catch to get rid of Wiliamson, he goes out for 51. Colin Munro comes in for New Zealand.

  • 13

    A couple of runs to start the over, Tahir bowling his third over now. A couple of singles, and then Taylor plays the googly gently to midwicket. A single to end the over, New Zealand need 55 from 42 balls.

  • 12

    A single from the first ball and Williamson gets to his 50 in 31 balls, good knock from him today. Six, Taylor joins the six-hitting action, powerfully hits it over long-on for a six. Another one and six more to Taylor, this time he top edges it over the keeper and this will not help Morne's figures. Six more, a hat trick of sixes, Taylor slams this over the fence on the leg side, a single and a dot to end a big over. Morne's figures read, 2 overs, 36 runs no wickets.

  • 11

    A couple of singles to start the over, Tahir starts his second. Six, Williamson is batting very well and he accepts the free full toss from Tahir and dispatches it over the ropes at deep midwicket for a handsome six. A wide from Tahir and then a couple of singles to end the over, 12 runs from it.

  • 10

    A single to start the over, Albie into his second over. A couple more singles and Taylor then hits the ball through point for a couple of runs. Four, Taylor ends the over with a boundary, swipes it through midwicket for four. Williamson moves on to 40, New Zealand need 94 more in 10 overs.

  • 9

    Wicket: Imran Tahir comes into the attack at a crucial period for South Africa. Four singles from the first four balls and WICKET! Tahir strikes in his first over, Brendon comes down the pitch and misses the wide ball, De Kock finishes the stumping. Taylor walks out to bat as New Zealand lose two wickets in two overs.

  • 8

    Wicket: Albie Morkel comes into the attack, WICKET! He strikes first ball, Guptill is out. He edges it and the ball goes in the air, De Kock takes an easy catch behind the stumps. Brendon McCullum walks out to bat, four singles from the over.

  • 7

    Duminy comes back into the attack, replacing Morne Morkel after an expensive over from him. Williamson starts the over with a couple of runs through sweeper cover. Then Guptill eases the ball through mid-on for a couple more runs. A single and Williamson slams another boundary to move on to 34 from just 18 balls.

  • 6

    Tsotsobe starts his third over, Guptill joins the action. Three fours from the over, Guptill hits the first one through mid-off, then pulls the next one through midwicket and ends the over with an edge through third man.

  • 5

    Big over for New Zealand, Williamson hits a four to start the over then takes a single. A couple more singles and then Morne is hit over cover for four more. Six, Williamson ends the over with a big six, making it 16 runs from the over.

  • 4

    Four, Williamson hits Tsotsobe through short fine leg for four. New Zealand keep moving without losing a wicket.

  • 3

    Steyn comes into the attack, SA replace Duminy after one over. Brilliant over from Steyn, just a single from it.

  • 2

    Tsotsobe comes into the attack, a couple of dots to start and then three singles from the next three balls. Williamson hits the last ball to third man, a slight fumble from Steyn makes it two runs to end the over.

  • 1

    Williamson and Guptill start with the bat, and Duminy gets to bowl the first over. He batted very well today, Faf will hope Duminy can do the same with the bowl. Four, Williamson hits a boundary to end the over, seven runs from it.

  • 20

    Wicket: Southee to bowl the last over, Morkel thumps it down the ground for a couple of runs. WICKET! Southee strikes, the slower ball doing the job again, Morkel swings and misses, Southee bowls him. Steyn comes out to bat and takes a single. Duminy on strike for the last three balls. Four, Duminy hits the ball straight back at the bowler, Umpire Dar gets out of the way and the ball rockets away to the boundary. Four more, Duminy is really putting South Africa in a strong position, it was short and down leg and he hits it through fine leg for four. A couple of runs to end the over, SA end on 170 for 6 which is a good score considering they started slowly.

  • 19

    Mills starts his last over, three singles from the first three balls. Mills bowls a low full toss, outside off and thumped down the ground for four. Four more, this time Duminy sweeps it and ends up top edging it over square leg for another boundary. Six, another full toss and Duminy clobbers it over long-on for six. 17 runs from the over and SA go past 150.

  • 18

    Wicket: A single and Anderson strikes, WICKET! Anderson takes another wicket and another catch, Miller chips the ball back to the bowler. Miller falls for 6 from 6 balls. Morkel comes in to bat, he clips the first ball to deep square leg for a couple of runs, Guptill does well on the boundary but can't stop the second run. Six, Morkel clubs it over cover for a six, he connects this well and hits it out of the park. A single from the last ball, SA 140 for 5 after 18 overs.

  • 17

    50: Southee comes back into the attack to bowl the 17th over, Duminy hits the first ball away to square leg for four, he reaches his 50 in 31 balls. A dot and then another boundary as Duminy drives it through extra cover, and four more, Duminy gets down on one knee and sweeps it behind square leg for four. A single and then Miller joins the action with his first boundary, 17 runs from the over.

  • 16

    Four, Williamson runs in to bowl his first over, Duminy hits the first ball towards extra cover for four. A couple of singles and then Duminy hits it to mid-on for a couple of runs. Then, Duminy goes for the reverse sweep and bisects the fielder at backward point to get another boundary. A single makes it 13 from the over.

  • 15

    100: Mills comes back into the attack for NZ and Miller is the new batsman for SA. A couple of singles, and a few dots from the over, good over from Mills. SA reach 100 for 4 after 15 overs.

