Cricket's wall of shame

2011-11-01 20:22

London - Pakistan's Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were found guilty by an English court on Tuesday of their involvement in a betting scam, while Mohammad Aamer accepted the charges.

In February, former Test captain Butt and pace bowlers Asif and Aamer became the first players to be punished by the International Cricket Council (ICC) following their investigation into the spot-fixing allegations.

Before them, all the players who had been implicated in corruption cases were dealt with by their respective cricket boards.

Here AFP lists major cases of bans handed out:

Life bans:

May 2000: Former Pakistan captain Salim Malik banned for life by a judicial inquiry conducted by judge Malik Mohammad Qayyum. Salim Malik was alleged to have fixed matches on Pakistan's tour of New Zealand in 1993, South Africa and Zimbabwe (1994-95).

Australian players Shane Warne, Mark Waugh and Tim May also alleged Malik offered them bribes to under-perform during Australia's tour to Pakistan in 1994.

Team-mate Rashid Latif also accused Malik of wrongdoing.

Pakistan paceman Ata-ur-Rehman banned for life for perjury during the Qayyum inquiry. His ban was overturned by the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2003 - a decision accepted by the ICC in 2006.

October 2000: Former South Africa captain Hansie Cronje banned for life by the United Cricket Board of South Africa after he admitted to match-fixing and having contacts with bookmakers. Cronje died in a plane crash in June 2002.

December 2000: Former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin banned for life after an investigation conducted by the Crime Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in India. He was found to have contacts with bookmakers and manipulated match results.

December 2000: Former Indian off-spinner Ajay Sharma banned for life in the same inquiry, conducted by the CBI.


December 2000: The same CBI inquiry found India's Ajay Jadeja had links with bookmakers. He was banned for five years, but on appeal was allowed to play in domestic cricket in India three years later.

October 2000: South African opener Herschelle Gibbs and paceman Henry Williams both banned for six months after admitting to under-perform in agreement with Cronje. Both failed to follow through on their agreement.

August 2004: Kenya's Maurice Odume banned for five years by the Kenyan Cricket Association for associating with bookmakers.

May 2008: West India all-rounder Marlon Samuels banned for two years for links with a bookmaker.

February 2011: Pakistan's Salman Butt banned for 10 years for spot-fixing. Mohammad Asif banned for seven years and Mohammad Aamer for five years.


  • Johan - 2011-11-02 06:44

    get your facts right Hansie never was found guilty of match fixing he has never acccording to information available had any influence on the outcome of any game, what Hansie was guilty of was providing the opposition with team information such as to who will open the batting who will be the bowlers etc.

      HennieduPles - 2011-11-02 07:35

      Ja right. I did not steal that bread and milk from Spar. I was hungry so I took it ! Die liefde vir geld is die wortel van alle kwaad. Hansie is betaal vir die inligting wat hy vir hulle gegee het. Dis "match fixing" hoe jy ookal daarna kyk. RIP Hansie, die Here en die volk het jou vergewe want jy het erken jy het 'n fout gemaak.

      Dirk - 2011-11-02 07:48

      Hansie het niks meer gedoen as Shane Warne of Waugh nie.Hy het gefouteer deur geld te ontvang, maar hy het nooit toegelaat dat dit die uitslag van n wedstryd beinvloed nie. Ek bely, en sommer "namens" 95 % vd mensdom dat as n balansstaat van ons lewens opgetrek moes word, sal Hansie meer krediete as ons he. Dit is ironies uit daardie 95% segment, waarvandaan meeste vd kritiek teen Hansie kom.

      Alistair - 2011-11-02 08:02

      @ Johan I suggest you get your facts right. Hansie admitted to having links with Indian bookmakers. He also admitted to accepting money from these bookmakers. During the investigation, it was discovered that the money was going into different accounts all belonging to Hansie.

      Hans - 2011-11-02 11:58

      That is still cheating and in my eyes no different to what these guys did. He lied and asked his team mates to throw a match. If he were Black, would you still defend him?

  • Caleb - 2011-11-02 08:24

    Hansie is a legend. People can say what they want...He brought South Africa to the World cup final. Forever Proteas. You have no right to Judge a hero if you were not in his shoes. it does however suck to see that people continue match fixing instead of just playing the game.

      Jack - 2011-11-02 08:38

      Great statement Caleb. Really awesome. "Hansie brought South Africa to the world cup final" - which one was that Caleb??? I wishe everyone would stop defending these guys. The fact remains that Hansie cheated and took money to influence the outcome of matches. He even went so far as to undercut his team mateswith the USD that he recieved from the bookmakers as a brokers fee. He was given USD15 000 for Herschelle and Henry Williams each and offered them both 10k. He lied to his wife, his family, his fans, the SA public and all while wearing a WWJD wristband.

      Gert - 2011-11-02 08:44

      Caleb, I'm a huge SA and Hansie fan. But exactly when did we play in a World Cup Final? 1992 - Semi 1996 - QF 1999 - Semi Thats all she wrote.

  • BigBoer - 2011-11-02 09:26

    Man , how come these Australians get away with it ?

  • Sonny - 2011-11-02 12:30

    It is easier for an umpire or referee to fix a match? Anybody ever thought about that?

      Corné - 2011-11-02 13:43

      Yes Sonny it is, but it would be a lot more obvious than if the players were to do it...

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