SANCA takes swipe at Gibbs

2010-11-01 17:49

Johannesburg - The SA National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (SANCA) said on Monday it was "disappointed" that Proteas cricket player Herschelle Gibbs had released the content of his controversial book to the media ahead of publication.

The book, titled To the Point, was released on Monday, but Sunday newspapers carried excerpts the day before.

SANCA said Gibbs' reported statements were "of great concern" as large numbers of the nation's youth were cricket fans who looked up to sportsmen as role models.

"Such cricket enthusiasts revere Herscelle Gibbs and other players, but the message they now receive is that it is acceptable to use excessive alcohol, smoke dagga and indulge in sexual orgies," the body said in a statement.

In the book, Gibbs tells of sexual escapades while on tour with the national team, as well as his troubles with substances like alcohol and dagga.

"Dagga is a gateway drug that frequently leads to more serious drug addiction," SANCA said.

It was also regrettable, according to SANCA, that the top order batsman's stay in a rehabilitation facility for alcohol treatment seemingly failed to give him the insight to realise the potentially devastating impact alcohol addiction had on family members and large sections of society.

The orgies he and teammates particpated in would fail to provide under-aged cricket fans with messages about the dangers of HIV/Aids.

"Given the important role sportsmen and international cricketers fulfill in shaping a world view and value system among many young people and scholars, SANCA urges Cricket SA to take whatever action it is able to in order to restore the credibility of international cricket as a game of honour in the eyes of the youth."


  • Clive - 2010-11-01 18:06

    All people that have developed serious drug problems admit to having drunk water regularly in the past. I think water too should be banned.

  • Joe - 2010-11-01 18:18

    Oh my word ... the moral highground again..

  • Brian - 2010-11-01 18:24

    This is just what happens when fame comes to a gutter snipe.

  • No - 2010-11-01 18:28

    No, the message to these young cricket fans is that these so-called heroes are in fact scum and no-one should aspire to be like them. By hiding the truth SANCA is empowering such scum to get away with this false image being portrayed by these sportsman, hanging a veil in front of the reality of professional sports.

  • Francois Smith - 2010-11-01 18:35

    This is unbelieveble. From what I have read, Gibbs was honest and described his problems and how (to some extent) he coped with it. Unfortunately neither he or klikbek Cullinan had the work ethics of a Gary Kirsten, because then both of them would have been chasing Bradman's records! So what you are saying is that he pussyfoots around the whole issue and continue to put forward a false image of cricketers to that one person less possibly will not be drinking. Please provide sommer the whole of South Africa with scientific proof that Herchelle's behavior on tour caused more people to smoke dagga or to sleep with a girl. These ethics are taught in a society where the society's norms are established and practiced. Where is your advocacy against statutory rape in SA where girls below 16 get child grants? Herchelle, at least you enjoyed life and at least you spoke the truth. Don't let these people who gave your people the dopstelsel criticise you. Have one on all of us, specifically on Darryl - lets play- Shane - Cullinan!

  • AL - 2010-11-01 18:44

    It is evident that the morality of the SA cricket team is doubtful. My enthusiasm for cricket (national team) does not exist anymore. SA Cricket should do something very urgent to restore the name of cricket in general and the national team in particular - only silence from SA cricket and the captain - that is not good enough

  • David Smith - 2010-11-01 18:50

    Dagga is not a gateway drug, go peddle your drug propaganda somewhere else.

      Jane - 2010-11-19 19:53

      Hear, hear...ANYTHING can become problematic, destructive and thus addictive. Are slapchips the gateway to teenage obesity...JUST another addiction, right? Ban food?

  • Martin - 2010-11-01 18:58

    Woooohoooo Herscelle is the man !!! When I grow up I want to be just like him

  • Shirley Long - 2010-11-01 19:05

    What a rat. I shudder to think what kind of ethics he has. He seems proud of his doings.

  • Stop the dagga lies - 2010-11-01 19:06

    Dagga is far safer than alcohol, don't believe me? check this CNN article from this morning.

  • KArl - 2010-11-01 19:22

    personally it sounds like the over exaggerated supposed exploits of a spoilt little boy who has never grown up and who does not think with his big head. I think it is more a case of what he wishes had happened. Definitely a non-fiction work

  • @ David Smith - 2010-11-01 19:25

    Well Said. So what, you rich and famous...i would like to see how many of these "do gooders" would say no to an orgie!

