Ponting sorry for Smith strop

2011-03-17 10:08

Bangalore - Australia captain Ricky Ponting has apologised for his on-field strop after colliding with team-mate Steven Smith in Wednesday's World Cup win over Canada.

Video: Ponting's on-field strop

Ponting screamed for the catch off Harvir Baidwan, but after successfully pouching the opportunity he angrily threw the ball to the ground.

"We both actually called for it at exactly the same time, which was why there was some confusion around," Ponting explained.

"It wasn't a great reaction I guess. But it certainly wasn't designed to try to inspire the team or anything like that, or to make Steven look in any way in the wrong place or make him look silly.

"If it looked bad, then I apologise for it."


  • Sport Billy - 2011-03-17 10:19


  • basie.lombard - 2011-03-17 10:22

    This guy is getting worse the longer he stays at the helm. Maybe it is the pressure because he is playing in a team that can loose as supposed to the one that was invincible at one stage. So Ponting's true personality comes to the fore?

  • Deon - 2011-03-17 10:27

    Pressure mate.Ricky is an arrogant prick and he just shows to everyone now that he hears the clock "tick-tock". Didn't he damaged a flat screen the other day as well????

      saliem - 2011-03-17 19:56

      Check his captaincy record out bro :P

  • Donovan - 2011-03-17 10:53

    He probably misses his Sheila. BBBAAAAA. LOL. Steven Smith should run him out next time they bat together, so Ponting can look like an Idiot. Like when Van Wyk ran Graeme Smith out in the Ireland game.

      Daniel - 2011-03-17 14:50

      Actually that made van Wyk look like an idiot. What kind of supporter is pleased when his captain is runout? What a small man you must be.

  • Wayne Hawkey - 2011-03-17 11:04

    what a little girl... all he does is throw tantrums.... Poor thing! maybe the team should give him a "time-out", go sit on the naughty chair!

      Donovan - 2011-03-17 11:06

      Well said Wayne. Dont forget the Naughty Carpet also. LMFAO

  • Superdude - 2011-03-17 11:16

    He is craving a XXXX - being on the wagon is making him cranky.

  • Smiddy - 2011-03-17 12:01

    What an idiot

  • ME - 2011-03-17 15:29

    What a useless story

      Brevan - 2011-03-18 09:22

      I agree!

  • lorenzobastiaan - 2011-03-17 16:21

    He does resemble a young George Bush doesnt he?

  • Vegas - 2011-03-17 16:48

    What a schmuck! The Paris Hilton of cricket... *Sigh*

  • Kdub - 2011-03-17 16:54

    The biggest prick in cricket

  • LACER8 - 2011-03-17 18:47

    stop spitting you pig...he looked almost premenstrual yesterday...try some hormone replacement therapy ricky the ass...

  • Simbarashe - 2011-03-17 20:00

    Most arrogant captain. His attitude will spoil his reign as one of the greatest captains Aussie has ever had. He would have been well celebrated if he was humble like Sachin who has a way better record than him. But perhaps that's what it takes to be a great captain.

  • george - 2011-03-17 21:13

    all the australians are so arrogant.hate losing .

  • wesley.g.mercer - 2011-03-18 00:59

    Ponting is a doosh as basie said he remembers the days of the once great Australia cricket side and he acted like a right tool. What kind of role model is he putting to his young side and what is he showing the rest of the world about how Aussies behave a right disgrace.

  • wesley.g.mercer - 2011-03-18 01:05


  • AJ - 2011-03-18 06:35

    The South African immaturity and inferiority complex is on full display here I see.

  • D - 2011-03-18 06:36

    He's been captain for so long he's beginning to act like Mugabe...

  • TheDuck - 2011-03-18 10:12


  • Ambiorix - 2011-03-18 11:45

    yet another slow news day on sports24....does not surprise me when they put this 'quality' stuff up the writer's name is never there

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