Hudson: Ntini will be considered

2010-06-02 22:30

Altus Momberg

Cape Town – Makhaya Ntini will be considered like every other South African cricketer when the next Proteas squad is picked.

But Proteas selection convener Andrew Hudson said there would not be any favourable treatment for the 32-year-old fast bowler.

“We will take everyone’s performances into account irrespective of how many games they have played for South Africa,” Hudson said following Ntini’s recent criticism of the national selectors.

The veteran of 101 Tests expressed his unhappiness on Kent’s website.

“I’m slightly disappointed that no-one at Cricket South Africa has told me whether I’m still part of the Proteas’ future plans,”  said Ntini.

“Nobody has come out to look at how Kent are faring. I’d like them to tell me what I need to work on and what I have to do to regain my place in the Test side.”

Hudson said Ntini should not lose hope.

“It’s excellent to see how well Makhaya is doing for Kent in England. He has to keep on playing, keep himself fit and will certainly be considered when we pick the squads for the series’ against Zimbabwe (in September) and Pakistan (in October).”

Hudson added that the lack of communication with Ntini did not mean that a decision had already been taken about his future.

“There are other players that are also performing well and we have not spoken to them either.”

The new selection convenor is in a difficult position. He was not part of the selection committee in January when Ntini was axed for the New Year’s Test against England, though he now has to deal with the decision taken by Mike Procter and the rest of the previous committee.

Ntini played his last Test for the Proteas in Durban in December.

However, it appears from the Proteas’ selections for the last Test against England and the series’ in India and the West Indies that his international career is at an end.

Morné Morkel’s performances this year and the breakthrough of Wayne Parnell in Test cricket, together with Dale Steyn’s impressive bowling, points to the trio forming the core of South Africa’s pace attack in forthcoming series.

Ntini has taken 24 wickets at an average of 19,75 runs in four games for Kent. Coach Paul Fabrace has been delighted with his contribution.

“For a player with more than 100 Tests behind him, he’s made an incredible contribution to our team. We could have paid him twice the amount and it would still not have been enough considering what he puts in,” Fabrace told the BBC last month.


  • paul - 2010-06-03 04:41

    Over the years Ntini has been a marvellous bowler for SA, no question! Time catches up with you in this game and as of late he had been on a downward slide and was given a number of opportunities to retrace his steps. It did not happen. He was given a contract with Kent, takes 24 wickets in 4 matches and now feels he is hard done by with the SA selectors? Who exactly does he think he is? Maybe he should be reminded that comparing Kent to the Proteas is like comparing a schools first team to the "cake league"!

  • the Fan - 2010-06-03 07:49

    I like Ntini but his time is over, it is time to give the new blood a chance. He will not hold up for a long time and then you just need to start looking for someone else again give him the water duty and let him help the up and comig bowlers.

  • Anton - 2010-06-03 08:58

    I agree with "the fan". Nitini has done his country proud , but it's time to step down gracefully. Don't be a Donald ie: get carried off the field on a stretcher. You will always be remembered by the last match played. South Africans have this sickness in all forms of sport-they NEVER know when to retire and I also put the blame on the selectors--after all we all know it's about the MONEY--nothing else.

  • crick - 2010-06-03 09:56

    Anton, I agree with you. But a personal note to Hudson: You said it, so don't be called on to eat your words. Selection will be on performance, AND I hope that includes the likes of Smith, Kallis and Boucher as well. Its high time serious pruning took place and the dead and old wood cut out to make way for young fruit-bearing branches. Ntini was good --- very good, BUT when you are past 30 and a fast bowler, you no longer have the clout you had when you were 25. It is just one of those things in ALL parts of the game when age creeps up on you. At 32, your anckle bones and tendons aremuch weaker than at 22. I was also a fasti in my time and few people realise the shock and strain placed on the left foot when the ball is delivered. THAT is the time when all the damage results. ( I am still suffereing from a back injury taking a one-handed slip catch -- yes, 52 years ago at Newlands. Problem is ( like Smith) some people think they will never get older with the result that they repettively keep on making the same mistakes. The worst is when they think they know it all and there is no room for learning. Ideal pruning would be for at least 80% of the team to be UNDER 30, physically and mentally fit and alert.