  • BUG - 2010-11-01 19:31

    Kids these days don't need role models like Herschelle to get them onto drugs & sex at a young age, their parents who have no control over them are squarely to blame.

  • Denis - 2010-11-01 19:36

    I had the priveledge of watching Gibbs play flyhalf for the WP Craven side in East London. How that sparkling youngster has fallen from grace and then he puts it all on paper. Your heroics are going to bring you down hard. You will be remembered for the filth you admit to and not your cricketing greatness. Are you now supposed to be regarded as a hero? More like a zero at this stage of your life. You obviously wrote the book out of desperation as your funds are drying up and then you expect people to pay to read filth. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You will NEVER play for South Afriaca again. With the release of your book, I think your troubles have only just begun. I wrote two books, but unlike you, the essence of these is to support parents who have lost children. I speak from experience. My son wanted to live but at twenty was taken by God, and here you are, messing up your life.

  • sipho - 2010-11-01 19:58

    I love it how everyone judges him - who care's, let him be who he is and be the person you really are...

  • Gen30 - 2010-11-01 20:00

    SANCA, can be glad that Gibbo talked about his drinking. Youngsters can learn from him. He did something about it. Go Gibbo!!!!!! You are so special. And to have seen you play was always a pleasure. When you look at Hersh, its what you see its what you get. Way to go!!!!!!

  • Soothsayer - 2010-11-01 20:02

    And what guidance did the great captain give??

  • @Clive - 2010-11-01 20:07

    You are an ignorant idiot. Open your eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stokstyf - 2010-11-01 20:16

    Heh dudes - what Gibbs has got up to with women is childs play - I am in the safari industry - and you should see what "khaki fever" does to some women ! Get real - we do not live in a perfect world - and if parents are relying on sportsmen to role models to their kids, then they are doing a k@k job as a parent. Fame and fortune come with all sorts of temptations - ask Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and ALL high profile people ! Well done Herschelle for telling it like it is - there are too many insecure people on this planet who think life is perfect - shame on you if it is boring - bet you wouldnt have minded if some of Gibbs stray cats were passed your way now WOULD YOU - Moral Muppetts !

  • Splints - 2010-11-01 20:21

    Stop talking shit, SANCA.....i have tried it all & you know what... cigarettes & dop are the worst (the most difficult to quit) Weed is childs play & the most fun too. I have 3kids, live in a wonderful town ,am fit & we are living a perfect life - go talk crap elsewhere - its not the drug ,its the individual.

  • Raven - 2010-11-01 21:09

    I respect Gibbs for telling it as it is. Your da man.

  • Bob - 2010-11-01 21:36

    Gibbs is just a plain seems its catching reading what stokstyf (!?) has to say.....he is the first person I have seen say "I have never read a book" with such a look of pride on his face.....He hopes to be chosen for the Proteas again? ....F***king twat!

  • swannie - 2010-11-01 21:59

    Hey SANCA - it's you saying that dagga is the gateway drug that is half the problem... A recent survey showed that cigarrettes are actually the gateway drug (maybe pay attention to the people who actually use them). Popularity of use these days is... 1. Cigarettes, 2. Alcohol, 3. Ecstasy, 4.Cocaine, 5 Dagga, 6. Acid...

  • AnOn - 2010-11-01 22:05

    Whats the difference between Gibbs and Mini Me from Austin Powers? One is a sex-crazed dwarf with a shaved head and the other one is a famous American movie star.

  • Agas - 2010-11-01 22:17

    This is his-storey, read it if you're interested ! an amazing cricketer !

  • Artoo - 2010-11-01 22:32

    @Dennis, god murdered your son. See he is not that nice. Gibbs was a brilliant cricketer who happened to smoke some pot, drink, and enjoy women. Good for him.

  • balmy - 2010-11-01 22:45

    @Peterm and Johnny Film it's people like you who make people vote ANC. You are racist to the freakin core.

  • Rico - 2010-11-01 23:15

    Thumbs up to Gibbs for telling it all. And thumbs up to him for enjoying his life. Don't complain about role models for your kids, be the role model as a parent. Eish, trying to ask celebrities for what you can't do yourself. Its not their job to bring up your kids! Like actors, singers, comedians and clowns, sportsmen and sportswomen are entertainers. Thats what you pay for. If they do their job, why complain? Lots of people f**k, drink and party. Why can't they. So stop hating. Either you wanna read this guy's story or you don't. He is not asking you to or not to. If you don't he probably don't give a flying f**k. If you do, he has tried to say it his way, and hopefully you'll enjoy your money spent on the book. Ride on!

