Graeme Smith back in action

2013-10-03 09:05

Cape Town - Proteas Test skipper Graeme Smith has made a return to the playing field after suffering from injury in the last few months.

Smith cut short his stint at English country Surrey in May this year due to the recurrence of an ankle problem.

It was discovered the condition was actually a fracture of the heel bone which required surgery. He had two pins inserted and was on crutches for eight weeks before beginning physical activity.

Smith on Wednesday returned to action when he played for the Cape Cobras in a pre-season warm-up game against Indian side Madhya Pradesh at Newlands.

Although he only scored two runs, he fielded in the slips and reported a clean bill of health after 21 weeks out, which bodes well for the Proteas' upcoming series against Pakistan in the UAE.

The Proteas will depart for Dubai on Friday, and start their tour with a three-day game against Pakistan A in Sjarjah next Tuesday.

The first Test starts in Abu Dhabi on October 14, while there will also be five one-day internationals and two Twenty20 games.


  • Grant Thomson - 2013-10-03 09:09

    5 months out, he needs more game time!!! we don't want a walking wicket, and anyone who hasn't played for 5months will struggle, There is a tour game before the test series so make some runs Biff

      Virgie Olson - 2013-10-03 10:34

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  • Tim Aldridge - 2013-10-03 09:27

    He never makes runs anyway!! Almost NEVER!! A darn twerp is he!!

      Grant Thomson - 2013-10-03 09:37

      ya you right, 9 000 test runs at an average of 50. what a loser, can't bat, should be dropped

      Derrick Pentz - 2013-10-03 12:09

      Look at all the people agreeing with you.

      Nkanyiso Nicky Lurwengu - 2013-10-04 18:46

      He's been playing for more than 10 years with an average of just under 50. Has more than 25 hundreds. 3 double centuries. Dude you should really start watching cricket. He's the Best fourth innings Batsman in the world.

  • Michael Clifford Georgopoulos - 2013-10-03 09:46

    OH NO!!! not that failure again!!! He should start playing provincial games first. No foot work!! Swings at at crap that gets bowled to him. 45% L .B.W dissmissals. If only he could play as well as his swollen head....he would be a good run maker

      Nkanyiso Nicky Lurwengu - 2013-10-04 17:42

      You sound like you a better Cricket player than Graeme Smith. Why aren't you playing for proteas? Why aren't you captain of the proteas? Oh I guess you not good enough! So who sucks now?

  • Mike Kuun - 2013-10-03 09:48

    Noooo you need more time off sMIFFy, like the rest of your life!!!!

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-10-03 12:37

      Please dont breed

      Nkanyiso Nicky Lurwengu - 2013-10-04 17:27

      You are extremely ignorant. It's that time of the year where Graeme smith haters come out again, then he shuts them up... Watch the man prove you wrong.

  • Mike Kuun - 2013-10-03 09:53

    Not to mention the sporting worlds most uncharismatic leader - Ever!!!!

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-10-03 12:37

      Please dont breed

      Nkanyiso Nicky Lurwengu - 2013-10-04 17:21

      That statement just proved you know absolutely nothing about cricket. So I suggest you keep your useless idiotic comments to yourself. Would really appropriate that.

  • Derrick Pentz - 2013-10-03 12:07

    That time of the year when all the Smith haters come out again- only to disappear when he shuts their mouths as he has done for 10 years.

  • Hendrik Van Heerden - 2013-10-03 12:32

    Weird how people make comments as if they are fully informed as to the stats and the ability of the man. His record says it all, The man is a Winner, do not confuse personal life with his ability to play. And just for the record we became number one test playing nation under his very capable leadership.

  • Jan-Hendrik Koekemoer - 2013-10-03 20:06

    Come BIFF, proof these negatives people that you still have it to score runs.

  • Seeni Moodley - 2013-10-04 10:09

    It's time to retire with dignity. Thank you for all that you did , but it's time to go. Your wife and children need you. We need youth in our team. Not old ballies.

      Nkanyiso Nicky Lurwengu - 2013-10-04 17:14

      Who's good enough to replace him? No one! So please think before you speak.

  • Sabiha Lockhat - 2013-10-04 11:59

    Thats nasty Seeni, maybe should tell old ballie Tendulkar to retire, do you have any sugestion yourg guy who should replace smith

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