Ball issue rumbles on

2010-01-06 20:27

Cape Town - The row over alleged attempts by England to alter the condition of the ball on the third day of the third Castle Lager Test between England and South Africa continued into the fourth day on Wednesday.

Proteas media manager Michael Owen-Smith revealed on Tuesday that the South African team management had raised its concerns about the condition of the ball with the match referee, Roshan Mahanama.

Television footage during the day showed fast bowler Stuart Broad with his boot on the ball, and fellow paceman James Anderson apparently picking at the seam.

Mahanama told the South African team that he had investigated the matter, and that no further action would be taken.

Team manager Dr Mohammed Mosajee said on Wednesday that South Africa was happy with the referee’s decision. He said South Africa had not lodged an official complaint. “We made no insinuation about ball tampering,” Mosajee said.

“All we did was raise our concerns with the match referee about the condition of the ball.

“If you looked on television, you could see the ball was altered. There was an indentation on the ball and the shape had changed.”

Mosajee said he did not believe the row had damaged relations between the two teams.

However, South African batsman AB de Villiers said he thought the issue should be looked at.

“You could clearly see a bit of leather missing after he (Broad) had stood on it. It was a little bit naughty – I think it should be looked at.”

De Villiers said all teams took care of the ball and tried to get it to reverse swing as early as possible, as long as it was done in a legal way.

“It’s not on to be climbing onto the ball with your spikes,” he said.

England opener Alastair Cook said England were happy that they had done nothing wrong.

“We’re just glad the matter is closed,” he said. “We’ve moved on from that.”


  • Miked - 2010-01-06 21:23

    Well, well what a gutless lot. How about supporting OUR players for a change. Has anyone bothered to check the tapes of the Durban test when the ball started reversing from as early as the 15th over. Obviously Not as for some reason SA needs to remain pals with the ICC. England has been accused of "unsporting behaviour!!!" by most international teams. Besides the ball incident why were England not censured for their disgusting time wasting especially by non other than Stuart Broad. The ICC wonders why attendances at all forms of the game is tailing off, the previous sentence may just give them a hint!!!!!

  • Dave - 2010-01-06 21:28

    This is what test cricket is all about. Fighting for a bit of an advantage all the time. Never mind the ball stuff. It's too late now. What about the time wasting the England side were doing? And then when SA bowled this last session they looked like they were playing for time as well, and then a wicket and suddenly the bowler has a spring in his step? They should have gotten through about five more overs in the day, if they did what every schoolboy team does and make a 'quick change' between overs. I love test cricket, you don't get any of this excitement in the one-day 20/20 run chase crap.

  • Shannon - 2010-01-06 21:56

    wat a load of rubbish it annoys me that the english players can get away with ball tampering and nothing gets done about it, think about this if the shoe was on the opposite foot and it were the proteas being accoused of ball tampering a huge issue would be made of it now how this be fair

  • Shorts - 2010-01-07 06:46

    Much ado about nothing !!!!

  • James - 2010-01-07 07:37

    ABE go and make another awful music cd. This time try and sing in an english accent than a fake american one

  • Dianne - 2010-01-07 07:41

    Whenever SA supporters jump to the defence of their teams, the opposition supporters immediately assume we are whining, but I beg the question: would the decision of the match ref been the same if a South African player had done what Broad and Anderson have been accused of doing? I'm pretty sure the milk of human kindness would not be coursing through the veins of the English team under similar circumstances ... ?

  • LAG - 2010-01-07 07:53

    This would not happend if this was a rugby match because they are to slapgat to challenge anythinsg. Congrats to the Proteas stand your ground!

  • Haig - 2010-01-07 07:54

    So, they were caught cheating! Disqualify them.

  • Met Uysh! - 2010-01-07 08:13

    Wonder if the toothless ICC will be doing anything about this. So it is now allowable to step with spikes on the ball and pick the seam? Totally unacceptable and at the very least Broad should be charged with negligence of some sort.

  • METTIE - 2010-01-07 08:36

    Daddy's boy is allowed anything. Just imagine what would happen to any match referee or match official if anyone of them would dare to stand up to Chris Broad's son.

