ICC admits to TV replay error

2011-06-30 18:28

Dubai - The ICC admitted on Thursday that India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was incorrectly dismissed in the ongoing second Test against West Indies, following the wrong TV replay being shown to the third umpire during a review of a no-ball.

The announcement will provide India's authorities with more fodder to their argument that technology in the game is still unreliable.

Dhoni was caught at mid-on off Fidel Edwards for two in his side's first innings total of 201 on the first day at Kensington Oval.

But the ICC said standing umpire Ian Gould suspected that the delivery was a no-ball, and followed protocol in seeking confirmation from TV umpire Gregory Brathwaite.

"The host broadcaster for this series, IMG Media, acknowledged the mistake and has apologised," said match referee Chris Broad in an ICC media release.

"Having looked into the situation, I am satisfied it was an unfortunate, but honest mistake in what is a tense, and live environment.

"It is worth pointing out that the umpires followed the correct procedures and are without blame in this matter."

Broad ruled out the possibility of the decision being reversed for obvious reasons.

"Seeing as the game has continued, clearly there is no opportunity to reverse the decision," he said.

"We are forced now to put it behind us, and move on with the remainder of the match."

Officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India have lamented the use of the umpire decision review system (DRS) in the sport, which allows players to have umpiring decisions examined on the spot.

Niranjan Shah, vice president of the BCCI, said in a recent interview with the ESPNcricinfo website that the DRS in its present form offered marginal gains for a technology that is exorbitant, and not error-free.

The DRS was one of the main bones of contention at this week's ICC Chief Executives' Committee meeting in Hong Kong, where a modified version was approved for use in all Tests and One-day Internationals.

Infra-red cameras and audio-tracking devices are now part of the compulsory list of DRS technologies, but the ball-tracking technology, which helps determine lbw decisions, is optional, leaving the way open for agreement between the authorities of the two sides to determine if it should be used.

A spokesman for IMG Media defended the integrity of its operations, blaming human error.

"IMG Media takes its responsibilities on this matter very seriously," the spokesman said in the ICC media release.

"This was a case of human error, compounded by a senior replay operative having to return home at very short notice."

The ICC noted that the enhanced standard for the use of the replay technology - including the presence of an ICC technical official - was not in place for this series because the DRS was not in full operation.

The incident also came on the heels of Indian players complaining after the first Test in Jamaica that they were not altogether satisfied with the level of umpiring, despite their 63-run victory.

Sections of the Indian media carried insider reports from the Indian team that they were particularly disappointed with the work of Australian umpire Daryl Harper, who resigned on Wednesday.

Harper was set to stand in his final Test in the final Test of the series, starting next Wednesday on the island of Dominica.


  • Redwine - 2011-06-30 18:55

    So without DRS he would still have been out since he was caught that would have been a clear uncontested dismissal. Cannot understand how this example is backing their case.

      lenand40 - 2011-06-30 19:14

      Chances the umpire would have ruled it a no-ball. To say it was uncontested is to therefore delve into fantasy

      Albo - 2011-07-01 08:55

      Agreed!! This was probably the first and only TV replay mistake ever. How many `mistakes` do the umpires make in EVERY SINGLE game!!

      sachinindia ten - 2011-07-02 19:06

      Albo. No this is not the first. This was done in IPL as well....Sachin was given out - for same a no ball- and the replay shown was where Sachin was at the non strikers end.... .

  • Dan - 2011-06-30 19:39

    Why do they complain? Half their matched are in any event a gamble with match fixing.

  • sachinindia ten - 2011-07-02 19:05

    This is ridiculous. This has nothing to do with DRS or any other ^&%$ thing. This happened even in the IPL> Sachin was given out on a replay in which Sachin was at the non strikers end! Man, these good for nothing over sleaping boozed umpires need to be taught a lesson... .

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