  • Bliksem @ Artoo - 2010-11-02 00:55

    Artoo, you are an insensitive individual, and for your sake I really hope in this case the wheel does not turn. We can debate the book until the cows come home, but it takes a self-centered person to spill the beans like he has. Belonging to an exclusive group as he does has it's codes and standards. What happens on camp stays on camp!! It wouldn't be any issue to me if he told the whole world about his antics, but to include others' stories is beneath contempt.

  • Alex - 2010-11-02 01:21

    Don't be silly Clive. What am I supposed to have in my whiskey? Besides, if we ban water, then ice is banned with it, which I also need for my whiskey. Gibbs was always a twit, I don't know why people are so surprised. I wonder, if he reads his own book, will it be the first one? Or can he even read? The 'role model' nonsense also irritates me. Parents are supposed to be the role models, NOBODY else. Yes, isn't it amusing Joe?.. all these perfect angels who come out the closet when somebody is not perfect. Think about it. What has Gibbs done that our President hasn't ...other than play cricket of course.?

  • michael - 2010-11-02 07:47

    Once a Skollie always Skollie!!!

  • Brendan - 2010-11-02 07:47

    What's all the fuss about?? It's his story and he has the right to say it all...There is no difference between what HG has done and what Ian Botham did, look where it got him - he's now Sir Ian....

  • GP - 2010-11-02 08:21

    Kids these days don't read, so they wont be seeing the book unless it is on some or other network in the form of a TV game.

  • Friend of Bill and Bob - 2010-11-02 08:29

    Every has their opinion about an individual. I turn to the fact the people say Honest is the best policy. Well in this case everyone knows its not the case. It's exactly the same within the working environment. Spill the beans and then you get nailed. SANCA needs to realise that they base their values on Honesty with the ground. The Program for addiction requires "Rigorous Honesty"! This is what Scooter has done!!! Calling him names and pussyfooting around scrambling to save the Fading Proteas wont help... He messed up and fessed up.... Any of you done this lately... Or is it just a Sportsman thing to hide thing away. Sport Promotes Acoholism... They even sponser the events.... and there are difference forms of Carb intakes instead of beer. Cullinan is Hiding from the truth that it. Roger's side of the stroy has been just been dismissed.

  • booi booi - 2010-11-02 08:30

    If you are looking for role models on the sports pitch you are misguided. The majority of sports personnel engage in reckless smoking, boozing and orgies. Nel paid hookers remember, .....

  • Graham - 2010-11-02 08:36

    SANCA say they have an issue with it because young people hold Gibbs as a role model...How many young people do you know that read the newspaper these days?

  • Grunter - 2010-11-02 08:43

    I love Gibbs (in the cricket sense) - He's the only one that made the game worthwhile watching. As exciting it was to watch him he was often just as annoying. I'm not sure what everybody is so high and mighty about - I bet my bottom dollar that most of the high profile sportmen do the same things and their coaches and management are aware of the goings on - Without justifying, men get up to these kind of tricks because the women are willing (referring to the sex things) and they probably use the alcohol and drugs to keep "sane" because we, the public put them on a pedestal. I will read Gibb's book because it for sure will be entertaining and I've often wondered just what makes the guy tick. Also, Gibbs is loving all the comments(negative or otherwise) because this is exactly what he's used to, people notice him, they like him and they love him.

  • Lanzguptha - 2010-11-02 11:26

    U must smoke da weed!! thats why his eye was so in all these years!!! Go Gibbs - forever my hero!!