  • Flash - 2010-01-07 08:38

    Well since it is now fine to step on the ball with your spikes, why don't we do the same today?

  • wesley - 2010-01-07 09:32

    Nice one Flash! We could but we are a better team than that... Go boyz klap the snot out of our B team protea style!

  • matthew - 2010-01-07 10:23

    Ah, Dianne. At last, someone one this forum who knows their Macbeth from their McDonald's. Fantastic.

  • Candy - 2010-01-07 12:13

    Get them by their balls boyz, No worries, all will be sorted soon>

  • cammie - 2010-01-07 12:38

    It's all pretty well been said on this thread! You're damn right that if the roles had been reversed there would have been a lot more done about it. Unfortunately for us, Stuart Broad's father Chris, who himself played for England is on the Match Referee panel and, it appears that every time his son is cited for bad or questionable behaviour it is hushed up and no further action is taken. I too love a good fight for advantage, but fair play is what it's about and I'm afraid that this is not the first, second or even third time that the England Cricket Team have been cited for unfair/illegal behaviour in international Test Cricket.

  • Daxie - 2010-01-07 13:04

    Aaaggg yaaaaawn, what a bunch of boaring afrikaners moaners. Its always the same, the world against SA. So the Proteas is innocent, get real, They have been doing things for many yeards now. Get a life your assh***.

  • Stag - 2010-01-07 13:24

    There was no citing or official complaint laid yet most contributors condemn the England cricket team when they do not even have to defend themselves as there is no charge. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Come on guys, this is all media hype you are falling for !

  • VROTEA - 2010-01-07 13:40

    oooh ur VROTEA supporters is such bad loosers!!!!!!!! Play the fucken game and stop whining about everything!!!!!! The reason why ICC decided not to pursue the ball tampering issue is there is no conclusive evidence that he did step on the ball intentionally! Is ur brains too small to comprehend this? It reminded me of the Rugby workd cup where a huge issue was made about England having 16 players on the field for a couple of seconds, note this player was on his way off the field and did not participate in any play at the time, all of a sudden UR FLOUBOK supporters cry for them to loose the points they gained in that match! Why, coz u wanted to win it so badly that u were willing to do anything to improve ur chances, yet England stuck to their guns and kicked ur asses right out of the World Cup. UR VROTEAS ARE SORE LOOSERS NOT TO MENTION, CHOKERS!CHOKERS!CHOKERS!CHOKERS!CHOKERS!CHOKERS! NEED I SAY ANYTHING MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baylo - 2010-01-07 14:07

    @VROTEA, sweet comment mate. Im english and hold my hands up, what the f88k was Anderson doing with that ball. Its out of order. However, the Saffars do have proper channels they can go through if they feel they have been wronged. Either do something about it or shut up. Same old same old. I bet the same moaners thought the world was out to get them when that athlete was caught out. Lets face it its dog eat dog and you do what you have to to win. Like it or not. right or wrong. Im sure we can all point to various sports cheats to match any argument. Fact is most people on here just hate poms and dont have any interest in Cricket. They are just using it as a slapping blogg

  • SirGibbs - 2010-01-07 14:22

    @VROTEA - so who do you support? and where are you from?

  • WD3 - 2010-01-07 14:42

    @ baylo & Vrotea. I think you guys have a good idea of the average contributor to this site but please remember that many believe, without question or reason, anything they read in their newspapers. They hate the British because of the Boer war, they hate KP because he criticized the quota system and confuse it with being anti South African and then the cherry on the top is that they produced Hansie Cronje. The biggest cheat in the history of the game.

  • Jono - 2010-01-07 14:50

    Please read what Michael Vaugh wrote in the Daily Telegraph that England were LUCKY TO ESCAPE. Do I recall this guy being the captain of England??????

  • cammie - 2010-01-07 15:10

    @ Vrotea - do yourself a favour and read the article on News24 related to the opinion of Michael Vaughan & Nassar Hussain (both, just by the by, previous Captains of England). Then do the rest of a favour - learn how to spell and write in the English language before posting inane and vitriolic comments on a subject you appear to know very little of! Also, there is absolutely no need to use foul language when you are making a clear and succinct statement, something you just would not understand.

