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2010-05-06 13:13

Bridgetown - It feels great to be writing for Sport24 throughout the ICC World Twenty20 because I think it’s important for our fans back home to see what goes on behind the scenes during a tournament.

GALLERY: South Africa v Afghanistan

We put everything into our performances when we represent our country, but I also want to be able to share some pics from the times when we are more relaxed.

Last night’s victory over Afghanistan was a good one for us because we have worked hard the last couple of days which has put the benchmark higher for us. We have now started the tournament the way we intended to.

It’s always difficult to play an opponent like Afghanistan who you don’t know too much about, but we did well in the field and Dale (Steyn) and Morne (Morkel) were brilliant first up which didn’t give them much chance.

We are in a World Cup, but it’s also important to balance the serious with some down time so here’s a pic of Dale, AB (de Villiers) and myself from our snorkeling experience in Barbados. The boys had a great time in the sea, the water was fantastic. It was a good team outing, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Keep an eye out for my next picture from the West Indies, it’s such a beautiful place.


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Dale Steyn, JP Duminy and AB de Villiers relax...


  • DOREEN - 2010-05-06 13:48

    Hi guys good luck you made SA proud good luck for the next game will be watching. JULLE IS DAREM SEXY HEY?

  • Jaydee - 2010-05-06 14:02

    Wow!!! It's so refreshingly inspiring and informative to have an inside look at the lighter moments of the team. I am utterly sure that it's testament of the team spirit and family atmosphere relishing within the team. I have always maitained that our cricket team was reflecting the most balanced diverse composition truly expressing and displaying our rainbow nation. To see the team maintain such close ties and have such determination and character on the field is truly a visible manifistation of what we can and have achieved in our beautiful country. Keep it up boys, you are a true pride on and off the field!

  • chrisdup - 2010-05-06 14:27

    JP, thx for the info, but if I was you, I would go easy on the "down-time", and maybe practice more to try and get back on form...

  • Olive - 2010-05-06 15:13

    Thanks JP for showing the lighter side - and great photograph Good luck for the team today

  • Johan - 2010-05-06 23:34

    Well he's definitely not playing cricket, so it's good that he at least does something.

  • jaap - 2010-05-07 08:04

    Hey jp...i think u should stop writing and concentrate on playing cricket rather....prove ur place in the team instead of being a passenger and taking up space when there are much better domestic players who should be filling cricket fans deserve much much better...

  • Noodles - 2010-05-07 08:18

    Awesome stuff JP. look foward to hearing from you, also looking foward to some pics. Good stuff sport24

  • Brandon - 2010-05-07 09:06

    Thanx JP. Keep up the team spirit bru!

  • WeZo - 2010-05-07 09:32

    Yeah!!! Great game against the Black Caps lastnight guys! Keep it up!

  • Chris Wellington - 2010-05-07 09:34

    Great game last night boys ! Lets hope you guys peak at the right time this tournament. And Abie, we love those 6's ! Go Boy'tjies !!!

  • Chris Wellington - 2010-05-07 09:34

    Great game last night boys ! Lets hope you guys peak at the right time this tournament. And Abie, we love those 6's ! Go Boy'tjies !!!

  • JPsucks - 2010-05-07 13:23

    Who cares what JP writes. He should not even be there.

  • DeonL - 2010-05-07 15:21

    As long as JP produces every now and then I will always keep him in the team. He has the ability to be like Sachin or a Gibbs to take any attack appart and his fielding is excellant, ! Stay positive!

  • Olive - 2010-05-07 15:31

    @JP Sucks - if you don't care what JP writes why are you commenting in this column if you didn't open this to read the contents, is this sour grapes. Carry on JP ,people will read and appreciate your column. Well done Sport24.Looking forward to the next piece

  • nutty83 - 2010-05-08 13:16

    Great perfomance to the boys..Actually i 'm glad you guys lost the first game...this means that you guys can now regroup and highlight the weaknesses early in the tournament and not on a flight back home at the early stages...the games that followed after, demonstrated that you guys have looked into your errors and matstered the game...thanks guys onbehalf of SA...looking forward the the england game...

  • Frankenfurter - 2010-05-10 19:38

    Do not care what he writes. Do not care what goes on behind the scenes.We can just imagine.We care what goes on the pitch. With all the hype and lessons being learnt, they are SA biggest disappointment.Today especially so, SA cricket has lost the plot sorry to say. Daar is Akmal , Ajmal en Al ma mal.Ma dis nogmal lekker bei die see,ne

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