  • 14

    Wicket: Amla pushes it to long-on for a couple of runs, a single brings Duminy on strike. Four, Duminy looks to up the run rate, he tries to ramp the ball, then changes his shot and sends the ball to third man for four. Six, Duminy hits the length ball from Anderson over square leg for a six, much needed acceleration for SA. A single and then a strange WICKET! Amla hits it straight back to the bowler, the ball hits Duminy's bat and loops up in the air, Anderson takes an easy catch. SA lose Amla for 41 off 40 balls.

  • 13

    Three singles from the first three balls, a couple of runs as Amla hits the ball to square leg. South Africa going at 6.45 runs per over.

  • 12

    McClenaghan comes back into the attack, a couple of dots to start the over. Then McClenaghan bowls a wide outside off, too far outside the line of the stumps, the bowler is not happy. A couple of runs, Duminy hammers the length ball over midwicket for a six. First six of the innings. A single to end the over, makes it 10 runs from the over.

  • 11

    A couple of runs to start the over, a single then brings Duminy on strike. Duminy swats it through midwicket for a couple of runs. 6 runs from the over.

  • 10

    Anderson comes into the attack for New Zealand. Four singles from his first over, South Africa going at 6.1 runs per over.

  • 9

    A couple of singles, Nathan starts his second over. Amla tries to hit it through the off side, only to edge it to third man for four. A couple of runs, 8 runs from the over.

  • 8

    A single brings Duminy on strike, Amla is now the key for South Africa here. Amla bottom edges the ball to fine leg for a couple of runs. A couple of singles follow, 6 runs from the over. South Africa 49 for 3 after 8 overs.

  • 7

    Wicket: Nathan McCullum comes into the attack, three singles to start the over and then Nathan strikes! WICKET! AB comes and goes, bowled by spin, he loses his balance as he plays the shot and New Zealand celebrate. Duminy is the new man in.

  • 6

    De Villiers walks out to bat, Amla steers the ball to third man to take a couple of runs. A single brings AB on strike. Four, AB starts with a boundary, it is wide from McClenaghan and AB carves it through cover for four. Seven from the over.

  • 5

    Wicket: Southee comes into the attack to bowl the 5th over. A couple of runs as Faf hits it high over midwicket and it lands safely. Four, Faf shuffles across his stumps and hits it through fine leg for four. Four more, this time the captain goes through extra cover for four, comes down the wicket and clears Anderson at cover. WICKET! Southee strikes, the slower ball does the trick and Faf chips it straight to cover. SA 32 for 2.

  • 4

    Faf comes out to bat with Amla. Amla starts the over with a couple of runs, a single then brings Faf on strike. Faf wants to go over mid-off but does not connect it well, he comes down the track and hits it through the off side, Southee does well to stop the boundary.

  • 3

    Wicket: De Kock takes a single from the first ball. Amla moves across his stumps and clips it through square leg for a couple of runs. Another clip from Amla, he hits this through midwicket for a couple of runs. A single brings De Kock back on strike. WICKET! De Kock flashes at it only to edge it to the keeper, New Zealand get their first wicket.

  • 2

    McClenaghan shares the new ball with Mills. A single to start the over, then Amla edges the ball to third man for a couple of runs. Four, first boundary of the innings, Amla hits it in front of square leg for four. Seven runs from the over.

  • 1

    A single to start the innings, de Kock clips it to deep midwicket. Mills starts with the ball for New Zealand. Three singles from the over.

  • Team News - Faf is fit and he comes in for Behardien, no other changes for SA. New Zealand remain unchanged.

  • Toss: Toss - New Zealand win the toss and elect to bowl first.

  • Greetings! - Hello and welcome to the World Twenty20 group match between New Zealand and South Africa, where the Proteas need a win to stay alive and the Kiwis are looking for their second win on the trot.

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Match Info
  • 168/8
    - TBC
    New Zealand won the toss and elected to field
    Aleem Dar, S Ravi
    Paul Reiffel
    Javagal Srinath
  • Batting
    • R
    • B
    • 4s
    • 6s
    Quinton de Kock
    c Ronchi b Mills
    Hashim Amla
    c and b Anderson
    Faf du Plessis
    c N.McCullum b Southee
    AB de Villiers
    b N.McCullum
    Jean-Paul Duminy
    not out
    David Miller
    c and b Anderson
    Albie Morkel
    b Southee
    Dale Steyn
    not out
    • 4
    • 8
    • 0
    • 0
    • 41
    • 40
    • 2
    • 0
    • 13
    • 8
    • 2
    • 0
    • 5
    • 6
    • 1
    • 0
    • 86
    • 43
    • 10
    • 3
    • 6
    • 6
    • 1
    • 0
    • 13
    • 8
    • 0
    • 1
    • 1
    • 1
    • 0
    • 0
    (w 1)
    (6 wickets; 20 overs)
  • Bowling
    • O
    • M
    • R
    • W
    Kyle Mills
    Mitchell McClenaghan
    Tim Southee
    Nathan McCullum
    Corey Anderson
    Kane Williamson
    • 4
    • 0
    • 29
    • 1
    • 4
    • 0
    • 30
    • 0
    • 4
    • 0
    • 46
    • 2
    • 4
    • 0
    • 24
    • 1
    • 3
    • 0
    • 28
    • 2
    • 1
    • 0
    • 13
    • 0
  • Fall of Wickets
    • 16/1 - de Kock (2.6 ov)
    • 32/2 - du Plessis (4.6 ov)
    • 42/3 - de Villiers (6.4 ov)
    • 97/4 - Amla (13.6 ov)
    • 131/5 - Miller (17.2 ov)
    • 159/6 - JA Morkel (19.2 ov)

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