GCB constitution vote fails

2012-10-16 18:08

Johannesburg - A vote to adopt a new constitution for the Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB) has failed, the GCB said on Tuesday.

It proposed the adoption at a meeting of its member cricket clubs on Monday night. In order for the constitution to be adopted, 75 percent of the attending members had to vote in favour of the adoption.

However, after votes were tallied, only 68 percent voted in favour, with one percent abstaining.

As a result, the GCB would continue to be partly administered by Cricket South Africa (CSA) until the constitution was accepted by its members, and the GCB able to hold its annual general meeting.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Gauteng Sports Council, CSA officials, and the provincial sports ministry, who were all equally keen to help the GCB to resolve its problems.

Acting GCB president Faizel Sallie said even though the constitution was not adopted, it was encouraging to know that 68 percent of members favoured the idea.

"From last night's meeting, it is evident that all parties believe much progress has been made and are confident that an agreement, equitable to all members, will be reached in the near future," said Sallie.

GCB CEO Cassim Docrat believed Monday's meeting further showed the voting process as being a key issue regarding the unification process within the board, as highlighted by the 2010 Langa report.

"Whilst 68 percent was in favour... 31 percent were not in favour and this was largely due to the loaded votes held by the premier league clubs," said Docrat.

"One of the major changes proposed in the new [constitution] was to move away from this loaded voting structure held by the premier league clubs and to adopt a policy of one club, one vote."

The present board would continue while CSA sought to resolve the organisation's problems.

CSA put the GCB under administration in 2009. In 2010, a fact-finding commission was appointed by then-CSA president, Mtutuzeli Nyoka, following a dispute among GCB board members over the administration of cricket in the region.

On July 19, 2010, CSA accepted recommendations made by the commission, led by former chief justice Pius Langa, which tabled the report.

In terms of the recommendations made, an interim structure was established, comprising an independent administrator, who was helped by an advisory panel.