  • My Opinion - 2010-11-02 11:48

    What a huge crisis this is turning out to be. Leave all else and focus on a guy who decided to write a book about his life and the happenings on a tour. Leave all the murders, rapes, investigations into corruption etc. and focus on a book. I've been on tours many times in my life. Still playing clubcricket and remembering the good old days with the boys in P.E., Potchefstroom and Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban the list goes on and on. A bunch of okes going on a tour, playing to the best of their ability to try and win, to try and keep the public happy!! It's tough out there, and I didn't even play professional, only clubcricket, but all the parents, coaches, administrators and the various Universities put pressure on you. If you don't perform, you're out, you lose youre scholarship and the bursaries. I know that the biggest part of the public doesn't have an idea of how tough it is, physically but even more so mentally. Even though you are under loads of pressure, you still need to keep your head in the right place, rise above occasions and perform to keep all above in tact. After exhausting games in days of high heat, where the world sits in their airsonditioned offices and homes, you want to tell me I am not allowed to have a beer or two? I am not in any way saying all Herchelle and even me and my mates have done is right, but give a break. What is the difference if you sit at home and consume a case of beer and if you go out and do it? Nothing, because the world doesn't know you!! We are always in the spotlight. I recall an incident in P.E. where we dicided to go to a stripclub, 15 guys on tour, 3rd day of a long tour, deciding to go and have a couple of beers at a stripclub. The next morning everybody knew we where there, shouting remarks at us etc. We started play on day 4, finished up the game, quite easily if I might ad and nobody said anything about a great performance, noooooooooo, but everybody had something to say about that 1 night for a very loooong time!! What I'm trying to say is that nobody is perfect. Please put yourself in the shoes of a national player or even a provincial player, nobody has an idea what life is like up there. I haven't even been there, but my experience is not a good one. Once again, I'm not saying it's right what happened, but lots of people do it and nobody notices, because they are not well known people or national heroes. Forget about nitty gritty sh!t for once and focus on real problems like crime and poverty!! Regards, The 12th man

  • Staalburgher - 2010-11-02 13:52

    @Brendan, Ian Botham did not try to blame others for his shortcomings, because he actually lived up to his potential. The sex, drugs and booze is hardly surprising for anyone that can think straight. Only the hypocrits in the world will be upset by that. However, the crux of this book is to blame team failures on some conspiracy theory "clique". Immature people always do that. They blame other players for his and the team's troubles. It is pretty pathetic.

  • Tommy1 - 2010-11-02 13:54

    Dear SANCA; YOU guys should change your philosophy as it is quiet out dated,maybe a name change would be good.Stop this crap about sports people being role models in society even ANDRE AGASSI has spoken about being HIGH with TIK in his book while playing on the ATP tour.He even tested positive for the drug at wimbeldon and it was overlooked.Young people out there should be guided by their parents not sports stars.If parents are abusive,smoke ,drink ,vulgar have no morals please do not blame a sportsman if they indulge in drugs or liquor.IF MR GIBBS STATED HE PRACTICED SAFE SEX IN HIS BOOK,SHOULD WE ASK HIM TO HEAD A SAFE SEX CAMPAIGN FOR THE YOUTH/KIDS IN SA.Stop being hippocrites.He was honest to speak about what took place and CSA should LEARN from this and maybe rethink about team management priorities.

  • Rupert - 2010-11-03 10:31

    @ Clive - Brilliant. The 'gateway drug' argument is the biggest load of tosh in the world. Heroine addicts are also usually big alcohol drinkers on their way to oblivion. But alcohol is legal, and cannabis (the word 'Dagga' is so melodramatic!) somehow cops the blame for being the first, tenuous foothold on a slippery slope to becoming a junkie. Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol in almost every respect. And if anybody can show me one single case of someone overdosing on Cannabis and dying, I will wash their feet. A 'dagga overdose' usually results in nothing more than a peaceful nap. There happen to be millions of cases of people dying from alcohol poisoning (not to mention related violence, road accidents etc) but unfortunately SANCA would rather take the easy, utterly illogical way out and go after cannabis. Why? Not for any sound, thoroughly researched reason. Simply because everybody's doing it, and have been for a hundred years. One day we will look back on the demonisation of the herb and acquiesence to liquor as a monumental blindspot in societal development, and one that is less excusable than when it was a crime to suggest the world was not flat.

  • Chris Greenland - 2010-11-07 19:22

    Might I respectfully refer everyone to my blog post titled - "Drugs ... addiction ... calling on Homo Sapiens". Paste this link in your browser address bar - Having been involved in the ctriminal justice system for over 30 years I really think SANCA needs to undergo a paradigm shift in its thinking. Furhermore Herchelle should not be lambasted for being TRUTHFULL. We need MORE TRUTH, NOT LESS.

  • Jane - 2010-11-19 20:03

    If dagga is a gateway drug, then are slapchips the gateway to teen obesity? They say food is potentially addictive. For some, it is. But does that mean we must put cookbooks on the top shelf at the bookstore, along with books like Gibbs'? He is an immature, pillock, granted. Can't give that up as a bad habit...

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