  • Temba - 2010-06-03 10:06

    It's very interesting how black players are easily overlooked, whether they are out of form or injured, this very same approach is applied in Rugby as well, it's disgusting, what about white players who are always afforded another opportunity.... whatever maybe Ntini should just stay where he is collect as much pounds/dollars as he can and come back to unearth young talent...

  • Tito - 2010-06-03 10:37

    Ntini is black and they wont take him seriously no matter how well he is doing, period. Dont compare Donald and Ntini, because Ntini unlike Donald has been in peak physical condition all his career hence he has not had major injuries. As an experienced player his role can be changed in the set up(just like Kallis and Boucher are accomodated to get something out of them), because there has never been mention of him being negative to team dynamic. If Kallis, Boucher and Smith can be accomodated in the team how about showing Ntini some favour also, because this is the SA team not the Smith Pack. Hudson has no backbone and Smith and Corrie will overule him SO MUCH FOR PLAYER PERFORMANCE WILL SEE THEM SELECTED!!!

  • anton - 2010-06-03 11:52

    Tito: I agree with you on the Boucher, Smith thing BUT please dont' put Kallis in that basket--not only has he proved himself in recent games, he is regarded worldwide as the BEST allrounder in cricket-go Google his stats!!! I am not even going to comment on Nitini not been selected because of race---get over it man, is that all you can produce???-the race card?? I,m sure everyone is sick and tired of that old news. The FACT is that Nitini is too old for a fast bowler--PERIOD.

  • Staalburgher - 2010-06-03 12:35

    @Temba, you must live on another planet? Ntini was picked in the English series after an abysmal SS series where he couldn't buy a wicket. I predicted that if he is picked we would not win the series. True to form he couldn't buy a wicket against the English either. He single handedly cost us a win in the 1st Test when we had England on the ropes. He should never have played that series. The County Championship is of a doubtful standard. Dillon du Preez also had an average of 20 over there for several season but you don't see him in the Proteas squad? Or what about Jaques Rudolph that was smashing hundreds all over the place, why was he not considered? Oh, yes, Justin Ontong had to play! As for opportunities... what about Gibbs and Duminy that have failed again and again yet they keep on getting picked. Although, hopefully, it seems Gibbs is out now. If anything there are several white batsmen that can complain about not getting a chance.

  • Mokgaga - 2010-06-03 14:00

    I think every1 should stop arguing who should be picked and who should not. Forget race as the team picked is the SA team, whether pink, caramel,white or green, it doesnt matter. Ntini had his time and he dissapointed in the English series, I would have given him the boot as well. The Proteas team should not be about colour, the best team should be playing whether all black or white as long as it is on merit, I dont care. He just needs to pick himself up and keep on playing well and he would be recognised, coz we canmt say coz he is playing well and played 101 tests then he must be an automatic choice. The guys in the team have been consistent and you cant replace them becoz Ntini is now fit/playing well. To take you out of your mistery, I am black.

  • Skeletor1 - 2010-06-04 07:06

    @Mokgaga 6/3/2010 2:00 PM. I fully aggree with your statement. AndTito and Temba please get a live, the race card is getting old. Yes Ntini was good for RSA but it is time to move on. I cant understand that people are sill atacking Kallis. He is not only one of the top batsman, a good bowler but also a goos slip fielder. This is all very important in espesially 5 day. About Smith and Boucher I would have to agree. I dont think we missed Boucher in any of the last games, and was Smith really playing, I think Botha has proved himself as agood captain in the past.

  • Khaya aka No-Good - 2010-06-04 10:52

    I have to say I'm dissapointed in most of yall guys' comments. It seems to me you have very little knowledge of the game. How disgusting to see such pessimists. I bet most of yall only made it as far as in front of the TV screen, as far as playing cricket is concerned. You plonkers would make the perfect squad in the "Couch Potato's Cricket Team". Now you guys please tell me, since when does age have to do with anything? I mean how old is too old, experts? I'm sick and tired of people bashing at Kallis, Gibbs, Boucher, Ntini, saying they too old. I mean are you kidding me? Australia would kill to have players of such quality as these. Methinks the Australians have got it right, and indeed they have, considering the fact that they have an average age of >29 in their squad. It works for them. Look at the best players in the world - they are >30, yet you guys want more and more youngsters in the team. Do you want us to become like Bangladesh? Do you want us to take 16 year olds and make em play for our country. Come on people get real - You only get better with age and experience. Period.

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