Steyn strikes as Oz collapse

2011-02-15 15:15

Bangalore - Paceman Dale Steyn grabbed three wickets as South Africa restricted Australia to 217 in their Cricket World Cup warm-up match on Tuesday despite half-centuries from Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting.

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The fast bowler finished with 3-21 off eight probing overs after Clarke (73) and skipper Ponting (55) boosted their team's hopes of setting a challenging target with a 122-run stand for the third wicket.

But Australia failed to build on those impressive efforts, losing their last eight wickets for just 89 runs in the day-night match at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore.

Steyn received strong support from left-arm spinner Robin Peterson, who removed both top run-scorers before accounting for Steven Smith to finish with 3-45.

Clarke, who fell for a duck in his team's defeat at the hands of India in their previous practice game, made amends with a responsible knock under pressure, playing some handsome shots to outscore his captain.

Ponting fell soon after completing his second successive half-century, caught by Hashim Amla at long-off off Peterson. The Australia captain, who made 57 in the previous warm-up game, hit seven fours in his 84-ball knock.

Clarke was caught behind while attempting to cut Peterson after hitting six fours in a 96-ball innings but the remaining batsmen faltered against South Africa's spin-pace combination.

Australia earlier made a poor start as in-form opener Shane Watson fell for a fourth-ball duck, trapped leg-before by Steyn in the opening over.

Brad Haddin also failed to open his account before being run out, leaving Australia struggling with two wickets down and just six runs on the board.

Steyn tested the Australian batsmen in his disciplined four-over opening spell, conceding just three runs for one wicket before later dismissing John Hastings and Jason Krejza.

Four-time World Cup champions Australia open their campaign against Zimbabwe in Ahmedabad on February 21, while South Africa meet the West Indies in their first match in Delhi on February 24.

Australia are in Group A with Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya while Group B comprises India, South Africa, England, the West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Four teams from each group will advance to the quarter-finals.



RT Ponting (captain), SR Watson, BJ Haddin†, MJ Clarke, DJ Hussey, CL White, TD Paine, SPD Smith, JW Hastings, MG Johnson, JJ Krejza, B Lee, SW Tait, DE Bollinger, CJ Ferguson 
South Africa:
HM Amla, GC Smith (captain), JH Kallis, AB de Villiers†, JP Duminy, F du Plessis, CA Ingram, Imran Tahir, RJ Peterson, WD Parnell, LL Tsotsobe, DW Steyn, M Morkel, MN van Wyk, J Botha 


  • Johnny Sidestepper - 2011-02-15 11:09


      resentphil - 2011-02-15 12:00

      EXACLTY!!! What is going on? You expect better from DSTv who charges wot they do for a whole lot of substandard, old programs. The sport is their only redeeming feature and they cant even get that right!

      tdk25 - 2011-02-15 12:10

      The Indian broadcasters are controlling the feed. They only show India's warm up games.

      tdk25 - 2011-02-15 12:12

      @resentphil You are soo quick to moan and blame without understanding the facts. DSTV has nothing to do with this. CWC broadcasting rights fell to India's TV stations, not DSTV, hence they only broadcast Indian games.

      resentphil - 2011-02-15 12:32

      Ok, so are you saying that these games aren't even being recorded? I doubt that, given how cricket crazy India is. I'm sure its a case of a question of money. Those match broadcasts will be available to networks who wish to purchase them.

      WeZo - 2011-02-15 12:53

      its just a warm up and doesnt even go into any record books worth mentioning. not worth broadcasting. players not 100% focused for it to be televised across the world

      resentphil - 2011-02-15 13:56

      They broadcast the India warmup matches, and I'm sure most South African cricket fans would watch these games. Would be nice to see Tahir in action at an international level before the actual WC starts. I think this is a more a case of Multichoice wanting to spend as little money as they possible can and to hell with any kind of subscriber service. Instead they show us endless repeats of "Capturing the Cup" from 19-voetsek and Pro20 games that have already been played. Its a disgrace!

