CSA restructuring on target

2012-05-26 18:25

Johannesburg - The board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) remains committed to its restructuring programme and to restoring the image of cricket in a timely manner.

"The Board will be restructured and the Steering Committee is dealing with how it is going to be restructured," said CSA acting president Willie Basson after a board meeting was held in Johannesburg on Saturday.

"Associated with that would be a look and an update of all the governance processes.

"After the Steering Committee has completed its work, the Legal and Governance Committee will see to it that those recommended governance processes will be adhered to and implemented."

The Board unanimously committed itself to signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as soon as the Board members have reported back to their affiliates.

The MOA was based on CSA’s original response to recommendations of the Nicholson Report and the feedback meeting which followed with Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula in April.

"The important point is that the Board remains true to its constituent members," said Basson.

"We are already far down the line in terms of implementing the Agreement - we are not waiting for the signature to that document to stop us or interrupt what we are doing.

"The process has been strengthened by adding a representatives from SASCOC and from the Minister to our Steering Committee, to further bond and assist us in working together and to ensure we are on the same wavelength, as opposed to reporting back on a regular basis to the Minister."

While Basson and acting chief executive Jacques Faul were not directly involved in suspended CEO Gerald Majola’s disciplinary hearing, they both felt the process was going well.

"That process is being run by an independent body of legal people," said Basson.

"The process is going well with respect to Majola’s disciplinary hearing.

"As far as McIntosh (CSA’s former COO) is concerned, that process has also started.

"As far as Majola’s hearing is concerned, those findings will come back to the Board, then the Board will decide what needs to be done."

Whether criminal charges will be pressed, depended on the outcome of the disciplinary hearing. "It is not in our hands," said Faul. "It’s in the hands of the Hawks who are investigating that and will have to come back to us.

"But they have not indicated when they will come back to us."

One of the recommendations from the Nicholson report was that Majola and McIntosh repay the unauthorised bonuses which they awarded themselves after hosting the 2009 Indian Premier League.

The 40 CSA members of staff who were also paid bonuses would not be asked to repay the money.

"At this point in time, it is only the top two people who are being dealt with," Basson said.

"The board today decided that we will not be dealing with staff members down in the system."