Flower: KP must come clean

2012-08-22 10:38

London - England coach Andy Flower believes Kevin Pietersen must reveal the content of his controversial text messages if he wants to salvage his international career.

South Africa-born Pietersen was left out of the England side that lost their world number one Test ranking to the Proteas with a 51-run loss at Lord's on Monday after sending what he admitted were "provocative" texts to South African players.

It has been alleged the texts contained derogatory remarks regarding England Test captain Andrew Strauss.

Although he has apologised, Pietersen's failure to furnish the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) with the detail they want did not help his cause, as he was dropped despite a brilliant 149 in the second Test at Headingley.

He was also omitted from the squad named on Tuesday for next month's World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka, despite being the player of the tournament when England won the tournament in the Caribbean two years ago.

"There are a number of outstanding issues to be resolved," said Flower.

"An example of that would be finding out exactly what these text messages contained, if we do really want to move forward either way," the former Zimbabwe batsman added.

"I'm not sure of exactly the best way to investigate it. I think it's always nice to have a large element of up-front honesty."

But Flower was cautious as to whether Pietersen had played his last match for his adopted country, after earlier attempting to seemingly dictate when he played for England and in what format before making himself available again for all matches.

"I would rather not speculate on that," he said. "He (Pietersen) was speculating on it during a Test series -- so I suppose there is a chance. There are certain behaviours that are unacceptable and I think we've seen some of that just recently."

Flower insisted England, whose next Test series comes during a tour of India later this year, could regain their number one status even without Pietersen, whose average of nearly 50 is the mark of a truly world-class player.

"English cricket has a great history -- and it has a great future," Flower said. "It is bigger than any one player. You will always move on from anyone -- whether it be a captain, a coach or a player.

"I think the most important thing is that we do the right thing for England cricket. That's how we will make our decision."

Meanwhile senior paceman James Anderson said the rest of the side would take their cue on the whole controversy from Strauss.

"Straussy has got so much respect as a captain and a leader," said Anderson. "We very much respect his decisions -- and we will back him to the hilt with whatever he and the ECB decide."

And Flower was confident that although Strauss's 100th Test had ended in defeat, he was not about to step down from the captaincy.

"He'll come back. He's a strong bloke and he'll come back feeling very strong. We will definitely be plotting our challenge.

"We want to get back to number one. We've got a tough outing first up in India, of course -- but that'll be exciting."


  • eddy.deepfield - 2012-08-22 10:49

    England are weaker without KP Every one knows that. Kiss and make up. Get on with wining cricket.

  • fran.aphane - 2012-08-22 10:57

    Come on guys, the guy wants to come back home to SA. I think he regrets ever becoming an English. Lol

      NigelJamesTurner - 2012-08-22 12:11

      Hope he does return to SA, and fast. But he'll have to wait for 4 years before being able to play for SA. He's gonna be an IPL mercenary. Yes, he's a great talent, but not, in my view, a great player as he does not respect the team - he's shown that wherever he's played. The true greats - Tendulkar, Bradman, Kallis, play for the team first, themselves second.

      zambezi.river - 2012-08-22 13:04

      We dont need him back here in SA. We have enuf 'kullid boys' waiting to get into the team. Cant wait 4them to drop Rudolf.

      TravieGrif - 2012-08-22 13:19

      @Nigel, while there is no doubt that he is a massive prima donna, what I want to know is how can the English players and the ECB parade around like such hypocrites? If this team spirit and the ethos of "pulling together" is so important, why has Broad not been brought to task about the disparaging Twitter account that he was a part of? He says he had nothing to do with it, but he was following it 90 minutes after it was set up? I think if Strauss is such a good captain, why is he not able to handle the massive ego that we ALL know KP is? ANd Flower is their task to manage him, and they both failed miserably! It is an embarrasment to the team and English cricket.

      dave.short.102 - 2012-08-22 16:13

      Nigel, first time in ages I can AGREE with a pom!!

  • larry.morkel - 2012-08-22 10:59

    India will be the series to decide A&A's fate...

  • iceman196 - 2012-08-22 11:11

    come on andy, you know very well england are rubbish on the sub continent, india will destroy you

  • - 2012-08-22 11:11

    I'm so sick of all these KP snippets...what a arrogant d##s and so glad he left to trouble the poms instead of staying here in south africa. All the great sportsmen are humble and its about time that someone shuts him up the way the proteas did during the past series.... he reminds me of a spoilt brat at primary school thats so niggly...the one's that gets a weekly snot-klap in the corridors.

      bruce.wells.963 - 2012-08-22 11:30

      You are so right. He is now in his thirties and has learnt nothing about acceptable behaviour. He is like a three year old who only knows one thing Me, Me, Me!

      eddy.deepfield - 2012-08-22 11:55

      Chris Gale, Usain Bolt and Mohammed Ali are anything but humble. Maybe you are the one who shouldgrow up and smell the roses. - 2012-08-22 12:04

      individual sportsmen can be arrogant but in a team environment a bit of arrogance is usefull but not to the detriment of the team...have come accross similar okes on the rugby and cricket field and makes it more sweeter to shut them up...

      NigelJamesTurner - 2012-08-22 12:13

      @Eddy Gale would never have gotten away with what he has if he's been playing for SA, AUS or England. The WICB is weak and broke. The other two compete as individuals for the most part, so your analogy is flawed.

      eddy.deepfield - 2012-08-22 12:40

      Nigel - and it is individual brilliance that saved the second test for England or do you think the team did it? This team stuff is nonsense. All teams need great players. Look at our mediocre Rugby team with NO stand out players like Naas Botha used to be. We need more great players than average players, what are you smoking? Your socks? Who cares wither he is mother Teresa or the Devil?

      TravieGrif - 2012-08-22 13:24

      Humility is the mark of any great leader, both on and off the field. KP is a prat with a massive ego to boot. When playing in a team, genius will save you from time to time, but there is no doubt that it erodes morale and has more negative than positive effect. Having said that, I think that KP's ego is not the only one clanging around the English dressing room at the moment. I think that Broad is right up there, and it seems the ECB has a pretty rosy (excuse the pun) view of themselves.

  • robert.cerff - 2012-08-22 11:39

    So basically they don't know what was said so everything is based on assumption? Me thinks that there is way more going on than just KP acting up.

      NigelJamesTurner - 2012-08-22 12:14

      They jusy want him to tell the truth about what he said, what's wrong with that?

  • ryan.a.smith.3958 - 2012-08-22 12:19

    do you guys think there is any chance KP could swop England for SA ?

      TravieGrif - 2012-08-22 13:21

      No. We don't want him, and you are not allowed to play for two test playing nations. The end!

  • jacques.duplessis.566148 - 2012-08-22 14:00

    Man ek wens die KP ding kan uit die pad uit kom. hy is die d@@s in die verhaal. So good riddens KP.

  • shanleigh.sewsanker - 2012-08-22 15:31

    if u dipped this guy in jik he still wouldnt come clean

      inky.pinky.56 - 2012-08-22 19:53

      You talking about Hansie ?

  • sabiha.lockhat - 2012-08-23 11:58

    Kp loses his respect when he is not loyal to his country , 1st bad mouthed SA for not selecting him, then he had problems with england regarding captaincy now this issue , He comes across as an arrogant selfish person who plays for his own fame and glory , he should learn from Graeme smith no matter what the criticism smith stayed stuck with CSA .

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