CSA report revealed next week

2012-03-01 17:09

Johannesburg - The sports ministry confirmed on Thursday it had received a report on the inquiry into Cricket SA (CSA), bringing an end to the four-month process.

"The sports minister [Fikile Mbalula] has been briefed on the report," Mbalula's spokesperson, Paena Galane, said on Thursday.

"The meeting resolved to hold a media briefing in Cape Town on March 8, with the minister and judge Nicholson, to address the media on the findings."

The inquiry, chaired by retired judge Chris Nicholson, was announced by Mbalula on November 4, 2011 after auditing firm KPMG recommended that CSA's remuneration and travel allowance policy be reviewed.

A KPMG audit found that bonus payments had been kept secret from the federation's remuneration committee, and that CSA chief executive Gerald Majola had breached the Companies Act on at least four occasions.

Having received written submissions from CSA staff, former staff, cricket stakeholders and the public, the committee then heard numerous oral submissions over a three-month period.

The committee adjourned at the end of January to compile its report.


  • Anthony - 2012-03-01 18:43

    quote-'the sports minister has been briefed on the report''--lol --why ,is he too busy ,excuse me -what does he actually do all day OR is it because he cant read

  • Roy - 2012-03-01 18:48

    Lets hope that those guilty will be made to pay back all their stolen bonuses etc and then made to resign. Until this happens I hope that they never get sponsers .

      Jay - 2012-03-01 22:40

      True Rob, The only real result we SA cricket supporters want is a Definite Plan to RECOVER every cent of those bonuses = These funds belong to the CSA coffers to develop the sport in underprivaledged areas. Fikile has a golden opportunity to set an example here to show the Sports Ministry has the balls. Any lax result will be a condoning of corruption in CSA Majola and his accomplices need to get charged, tried, and sequestrated if they refuse to pay I rest my case

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