  • Adriaan - 2010-01-07 15:19

    @vrotea. You're an idiot, should have rather kept your comment to yourself. Rooinek.

  • VROTEA - 2010-01-07 15:31

    @sirgibbs! 1) I do not support any SA TEAM, DESPISE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! 2) M 4rm SA but ashamed to call myself one, for exactly the reason that is currently happening, the ball tampering issue! They luking 4 too much excuses when they get beaten up by better teams, and always under the impresion that the world is against them. 4 God sake, just play the game and stop hoping the proper opposition will be eliminated by using insignificant issues to distract them from the game!!!!!!!!!! Ur team and managment should learn that whatever the odds, they can beat it but no, they make a huge fuss of something small to hide their incompetence to perform when required? Remember during ICC trophy tournament when ENGLAND kicked or should I say, bat and bowled u out of the tournament? What was Mickey Mouse Arthur excuse? My I remind u? We should have played all our games at a certain venue!!! Great teams win everywhere & anywhere, irrespective what grounds they play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VROTEA - 2010-01-07 18:57

    @adriaan - ask for comment but when you receive responses, you do not like it! @cammie (what for a name is this anyway)? For your information, I received an A+ for English when I passed matric, which is not my mother tongue language by the way? Maybe you should learn how to construct proper English sentences first before you attach other peoples capabilities? Just because I use modern chat and text abbreviations for certain words, in order to shorten my postings, does not mean I cannot write and spell. but I guess that is too complicated for you to comprehend? One thing I agree with you, on the foul language usage, but so are others, I do not see you complaining about them or is because I do not support the VROTEAS?

  • Vivaprotea - 2010-01-07 19:29

    In my books the Proteas are tops. They did not win but they played well, fair and honest. No ball tampering or any such issues on their part. No matter what they will remain my favourite team. As opposed to another team they play to win (or lose) not to draw. GO PROTEAS!!!!!!!COME SA STAND BEHIND OUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheating English - 2010-01-07 21:57

    I saw the video and what a disgrace. I thought when I first heard about it i thought the bowler accidentally trod on it at the boundary while trying to stop the ball, but when i saw the video it was blatant. Mike Atherton - cheat, Micheal Vaughn - hypocrite, Stuart Broad - cheat, James Anderson - cheat, Chris Lewis - drug mule. Even though England pour so much money in sport they will always be terrible at it. I SUPPORT ANYONE WHO PLAYS AGAINST THE PATHEtIC SOAP DODGING ENGLISH. @vivaprotea - well said mate

  • Manoj Kumar - 2010-01-07 23:07

    BRITISH CHEATS ----------------------------- Britain is a land of sports cheats. Mike Atherton was caught cheating and before and after Atherton incident, the British players have cheated on a number of occasions. British players are born cheats and they dont believe in the fair play. Remember, Sachin Tandulker who was fined for ball tampering by Mike Denness which was totally unfair ? Why no action is taken this time then ? Because the players are whites and the Criminal ICC is also run by the whites and they all protect their own white players. It is time for the asian teams to come together and form their own asian ICC and refuse to play the white cheats of Fascist Britain. Manoj Kumar Computer Engineer Germany

  • Basil - 2010-01-07 23:35

    Same Proteas, diferent choke, different whinge. Two interesting incidents I noticed during England's 2nd innings in this 3rd test. 1. Proteas appealed like lunatics for LBW when the ball is lodged in the visor of batsman Onions' helmet. Boys (and I mean "boys"), the leg is located much lower on the human body and is rarely covered by a helmet. 2. All 11 Proteas appeal for a catch of a right-handed batsman at 1st slip off Harris. At the moment of impact, Boucher is looking over his left shoulder taking evasive action. Yet he is convinced that the batsman was out. These are not opinions, they are real eye-witness accounts. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't even laugh. Same Proteas, diferent choke, different whinge.

  • cammie - 2010-01-08 06:55

    @ Vrotea - no comment, your response reiterates my previous comments!

