Duckworth/Lewis thwarts SA

2009-11-13 21:53

Johannesburg - Eoin Morgan played a stunning innings of 85 not out off 45 balls as England won a rain-affected first Twenty20 international against South Africa at the Wanderers Stadium on Friday.

England piled up 202 for six and won by one run according to the Duckworth/Lewis method when rain stopped play with South Africa on 127 for three after 13 overs.

The left-handed Morgan and captain Paul Collingwood shrugged off a poor start and launched a savage assault on the South African bowlers in a fourth wicket partnership of 98 off 55 balls.

South African skipper Graeme Smith and Loots Bosman batted equally aggressively in an opening stand of 97 off 55 balls which threatened to take the game away from England.

But South Africa lost three wickets in successive overs as rain started to fall.

With both teams consulting the Duckworth/Lewis charts, Collingwood brought on James Anderson, his best bowler, in the 13th over. AB de Villiers and Albie Morkel could manage only six runs and were one short of the par score when rain ended the match at the end of the over.

Collingwood hit 57 off 32 balls, with three fours and four sixes, while Morgan slammed seven fours and five sixes, including one hit off Dale Steyn that sailed over the square leg boundary and out of the ground, landing in a block of flats.

England lost Joe Denly to the first ball of the match, bowled by Charl Langeveldt, and Alastair Cook followed in the fourth over.

Former South Africa under-19 player Jonathan Trott started England's recovery with an impressive 33 off 25 balls, hitting Steyn for four successive boundaries, before he was run out.

Collingwood and Morgan then swung the game England's way as they took advantage of an excellent batting pitch and a fast outfield.

Ryan McLaren, making his Twenty20 international debut, was South Africa's best bowler, taking three for 33 in four overs.

Bosman was the main aggressor as he and Smith got South Africa off to flying start, hitting 58 off 31 balls with five fours and four sixes.

Smith took ten balls to score his first three runs but picked up the pace to hit 41 off 23 deliveries with three fours and four sixes before he was caught at deep cover off Luke Wright.

The second and final match in the series will be played at Centurion on Sunday.


  • vincent - 2009-11-13 22:10

    hulle is poepols, groot bekke, en hasse met lang ore, daai dominie moet loop, wen hulle engeland, julle weet hoe om te wen, met reen en krampe,

  • wm - 2009-11-13 22:13

    SA gotta be the dumbest cricket squad on the planet. Dumb

  • PMS - 2009-11-13 23:06

    Ja nou wel fine SA. Blaas warm of koud. Bring terug KP.

  • Yucca - 2009-11-13 23:38

    I would just like to say that the poor drowd attendance is no surprise given that I would also not pay an international cricket ticket price to see SA vs united nations. I will not be going to any games as i have not interest in a contest that is no longer about a nation versus nation but now a contest of money lovers vs patriots.

  • AC - 2009-11-13 23:40

    Send them all back to primary school. AB and Albie meeting in the middle of pitch before that last over, reading and flipping through the pages to understand what they must achieve whilst 128 is on the scoreboard is a comedy funnier than Dumb & Dumber

  • Spitfire - 2009-11-13 23:43

    Well done England.....

  • leon - 2009-11-13 23:53

    I doesnt help to give AB a printout of the DL system if you havent explained to him how the bloody system works. Whats even worse is that it is flashed on the scoreboard. much dumb can you fit into such a small head Mikey Arthur?

  • TS - 2009-11-14 00:02

    Vincent praat jy nie miskien van die rukby span?

  • OMG - 2009-11-14 00:29

    what a bunch of school boys, no offence. can't believe we lost really poor game. we had it in the bag, at one stage 10 runs ahead of duck system. wonder why i watch cricket.

