Arthur: We're not panicking

2009-11-25 07:42

Altus Momberg

Cape Town - Morné Morkel's return to the Proteas one day squad is not out of panic or to attest to the bowling crisis in the team - according to the Proteas coach, Mickey Arthur.

Morkel, who last played a one day international for South Africa at Wanderers in April against Australia, was called up as back up to the young fast bowler, Wayne Parnell, should Parnell not be fully fit.

Parnell has recently recovered from an ankle injury.

Even though he played club cricket in Port Elizabeth on Sunday, there is no certainty regarding his fitness for Friday's match at Newlands.

Arthur however denied that Morkel, who joined the team today, was included in reaction to the Proteas poor bowling performance at Centurion.

"Morné is an important part of our bowling attack in the Test series which begins next month.

"And even though he will not be taking part in the one day series, we want to draw him into practice for the Test series," says Arthur.

The Proteas especially struggled to take wickets in the second one day match against England and a player such as Morkel maybe not as consistent as coaches would like, but he is certainly a bowler who can take wickets.

He is almost two metres tall and he has the ability, especially in South African conditions, to get the ball to nip off the pitch.

Parnell will however have the opportunity to prove that he can repeat the excellent form he showed at the World Twenty20 tournament.

But if the Proteas' bowlers keep struggling to gain the upper hand over the English batsmen, then Morkel can definitely make an appearance in the series.

Ironically, in the same week that Morné returns to the squad, it looks as if older brother, Albie, is likely to be dropped for Friday's match.

"Albie does not have a set position in the batting line-up, him and Mark Boucher are rather used to bat as situations dictate.

"We felt that if Albie came into bat at 6, then we would not have enough firepower left for the end."

When Arthur was asked if Albie Morkel's career was not influenced by to much prejudice, he answered abruptly: "Albie's career is in his own hands.

"If he excels the way we expect him to, then there would not be any questions about him in press conferences."


  • Cricket fan - 2009-11-25 08:07

    Mickey Mouse , It is so obvious that you guys are panicking. CHOKERS for life!!!!

  • sticky wicket - 2009-11-25 08:15

    No, "we're not panicking" (present tense) 'cause we have panicked already past tense)!

  • George - 2009-11-25 08:42

    Another example of the cloudy Arthur thinking.What point is there in having Morne' Morkel joining the squad,to bowl at one-day players,with a white ball,when he should be bowling with a red ball at batsmen who are in test match mode and practising accordingly.It makes no sense for Morkel to be bowling at de Villiers and Gibbs whose only intention is to smack the cover off the ball.What good is that going to do Morkel?At the same time,Arthur says that Albie Morkel's future is in his hands - how can that be when Arthur has shunted him up and down the order,not knowing whether he must knock the ball around and accumulate the runs that the top order hasn't made,or smash it around for the last 10 overs as only he knows how.Arthur destroys careers,not develops them.It is time for Arthur to go,he is no strategist and certainly no coach.

  • fan - 2009-11-25 08:46

    Yeah whatever man, just win matches & stop talking or chocking.....pls.......

  • Disgusted - 2009-11-25 08:49

    @ Cricket fan: If you have got nothing good to say about our team, then rather shut up, they need all the support they can get, people like you adds more pressure on the team.

  • Wiggle - 2009-11-25 08:53

    ...just play Parney - he looks like a modern athlete - his got more variety inswing/outswing - brilliant batter (if given the opportunity) also note only 1000 tickets left Newlands - due to the inclusion of Gibbs and Parnell

  • typical - 2009-11-25 09:02

    you people make me sick with your negative comments etc...why not get behind the team and all Sout african teams for that matter and stop sitting on your couch with your fat belly's tyring to bring everyone else down, why dont you rather immigrate to Australia or New Zealand and live your miserable existence there, and leave us to support a winning nation.

  • Anon - 2009-11-25 09:43

    "Arthur: We're not panicking" Well he should be. We haven't won a tournament since... well ever, and we had a small grasp at number 1 for a few brief weeks. Now we can't even beat a substandard ODI side like England, and they ARE substandard, look what Aus did to them. As for "typical"'s comment below, what a 5 star idiot you must be. Since when must South Africans follow with blind faith? No china, sport is about winning, bringing back silverware, and if you are not able to do it than push off and let someone else do the job. Your comment makes you look real stupid 'support a winning nation'. Sure in Rugby yes, soccer and cricket no. Catch a wake up call, ppl are negative and unhappy with the Proteas for a reason. Time for a new captain for the ODIs to give us a new push which we really need.

  • Reynard - 2009-11-25 10:02

    What a joke. The South African Artichokes failing again. I am hugely patriotic but i would sooner support Australia than arrogant Proteas. Was all behind england in the ICC and I hope england gives pie eater Graham a proper hiding again.

  • NeilA @ cricket fan - 2009-11-25 10:03

    shame your couldnt cut cricketer friend still telling you lies?

  • Alan - 2009-11-25 10:41

    Simple question : why not Loots Bosman instead of Gibbs?

  • Reynard - 2009-11-25 10:56

    oops sorry about last post my break at the Call Centre had finished and I had to take a call. I will still whine about South Africa even though England has never won an ICC tournament even though they have been trying for 30 years. Dont worry I will continue to provide witty phrases with the word "choke" in them and will always be a fickle and ignorant supporter. Gotta go I hear another call.

  • Zuntino - 2009-11-25 11:02

    Well said George, I was going to comment but you said it perfectly. Arthur needs to go! As much as I love Gibbs, we've got Bosman waiting and in form, give him a chance and why they waste their time with Morne is beyond me. Yes Mickey, Morne's tall!!! We all know that, you keep saying that, maybe he should play basketball and give Johan Louw a chance... I'm starting to wonder if Morne doesn't putt from the rough if you catch drift...

  • Pietie007 - 2009-11-25 12:44

    The biggest problem with the SA cricket team is Mickey Arthur. 1. Greame Smit sits on his head. 2. He would rather be popular among the players than unpopular but a good leader. 3. He`s not a leader at all. 4. He`s a real "gatkruiper". 5. He doesn`t have balls of steel. 6. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. 7. His not technicaly equiped.... The list goes on, but this is all I have time for...

  • marco tomaso - 2009-11-25 13:01

    does andrew strauss really believe he and his team can win a series in sa test or oneday.that guy is an idiot and a wanna be from joburg who thinks the world of himself now that he can play for england.just look at his body language since winning the ashes this year. in his press conference just prior to coming out to sa he goes "o you know sa is a really good team and its going to be tough series" blah blah blah. that's just crap .down deep he really wishes to hit sa hard with a convincing win but hey i cant c that happening mate unless sa has a serious meltdown. hope sa destroy him and his team over the next 6 or 7 weeks.

  • Mac - 2009-11-25 13:25

    The Proteas are going through a lean period - we know this. This happens with all teams - there is a cycle of success followed by a period of struggle to remain there. Nothing is finite - things change all the time. It happens to all great teams Give the national team some space to get back on track. No use calling for wholesale changes. This will worsen the situation. Mickey Arthur and Graeme Smith are doing a good job and we need to support them rather than run them down.

  • Middle Stump - 2009-11-25 21:31

    @Typical - Disgusted and Mac - Get real - we as loyal supporters HAVE been backing the Proteas - but you can only back a team that fails to produce for so long ! Believe me if you failed as many times as they have in your job - would you still be employed - or how many chances is the boss going to give you before he says enough is enough - and shows you the door. Mickey A...hole and the muppetts have got NO CLUE what they are - doing - because if he did we would have SILVERWARE IN THE TROPHY CABINET ! Right now all we have is big talk and f&^%$ all !

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