      Gunner - 2011-02-15 14:39

      They only broadcast the games of champions....surely you dont want to watch SA choking in this game???

      trindian786 - 2011-02-15 15:19

      lo at gunner ... hehe

      Zolani - 2011-02-15 15:32

      @Gunner well Australia is currently Playing and they are the current world champs, so not mutch logic to your post

      Albo - 2011-02-15 15:44

      @Gunner - so why on earth do they bother broadcasting the Arsenal games then??

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-02-15 18:02

      Really don't know why everyone is getting their knickers in a knot. Just a practice game it is, Both Smith and Amla have retired to give other batsmen a chance. Winning is not the objective. Getting match practice is and don't read too much into the Aussie's a practice match for them too!

      Cire - 2011-02-16 09:48

      Its because everyone else is just so UNFAIR! They HATE us for nothing and PICK on us all the time. Its just so HORRIBLE I could cry - in fact, I think I will.

  • jovie - 2011-02-15 11:16

    Its not supersports feed... they getting feed from india, so they are dependent on their supplier!

  • - 2011-02-15 12:52

    Poor headline once again. We are on top News24. 4 an over after 26 overs. I would not call that toiling. Back the Proteas.

      Sipho - 2011-02-15 17:48

      Surely Botha has to be dropped once and for all.

  • Rajty - 2011-02-15 13:24

    Moer them SA moer them....would love to see the saffers come out on top. Gosh we need it.

  • Dr. No - 2011-02-15 13:25

    We will need to bowl them out cheaply as our team seems to made up of bowlers.

      DeonL - 2011-02-15 14:43

      We did, but it seems as if about all 15 players will get a chance to bowl or bat, this result migt not help the selectors much, how can you have 7 bowlers and only 4 batters?

      Zolani - 2011-02-15 15:34

      only 11 on the field at a time, and only 11 can bat, but all 15 can bowl

      DeonL - 2011-02-15 16:31

      Thanks Z, we have great bowlers but not to many of them can bat, only Kallis, I don't know if this match will help us in any way to get our balance better. We might have to leave out Morkel or Tsotsobe for another spinner, we need 3 to 4 spinners, at least 2 full time spinners.

      BigWig - 2011-02-15 16:37

      Ja man , one big salad bowl

  • mycousin - 2011-02-15 13:48

    Tahir go on my china!!!!!!

      Sipho - 2011-02-15 18:05

      Tahir and Petersen are dead certs for the first couple of matches. Parnell and Botha have to make way for them. As for Botha, his time is definitely up. Let him go now before its too late. He cant even spin the ball on a spinners wicket. Please selectors, get rid of the excess.

  • Jim - 2011-02-15 13:55

    Pakistani import must be cheating.

      Priester - 2011-02-15 14:11

      @Jim...... jy is 'n doos! Poor decisions by umpires are not necessarily cheating. Tahir is an asset to our team! Tahir you go my man!!

      mycousin - 2011-02-15 14:28

      Jim you are a plonker,the Proteas need a good spinner

  • - 2011-02-15 13:56

    This Peterson guy is bowling well hey? Ponting, Clarke and White. Maybe he can bowl a bit??? - 2011-02-15 14:02

      I meant Hastings! White was obviously run out. Just thought I'd correct myself before all the Peterson "lovers" go on the attack.

      Mr. B - 2011-02-16 10:12

      Hey Spike1977 - love the post It's amazing how quite all the Petersen haters have gone now that he's taking a few poles. Maybe the selectors do know a thing or two ? Just a thought, use it, don't use it .............

  • Kdub - 2011-02-15 14:22

    thought this was going to broadcast on ss6... did they change their minds?