  • CHOKERS!!! - 2009-11-14 04:04

    I just can't believe it! Are we really that stupid? I would sack the coach for again not being able to steer the team through the D/L calculations. Good heavens, is it really possible to be that fu@#n stupid. SA simple cannot win the big games and after so many years still cannot cope with D/L. We were actually ahead of D/L the over before and then AB tried to figure out how to read the D/L table. Next over they actually didn't even look like if they were trying to look for that extra 1 or 2 runs. Again we lost by 1 run after being well ahead of the game. We are CHOCKERS and every cricket playing country knows that. They don't care how well we perform during a series because they know when it matters, we will CHOKE. I have nothing against the coach or selectors, but isn't it maybe time for new personnel? We don't have a bad team, but for many years now we're just not good enough when it matters. I think the players know they are chokers and therefore stress every time the heat is on. There is simply no other explanation. Steve Waugh identified this weakness many years ago and used it to their advantage. Years later and we are still choking!!!

  • Nico - 2009-11-14 06:49

    Duckworth/Lewis twarts SA. No ways!!!! Even a 6 year old would have known to stay ahead of what is required with it already busy raining.

  • Lou - 2009-11-14 07:14

    I hate them both, Duckworth and Lewis. Seriously, though. What a cock-up. SA should realise by now that the D/L score PLUS ABOUT 7 RUNS is what they should aim for. Like Klusener always said: you time your run rate to reach the target one over early, just in case. He should know; surely the cricket team has learned by now????

  • ronnie - 2009-11-14 07:19

    theonly way england can beat us is this stupid douglas/lewis method if you cant say anything good about your country just shutup and go to england so those who is still proud of south africa can support them with honour bad luck boys let them play us in a full game then i want to hear those stupid hippocrits talk

  • Dgs - 2009-11-14 07:19

    The following should be dropped from the T20 side: Dale Steyn - has proved once again, just as he did in the IPL and CL, thaty he is NOT a T20 bowler; Albie Morkel - his bowling is atrocious and his running between the wickets is even worse: and Johan Botha - without the doosra, he is just another ineffective right arm off spinner who is going to get hammered by the batsmen

  • GB - 2009-11-14 07:35

    It's simple - Arthur and Smith must go. The is something rotten in the camp and I can't put my finger on it. Let's get back to the days when we actually supported our National team and attended the matches - the glory days of Donald, Pollock and Gibbs

  • CJ - 2009-11-14 07:35

    AC says it all....once again, NO BRAINS!! WTF did De Villiers think he had in his hand?! A F@#%&* MENU? What do they not understand about it...or are we sure they know, looked as if De Villiers was trying his utmost to stay below the PAR D/L SCORE. A F!%#$ is the rugby... BOKS got taught a lesson in physicality and brawn! Proteas got taught a lesson in brains!! My weekend is stuffed....

  • hyena - 2009-11-14 07:37


  • Neville - 2009-11-14 07:44

    I am now convinced !!! It is not cricket our guys have got to practice, it is maths, how to calculate and read and follow simple instructions. This seems to have been the problem in just too many games over the years. May be Boucher and the others did not have the targets at their finger tips , but to have the TARGET on the score board and handed to you at the wicket and the rain falling. Then ??? Well Well ??? Back to School .

  • @ronnie - 2009-11-14 08:53

    Stop talking nonsense ol, ronnie, with or without the rain, England was going to take that match, the proteas wickets were dropping fast before the rain started, but then again if my rugby team and cricket team both lost in one night, i would also be posting excuses and whining on sport 24. LOL....

  • Amaru - 2009-11-14 09:01

    Who really knows how D/L is calculated? I truelly want to know - really! I think D/L is a bunch of crap. We were on our way to beat the crap out of the Pommies - they did not beat us, we were beaten by a stupid maths calc! The game should have had a no result. They should replay these rained out T20 games - theres ample time to do it!

