Colly in pay row dispute

2010-04-23 09:33

England - Paul Collingwood and his England team are angry and frustrated over a pay row that has lasted seven months, according to a report in The Sun.

They fly to the Caribbean on Sunday for the ICC World Twenty20 refusing to sign deals offered in September.

Now instead of negotiating annually they want to nail contracts taking them through to the Ashes summer of 2013.

One stumbling block is that some lesser-paid England stars receive no more than the top earners in county cricket.

It is becoming common for rich counties to pay £150k-plus per summer, which compares favourably with England cricketers in the lowest Band C category.

B and C players are those who play only one form of the game or have a lower profile such as Graham Onions or Ian Bell.

England have 11 men on 12-month deals and seven on incremental contracts.

The players also want to ensure those who miss tours to rest, such as Andrew Strauss and James Anderson in Bangladesh recently, do not suffer financially.

Last year deals were signed several months late as players wanted a window to feature in the IPL.

Now they want to put in place a framework for contracts for the next three or four years.


  • LordWabbit - 2010-04-23 11:09

    This is complete and utter idiocy. Why should players who have an injury and cannot play get payed? Why should players get signed up for 3 years and then after a year lose their form and play badly still get played. The worse part is that they will probably still get picked for the side since there is no more money to pay for the players who are on form. On top of that when they sign the 3 year deal they know that they can play like shiit and still get payed, they will start coasting. How are they going to be able to rotate new up and coming players into the side when all the current players are tied into the side with three year contacts.

  • Quality - 2010-04-23 12:36

    Why must the cricket board pay a C grade players any more than a Top county player,if he accepts a contract as a C grade player what does he expect.Fire the lot and start again just like the West Indian side did 12 months ago.NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAT THE GAME

  • Ronnie - 2010-04-25 00:27

    qaulity and lordwabbit i agree with you i will suggest players get paid per game if get selected you get paid if you dont get selected you dont get paid

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