  • Barry - 2010-01-08 07:04

    The stopping of the ball with Broads foot did not change the shape or have any effect, simple laws of physics compared to the punishment the ball takes during course of game. With regards to cheating accusations, it is petulant whining. South Africa are not strangers to controversy on the international stage. Exercise caution when using the word "cheat"

  • Tom - 2010-01-08 07:25

    All this talk about ball tampering.I recall JP Dumminy stopping the ball by standing on it in the 5th day but I dont see the local media making a fuss about it,so come on accept it your guys are not upto it

  • Ian - 2010-01-08 08:53

    @Vrotea – You received an A+ for English? You clearly bribed someone to get that A+ (since you support cheating to achieve your goals and obviously find it difficult to spell correctly). Read through all your posts again, if you can’t find the spelling errors, then that just proves that you can’t spell (and I’m not talking about the modern text abbreviations). So before you accuse someone of struggling to comprehend your abbreviations, maybe you should check first if that person doesn’t have a point. Who makes a statement and then put a question mark to end the statement anyway? I guess someone who bribes his way into getting an A+. And by the way, you are so proud on how England kicked the Boks out of the World Cup...Where is the World Cup standing at the moment?

  • Protea1 - 2010-01-08 09:47

    Yip, the World Cup is right here in SA after we beat the pommies 2 times in the World Cup. In the first match they looked like primary school rugby players! @vrotea, if you are ashamed to call yourself a South African, f*ck off to pom land, and stay there please. We do not need SAfricans like you.

  • Oscar - 2010-01-08 11:27

    What a fantastic game. It has had everything we as this sports supporters require and what is almost expected from a 5 day international test. DOWN TO THE LAST BALL. I support the Proteas, and even though the records will show that the game had been drawn, I can't help but feel that we had lost. That said though, I do not HATE England for making it as hard as possible for us to win, i do not hate that some of their team players took more than 8min's to bowl a over, or that they stood on the ball, or that it sometimes takes 5min's to square up to a ball. This is Test Cricket, this is why we have Umpires to rule on these issues, and if no ruling has been made well then i suppose there is no issue. As Graeme said, just not enough at the end. So they will try again in JHB. But for some of you on this forum to go as far as "Hating South Africa" or turning an amazing game into a "Colour Issue", or the "Boer War" is a tad bit much and frankly very very scary. To think that Newlands Staduim was filled with supporters from all walks of life, all ages and many different nations and all supported their team to do their best!!!! For these people on this Forum to behave like its 1976 its not Ayoba if you feel me? Do us all a favour do not excercise your FREEDOM of speech, its not helping the game of Cricket, its not helping the steady march of democracy, YOU are just not HELPING our country South Africa or your country England. To the English Team, very well played, very well drawn, to MY Protea's, next time boys!!!

  • Cammie - 2010-01-08 12:35

    @ Oscar - well said, I applaud your objectivity and am in full agreement with you!

  • Truth - 2010-01-11 22:41

    List of British cheats - 1) British cheat, Mike­ Atherton of British Cricket was fined for ball­ tempering in 1994. 2) British cheat, Champion Jockey,­ Kieren Fallon was prosecuted in the British courts for­ rigging the race in a 2.2 million pounds betting fraud­ on 09-10-2007. Check this on google. 3) British cheat,­ Dean Richards of Harlequin Rugby club was banned for 3­ years for asking a rugby player for faking an injury by­ coughing up a capsule of fake blood. 4) British cheat,­ Steph Brennan, Physiotherapist of Harlequin Rugby club­ was sacked for taking part in the above rugby cheating­ conspiracy with Dean Richards. 5) British cheat, Lewis­ Hamilton was fined for cheating during Formula 1 race­ in Australia in 03-04-09. 6) British cheat, Ian Botham­ cheated in cricket all his life and he took 300,000­ euros for coaching srilanka and never offered his­ services, because he did not want to live in Srilanka.­ In this case, he should have returned 300,000 euros­ back to Sri Lanka cricket board. 7) British cheats,­ Stuart Broad and James Anderson cheated by altering the­ condition of Cricket ball in South Africa in­ 06-01-2010. Fascist Britain is the land of cheats,­ thieves and terrorists.

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