  • Graeme - 2009-11-14 09:06

    Has anyone actually done a validation on Duckworth Lewis for T20s? D/L was developed (years ago) for 50 over calculations, but T20 is a new format. It is my suggestion that using D/L for T20 systematically under-estimates the capacity of the chasing side. Over time higher scores are becoming more common, and especially so in T20 where 12+ an over for the last 8 overs is par for the course. So, 76 off 7 with 7 wickets in hand should favour the batting side?

  • gcr - 2009-11-14 09:12

    WTF - we have been down the route of D/L so many times - boys read the score you need not at the end of this over but the next over and target that score - QED. Ronnie so glad we have at least one one eyed supporter - the other bloggers are lambasting the team for not applying their minds to the game nothing more. Smith is absolutely insufferable as to how he and the team are going to sweep all before them - we are no longer top od ODI or test log which should tell us something

  • Mehluli Sibanda - 2009-11-14 09:15

    AB and Albie cant read, they kept on pretending that they were reading the D/L but did not know that a simple boundary in that over would have secured the match for the Proteas. I had predicted a victory for the Proteas but England deserved to win the match after scoring 202 runs.

  • gcr - 2009-11-14 09:16

    WTF - we have been down the route of D/L so many times - boys read the score you need not at the end of this over but the next over and target that score - QED. Ronnie so glad we have at least one one eyed supporter - the other bloggers are lambasting the team for not applying their minds to the game nothing more. Smith is absolutely insufferable as to how he and the team are going to sweep all before them - we are no longer top od ODI or test log which should tell us something

  • William Shakespeare - 2009-11-14 09:21

    I'd like to introduce Duckworth and Lewis to my two friends - Smith and Wesson.

  • Amaru - 2009-11-14 09:21

    @Graeme, well said mate.

  • Just_me - 2009-11-14 10:25

    Albie and AB were reading the menu for breakfast,as surely they could not be as dumb as it looked on Friday.Me thinks the legend of Hansie still lives,as the thought of match fixing crossed my mind.I certainly think that match fixing is still very much alive and well.

  • Burgiesburnin - 2009-11-14 10:26

    This match proves that the D/L system is relevant to 20/20 and accurate. The whole point of a game is that the best team should win. Maybe if Smith had'nt taken so long to get going it would have been different but he did and it wasnt, the best team won. A positive though, SA didnt choke for a change, if the game had gone the distance then maybe they would have,

  • DUCKWORTH LEWIS THEORY - 2009-11-14 10:27

    The essence of the D/L method is 'resources'. Each team is taken to have two 'resources' to use to make as many runs as possible: the number of overs they have to receive; and the number of wickets they have in hand. At any point in any innings, a team's ability to score more runs depends on the combination of these two resources. Looking at historical scores, there is a very close correspondence between the availability of these resources and a team's final score, a correspondence which D/L exploits.[4] Using a published table which gives the percentage of these combined resources remaining for any number of overs (or, more accurately, balls) left and wickets lost, the target score can be adjusted up or down to reflect the loss of resources to one or both teams when a match is shortened one or more times. This percentage is then used to calculate a target (sometimes called a 'par score') that is usually a fractional number of runs. If the second team passes the target then the second team is taken to have won the match; if the match ends when the second team has exactly met (but not passed) the target (rounded down to the next integer) then the match is taken to be a tie.

  • Etienne - 2009-11-14 10:28

    DUCKWORTH LEWIS was invented by 2 pommies, no wonder

  • Etienne - 2009-11-14 10:38

    By the way, According to teh way Duckworth Lewis is wokred out, The Proteas needed to finish on 131 for 3 to win in 13 overs.

  • TREVOR - 2009-11-14 10:53

    SA LOST TAKE LIKE MEN D/L is no excuse! mY ORIGINAL COMMENT was not posted ??

  • William Shakespeare - 2009-11-14 10:53

    @DUCKWORTH LEWIS THEORY 11/14/2009 10:27 AM: Thanks for the explanation. In your opinion should the same formula be used for 20/20 as 50/50? Is the curve the same for both disciplines?