      MojoRSA - 2011-02-15 14:51

      Kdub they can only broadcast the Indian games as per the BCCI (I stand to be corrected on who made these ridiculous broadcasting decisions), but its out of SuperSport and SABC's control.

      ariyally - 2011-02-15 15:19

      I think its based on who is ready to buy the feed. Indian public would have been furious if their matches are not telecast and it is taken care. You can see the interest based on the number of people in the stadium for these matches. It is for other countries to do the same for their public.

      trindian786 - 2011-02-15 15:23

      u can watch ind/nz match tomoro ... njy hehe

  • Batonage1000 - 2011-02-15 14:34

    Another atrociously written piece. Count the number of time "then" is used. Where does MEdia 24 get their writers? Straight from our great schooling system? Shocker guys.

      scipio - 2011-02-15 17:14

      times, not time mate. People ought to have Matric before trying to dish out criticism onto others.

  • Witseun - 2011-02-15 14:42

    Steyn, well done!!! Imran Tahir, welcome and very good bowling. What is Parnell doing in the team, sick bowling figures.

      seeps.mazi - 2011-02-15 14:56

      Let's face facts Wayne Parnell is a shadow of the bowler that burst onto the scene in Australia. The young man has some work to do however he does make the grade and has the necessary talent to be something big in this country.

      Priester - 2011-02-15 15:03

      @Witseun, agreed we need A Morkel ISO Parnell.

      mycousin - 2011-02-15 15:26

      I agree my cousin

      Donald Maasdorp - 2011-02-15 22:58

      @ witseun. Why are you not moaning about Peterson, you all felt half the team is there on skin colour and quota's. Parnell is out of his depth, sorry for other deserving guys Rusty included.

  • scott - 2011-02-15 14:51

    THERES NOTHING LIKE AN SA-OZ CRICKET MATCH FULL STOP! how many memorable games have these 2 teams dished up in the past? cumon hashim and graeme, whack the bastards haha.

  • mycousin - 2011-02-15 15:25

    Steyn what a legend.

  • Albo - 2011-02-15 15:42

    @Gunner - so why on earth do they bother broadcasting Arsenal games then??

  • Zolani - 2011-02-15 15:42

    Aus 217 all out :SA 42 for 0 smith ,24 Hashim 10 after 6 overs

  • Zolani - 2011-02-15 15:44

    6.5 Johnson to Smith, FOUR, drives well through the off side to the cover fence, Smith on song. 6.4 Johnson to Smith, FOUR, full delivery and Smith times it well down the ground to the long on fence.

  • epherb - 2011-02-15 15:46

    What part don't you guys get....Warm-up game in India!! Allways ready and quick to complain!

  • Kdub - 2011-02-15 15:52

    50 up. Go Proteas! Should be an easy game - just keep the momentum!

      Zolani - 2011-02-15 16:08

      75 for 0, smith and hashim, knocking the stuffing out of Johnson

      Totman - 2011-02-15 16:46

      Link please Kdub or Zolani. thanks!!!

      trindian786 - 2011-02-15 16:51

      Totman - 2011-02-15 17:25


  • sannahan - 2011-02-15 17:27

    Live cricket can be followed at Warm-up match of-te-not... It is always fun to klap OZ.

  • sannahan - 2011-02-15 17:37

    Live cricket can be followed at Warm-up match of-te-not... It is always fun to klap OZ.

  • sannahan - 2011-02-15 17:39

    Live cricket can be followed at Warm-up match of-te-not... It is always fun to klap OZ.

  • sannahan - 2011-02-15 17:39

    Live cricket can be followed at Warm-up match of-te-not... It is always fun to klap OZ.

  • johnnylaw - 2011-02-15 18:19

    looks like the bloody Ausies have done their tricks with injuring our players. I hope that Amla and Smith are not too phased by their retirements and that they are 100% before it all starts

      Zolani - 2011-02-16 08:20

      they never retired Hurt, they Retired out, to give the other players a chance.

  • Cire - 2011-02-16 09:50

    So, all you guys who call Pieterson and Trott 'traitors' for playing in England - do you call Tahir a traitor too? Just asking.

      Suckerz - 2011-02-16 10:47

      Lol Cire... nobody called them traitors. They chose to bad mouth the Proteas and of course the tema and fans took offence. They invariably branded themselves and we just agreed.

  • bosegoos - 2011-02-16 12:45

    Poor Ausies, first the cyclone and now Steyn.

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