  • Alan - 2009-11-14 10:59

    The Proteas are good, but it's just not a charismatic cricket team. As someone has already asked, 'where are the Donalds, the Pollocks, and the Gibbs?' And Zulu Klusener, Vinnige Fanie, Jonty.....Could we start by re renaming them the Springboks?

  • dewald - 2009-11-14 11:11

    Its unacceptable what happened last night. Cricket is your job and you need to work 12 months in a year not just 3. If i made the same mistake as what u did last night in my job,then i would have been fired. No warnings or disciplinary hearings, just clear your desk and get out. So dont give me this bull about the d/l. U had your deadline and you could not produce the goods:so youre fired. Please dont tell us how tired u guys are after the season. We work 12 months a year from 8-5pm and yet we dont complain. U guys have the dream job but yet you want to be on the golf course most of the time. Take a lesson out of the south african public and start grafting 12 months a year and then maybe,just maybe u will look professional enough in your jobs.

  • Jakes - 2009-11-14 12:16

    Hi AB,Albie and Duminy, if you need 200, and Loots Bosman and Smith have whacked half of it with lots of wickets and overs to spare, then you don't go chicken farming in front of the wickets.....skrop,skrop.......skrop skrop,....... peck, peck.........skrop, skrop....... you MOER the ball like Loots showed you how to do. It is not a 5 Day game, it is 20/20. And while standing there, did you not notice that it might start raining and that you have to whack for runs and stop the chicken farming? England's bowlers are not that good, and the pitch last night was a puppy. Come on, give us a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.

  • DUCKWORTH LEWIS THEORY (aka. Etienne) - 2009-11-14 14:36

    @ Willem Wikkelspies. I think D\L sucks in any form of the game. If the proteas had not come on yet and it rained then the game would have ended no result. You dont see D\L in test matches where a team needs 50 runs to win and it is 1 hour from cut off time and the finsih 5 runs short do you? I think the game should have ended with no winner. If rain prevails then that is the game for me. Like I said in one of my other comments. We needed 131 to win not 128 if you work it out. So maybe AB had a paper that said 126 for a win?

  • HPD - 2009-11-14 14:46

    Where and what happened to the arrogant warning from Dale Steyn. As said before, he is one of our weakest links. If he is our main strike bowler I have no hope for the Proteas. Typical choker mentality....big strong boys to the media.......small weak little idiots on the field. Take their pay away. Well done Smith and Bosman !!!!!

  • Vincent - 2009-11-14 15:24

    TS nee, Ek praat van die Krieket span, Jakes Jy slaan die spyker op die kop

  • Choker - 2009-11-14 19:32

    Duckworth Lewis didn't cost us the match, it was just plain down idiocity. Those two idiots could not read the flippin chart. They should concentrate on their job, which is winning matches. Not sitting and blogging the entire freakin day. Wow the excuse are getting cooked up already!!!!

  • CAPTAIN IDIOT - 2009-11-14 19:56

    What kind of idiot decides to bowl when rain is predicted? What kind of idiot makes the same mistake twice in the space of two months? It takes a special kind of idiot to lose a match that should have been won. Thanks AB & Albie, you showed the entire cricket following public how stupid you are. But then again you are following in your mentor's (Boucher 2003 WC)footsteps.

  • Joe - 2009-11-14 19:58

    This goes to confirm what I have been saying all along. AB and Duminy are not 1 day players. How the F@#K can they be looking for single's, specifically when D/L method in force, and needing 9 - 10an over, pushing singles is for tests not 1 days. Why could Bosman come in and get going from the word go, and these other top class batsmen, with all their expertise and experience, could not do what the new boy bosman did? 2ndly what captain would choose to bat 2nd with the weather forecasted and current weather conditions JHB's been experiencing the past couple of weeks. I can nearly set my watch on the storms. I can't actually believe I still watched this crap. The Crowds at the venues say's it all

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